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Encounter with a beautiful shy lady

When I got transferred to Mumbai I told my friend to search for a house. As I’m new to the place, I find it difficult to get a good house and finally he took me to his friend who was staying in a two bed room flat. His name was Kishore and he was staying with his wife. He wants to share his flat with known person, so that he can save some money. I also agreed to stay with him and shifted my things to his flat. Kishore told that his wife has gone to her mother’s place, a remote village, for delivery and she will be coming next week. He will be using one bedroom and I will be using one. Kitchen & bathroom will be shared by both of us.
Days went on and I got used to the new place. I also like that flat, as many chicks and aunties are staying nearby. One day, kishore told that his wife is coming that evening and he has to pick her from the railway station. But unfortunately, as he has some very very urgent office meeting, he requested me to go and pick her up. He had given me the train details and left to office.
I left to railway station by 7:00 pm to pick her. She got down from the train with her kid.I got stunned to see her. She was such a beauty. She should be around 30 years of age. Very fair, big eyes, sharp nose & small red lips. She got a nice structure with little extra flesh. Her breasts were very big, round shaped and slightly hanging because she didn’t wear bra. I guessed that, she didn’t wear it so she can easily give milk to her child.
I went near to her and introduced myself.

Hi, I’m Kumar. Your husband’s friend. He asked me to pick up up.
Yes. He told me. I’m Kavitha. It’s nice to you to come here to pick me.
It’s my pleasure. Can I carry the child.
Sure. Why not?

When I try to pull the child from her hands, it hugged the mother’s neck. My left hand got struck up between the child and her right breast.
OOOOH my. How soft her breast was. I also came to know that it is really very big. My hand also became wet suddenly. I slowly removed my hand outside. OOOOOPS. My hand became wet because of milk oozing from her breast. I sniffed and enjoyed the tasty milk smell. She hang down her head with shyness. I took my kerchief and wiped my hand.

Ok. Kavitha, shall we go?
Yes Kumar.

I allowed her to go first and watched her backside beauty. Her buttocks are also big and round shaped. It was slowly moving left and right when she walked. Suddenly I had a lust to lift her saree, and see her beautiful buttocks. I controlled myself, sighing heavily with lust, followed her and we reached the auto stand.

while returning in auto, she has not spoken much. She was born and brought up in a viallage. so, she was very shy type. I thought that it will be easy for me to seduce her as she was not much educated.
We reached home and found that kishore has not returned. As kid started crying, she went to her room in a hurry. I understood that she will feed milk to her child. I went to my room and changed my clothes. I watched tv for some time and surprised to see that she has not come out of the room. With curiosity i went inside her bedroom.
There she was lying in bed with her left breast exposed. Both she and the kid was sleeping. I clearly understood the situation. She was feeding her baby lying in bed. Due to train journey tiredness, she slept immediately.
I went near to her like a cat and watched her breast closely. OH MY, she had a beautiful, big, round breast. As it was not exposed in sun, the breast was rose in colour. Nipple was big and brown colour and the circle was black in colour. In the nipple tip, a milk drop was glistening. I bent forward to lick the drop. Suddenly, door bell rung. Oh god, so kishore has returned. I immediately rushed back to my room and waited. Again door bell rung and Kavitha rushed from her room and went to open the door. I also went out acting like now only i heard the bell sound. Kishore thanked me for my help and both of them went to their room.
I returned back my room, thinking my fate. Just missed.... I was longing for that milk drop in her nipple. I took the handky, which was wet with her milk. I took it in one hand, sniffed the milk smell and started masterbating by keeping my hand inside the underwear.
That night i took the oath to drink the tasty milk from her beautiful, big breasts. Thinking about how to achieve that, I really didnt know when i slept.

Next day morning, I woke up and found that my underwear was fully wet due to the sperm leaking. I was thinking about Kavitha the whole night and leaked a lot. I took bath and got ready to go to office. That time Kavitha was cooking in the kitchen. She was wearing a saree, which was lifted upto her knee. Her legs were very sexy and strong like a pillar. baby hair spread below her knee which tempted me. I felt my cock was raising inside. She smiled at me and gave breakfast. I finished breakfast and left to office.
For past one month, i was talking to her so nicely, got her friendship. Now she got confidence in me and talked to me freely. My lucky days came soon.
Next day morning, Kishore told that he is going to delhi for a office job and will return after 1 week. I was very mucy delighted to heard this. That day evening i returned to home with rasagullas. That day night me and Kavitha were eating rasagullas.

Kavitha told "Kumar, you are so nice to me. The sweets are really good".
I told "Kavi, you are more sweeter than these rasagullas"

Kavitha face became red because of shyness. She told "Please Kumar. dont praise me like this". I told "Kavi, If i would have been your husband, i would never leave you like Kishore. I would take leave to office and sitting with you".
Kavitha laughed and told "Thank you Kumar. I’m glad that you have so much affection for me". She told that she has to sleep now. So, I told good night to her and came back to my bedroom. I was thinking for long time about drinking her milk and finally got a superb idea. Decided to implement my plan next day, I slept well that night happily.

Next day Kavitha woke me up and said "Good morning Kumar".
Without opening my mouth, I simply wished her by lifting my hand. I also showed pain in my face. Kavitha sat near me and asked, "what happened Kumar. why you are not talking to me". I took a paper and wrote like this
"Kavitha, My throat is paining very much. I was not able to say anything. I will consult a doctor and come back". Immediately she told "Kumar, better go to ayurvedic doctor. Natural medicine is better. I don't trust alopathy medicines at all. Please listen to me and consult a ayurvedic doctor".
Being a village born girl, she was very much confident in ayurvedic treatment. I spoke to her with very difficulty "Kavitha, for you only I’m going to consult a ayurvedic doctor". This made her happy that i'm listening to her.
I went out, roamed for two hours, went to an ayurvedic drug store and bought some oil and returned to flat. Kavitha welcomed me and asked "Kumar what happened. What doctor told you". I told her "Kavi, as you said i consulted a very old ayurvedic doctor. He is the best in this state. He gave this oil to apply on my throat for one day. If still it was not cured, he told that it can be cured only by a natural medicine".... I stopped there and looked at Kavitha's face. She asked eagerly, "what is that medicine Kumar". I asked "Are you really believe in ayurvedic treatment kavi?". She told "ofcourse. in our village we take only natural medicines. we won’t use alopathy at all. Now tell what medicine you have to take, if it is not cured by today?". I hesitated for some time and told "Don't mistake me Kavi. He asked me to drink breast milk continously for three days. He told that only the natural medicine in the breast milk will cure my throat pain".
Kavitha's face became red because of shyness and kept quiet keeping her head down. Then she told "I pray to god that you will get cured by today itself". Without talking to me, she went to her bedroom.
She is afraid that i will ask her milk, thats why she left immediately. I smiled inside and went back to my room. I simply apply the ayurvedic oil at my throat and slept.
By afternoon, Kavitha woke me up for lunch. She asked me "How is the pain Kumar". I pretended that i was not able to speak and showed in sign that it was paining very much. I also told her i can’t take lunch because of pain. Then again i went to sleeping.
By evening, Kavitha woke me up again. She was carrying a glass with full of milk. She told me "Kumar. You are nice friend of mine. I dont want to see you suffering from pain. So, as the doctor said, i pour my breast milk in this glass for you. Please drink this".
I told her slowly, showing pain in my face."Kavi, You are very nice. But doctor told that I should drink directly from breast. Then only the medicine will work.
It's ok Kavi. I think it will be ok by tonight".
Kavitha's face again became red with shyness and without saying a word, she returned back to her bedroom.
That night, i acted that i was so tired and showed pain in my face. Kavitha was very much worried about me and she really felt sorry for me. At night 10 pm. Kavitha was watching a t.v. serial in her room. I changed myself only to a lungi, removed my underwear. I took the tomato ketchup bottle and slowly went to bathroom. I poured lot of tomato ketchup in the bathroom floor and again kept back the ketchup bottle in the kitchen. Again i went to bathroom and made loud sound like vomitting.
The sound was too much that, Kavitha run from her bedroom to the bathroom.
She got shocked to see that I was vomiting and floor was full of blood. Kavitha cried "Oh my god. Kumar, what happened? I think your throat problem has become worst." I pretend that I was in half conscious. So, Kavitha hold me tightly, so that i wont fell. She also pour water in the floor to clean the blood. I acted like i lost my consciousness and rest my head in her right breast.
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