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A Hot Afternoon

I am Naveen working in a multinational company at Nashik in Maharashtra. I am 5’ 7” with average looks. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was spending it alone in my flat. My wife had gone out for a kitty party and I had the entire afternoon to myself and was wondering how to spend my time. I heard the doorbell ring and on opening, I found that it was Anjum, our neighbour’s very sweet daughter. “Has my mom left the house keys with you Naveen Uncle?” she asked. Anjum is at a ripe age of 18 and I am 30. It is an awkward age difference for her to call me by name and a bit too much to call me Uncle, but having known her for the past 4 years since she was 14, I have got used to it, though I don’t like being called that. Anjum had returned from her college and having found her door locked had come to ask if the house keys were with us. Let me describe Anjum to you first. She is a damn sweet looking girl of 18, very fair with big beautiful brown eyes, slim personality, about 5’ 4” in height and medium sized breasts, with an ever dazzling warm smile on her lips. She is good dancer too. Overall a very charming, shy but lovable girl.

As her mother had not left the keys with us, I asked to come inside and spend her time with me since I too was alone at home and getting bored. She’s quite friendly with me and we’ve often talked as friendly neighbours. I have always been very fond of her. She came in and sat down on the couch. I went in the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water and when I came back, I saw her watching TV which was left on and I had forgotten to switch the channel before opening the door. I was watching Fashion TV and there were beautiful girls walking the ramp in skimpy, transparent clothes. After having the water, very naughtily she said, “Chee Naveen Uncle, what is this that you are watching? These dirty girls have absolutely no shame”. “What is there to be ashamed of?” I said. “When beautiful girls want to show off their beauty, it would be a shame if it is not appreciated by us”. “Yeah, yeah”, she said, “even you want to see the same thing”. I told her that this was not ‘dirty’ as she thought it was and everybody enjoys it and those who say they don’t, are real hypocrites. I told her that this was nothing and if I showed her something that was really ‘dirty’ she would run away. “No, I won’t run away, what can be dirtier than this?” she asked very innocently. I once again teasingly told her that she may not like what she would see and she may want to leave immediately. In a somewhat challenging tone, she told me “No, I won’t, you probably are just teasing me and don’t have anything to show”. “OK” I said, “your choice” and asked her to close the main door, which was partly open. While she did, I went into our bedroom and brought out a bluefilm CD, put it into the CD player and put it on.

The scene showed a photographer taking pictures of a skimpily clad model. Anjum watched curiously. The photographer then walks up to the model to readjust the model’s brassiere and in the process slowly slides it down and starts sucking on her nipples. Anjum was watching the whole process amazed at seeing all this for the first time in her life. Shortly the scene changed and more hot scenes were pouring on the screen and the photographer was licking the models pussy. “Chee” said Anjum, “these are guys are doing anything”, but she didn’t take her eyes off the screen. I was getting hot and my cock was slowly becoming alive, half due to the steamy scene on the screen but more so because of the prospects of this afternoon with Anjum. This was nothing planned but things were progressing very well with this gorgeous female. I told her that this was not ‘dirty’as she thought it to be but was something very enjoyable and everyone craves for it. Inhibitions are there only initially, but once somebody has tasted the ‘forbidden’ fruit, then it is like drugs, you always want more of it. “You are only saying this because you have never experienced it. Once you have enjoyed it you too will always want more”. “No” she said very shyly, “this cannot be as enjoyable as you put it”. “Try it and only then comment” I told her. “Do you want to try it? I dared to ask her hesitatingly afraid of the consequences. “No” she replied, very shyly, but still with her lovely smile, which had a glint of “yes” in it. It gave me some courage and encouragement. “You can’t comment on something as not enjoyable, if you have not experienced it, tell me if you don’t enjoy every bit of it, at the end”, I said in a challenging tone. The curiosity of what she was seeing on TV was getting the better of her and had probably brought out the natural urges in her. “OK, but I still think that you are lying” she said after some hesitation, accepting the challenge, “and what if…..”, I cut her short and told her to speak at the end, but I also told her that she must do whatever I say, if she really wanted to enjoy everything to the fullest. She agreed. I couldn’t believe by good fortune of having made this breakthrough so easily.

My cock was really throbbing now at full attention, but fortunately I was not wearing any underwear, so it was rigidly standing next to my thigh half way down my shorts. Anjum was sitting very close to me. I moved hand towards her and squeezed her hand. She was still hesitant, but her eyes were glued to the TV screen where the guy was now getting a blowjob. I moved my hand towards her shoulder and pulled her closer to me. Her resistance had diminished now and she came closer to me. I held her chin with my other hand and lifted her head up and planted a kiss on her juicy lips. She was smiling coyly but she was still very tense. I slowly increased the pressure on her lips and started kissing her on her cheeks, and eyes. She closed her eyes and I the moved to her ear lobe and nibbled at it. I then took it in my mouth and sucked at it. She initially felt tickled, but slowly she was beggining to enjoy the sensations, which she had never felt before. I did this to her other ear lobe too. She was getting goose pimples all over her from my ministrations. I undid the back bottons of her salwaar kameez and slowly slid it down upto her arms. Her milky white shoulders were now exposed. It was a beautiful sight to behold. I didn’t pull it all the way down, but just a little above her nipples only exposing her breasts half. It was a sight anyone would die for. An Indian female looks more sensual with her body showing in bits and pieces rather than the whole of her. I kissed her shoulders and neck very lightly, just fluttering my lips. It was sending electric sparks down her spine. I could guess this from her breathing, which was slowly becoming heavier. I then stood up and then went behind her and slowly moved her salwaar down to her waist. I was being very gentle with this delicate piece of creation lest I hurt it. I wanted her to enjoy this moment and savour it for the rest of her life. Sex is not new to me so I was in no hurry to finish this erotic moment soon. I wanted to deflower this beauty enjoying every moment to the fullest, which I was.

I slowly removed her hands from the arms of her salwaar and with her back towards me. I also unbottened her brassiere and removed it completely. I slowly slipped my hands towards her belly and started moving them upwards towards her breasts. I could see her breasts over her shoulder. They were beautiful, milky white, not very huge, but just the right size for a girl to look sexy. Her nipples were small and pink. Her aureolas were a darker shade of pink. Those tender breasts were soft and full. I cupped both my hands over her breasts and fondled them with both my hands. As I continued to massage her breasts, her nipples hardened and become erect. She looked over her shoulder into my eyes and smiled. I could sense her feeling of gratitude for these wonderful feelings that I was giving her. I kissed on her lips again and slowly turned her towards me. I moved my tongue into her mouth and met hers. Her tongue responded and our tongues twined around each other as if trying to find something. I sucked on her juicy lower lip for sometime. I then slowly moved down to her beautiful mounds kissing along as I went. Then I took one juicy breast into my mouth and sucked long and hard. I could hear her letting out soft moans now. I continued to knead her other breast while I sucked on one. Then I moved to the other breast and sucked that one too for some time. Her nipples had turned darker due to my sucking. I stepped back and I slid her salwaar all the way down to her ankles and she stepped out of it. She was still wearing the bottom part of her dress. I undid the knot of her pants and moved that down too. She was feeling shy at being exposed like this. I left her undies on, wanting to save the best for the last. Now she stood with only her undies, her figure now in front of me like a delicately carved godess in all glory. “Anjum, you are really very beautiful”, I told her. She gave a shy sexy smile. I again hugged her and continued kissing her. She was letting go her inhibitions now and started to feel me up too. I moved my

hands all over her back and then also to her buttocks and squeezed them. I felt her hand slowly moving all over me and then it slowly moved to my crotch. This was probably more out of instinct than knowledge. I sat down on the couch and asked her to kneel down in front of me. She could now see my cock from the gap between my legs and my shorts. She looked up and smiled, with some amazement in her eyes. I told her to touch it. She moved her hand inside my shorts and felt my cock. I was in 7th heaven. Her touch was so delicate and uncertain, my cock jerked. I grabbed her hand and pressed it hard over my cock. I told her to stroke it holding it in her hand with a little pressure, which she did.
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