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Invitation to the Fuck Party

I was looking out of window while Rajiv was driving the car. I was quite angry with Rajiv as he forced me to come for this party and I have to miss my favorite serial for it. Busy traffic on Delhi roads was making it difficult to reach the venue on time making Rajiv even more upset. One of Rajiv's colleague called him for Eid-ul-fitra party at his home and we both were going there, although we were a bit late.

I was wearing an embroided purple chiffon saree with golden embroided backless and sleeveless, low cut blouse (without bra and flimsy thin black panties inside), a good set of purple bangles, set of my gold jewellery (I wear on parties) and purple silletoe heels were matching my makeup making and me a diva at this age of 36. Just to mention here that I exercise regularly and my figure is well still maintained ( 38DD 32 40 ), which my husband Rajiv loves to pose me as his trophy wife.

At around 7:30 pm Rajiv parked his car in front of a nice looking villa, two if the cars were already parked there, we got down and I read its name plate "Ahmed's Villa", impressive name I thought to myself. Rajiv rang the doorbell and it was his colleague 'Imran' himself to welcome us inside. He lead us to a grand hall where two of the families were already seated, they were Imran's relatives. Imran introduced us to both of his sisters who came up with their families to celebrate with him. I was surprised to know that one of his sister was having three sons while other was having two, Imran himself was having three sons and they have no daughter in family, how unlucky are they I thought to myself as I was blessed with two daughters of 13 and 15 now but, no son. I was not much interested in talking to anyone as my mood was a bit disturbed but his sister's husbands seems to be quite interested in talking to me, which I generously ignored.

Soon after a bit of chatting over tea, Imran's father, (may be of 72) asked us all to join for dinner in dining room. Dinning room was a long corridor consisting of a long dinning table and I took my seat somewhat near the middle of that long dinning table. Rajiv sat down with Imran next to Imran's father at the corner of it, right next to me was one of his sister's husband with his wife on his other side while left to me was his other sister with her husband on her other side. Their sons were right in front of us (may be in their 20's). As dishes were being passed, I noticed something touching at my feet but it was a light touch and I just ignored it taking it just as a part of my imagination. But soon after it reappeared and this time I was sure that it was someone's leg (feet).

I immediately looked in front at young boys but boys were busy chatting themselves, then I glanced to my right but that sister's husband fellow was also talking to his wife and space there was a bit conjusted at my place that I couldn't move my chair or legs back or even unable to look down under the table and find it out. So, I decided not to make a scene in there and shifted my legs slightly sideways. But it was of no use, instead that feet started moving over my foot touching my anklet.

I glanced over my husband at far corner of the table, he was busy talking to Irfan and his father and now I can feel that leg going up udder my saree, rubbing over my calves in up and down motion. I started getting excited with all this and my nipples stared to grow under my blouse. Thanking myself for wearing an embroided blouse with light padding inside i quickly adjusted my pallu so that nobody notice it.

Seeing no objection at all from my side, that leg started traveling up under my saree exploring my legs under knee. My pussy was wet till then. Meanwhile, the spoons were passed, I could feel that leg resting over my thighs between my legs and my nipples were rock hard under my blouse. My breaths were becoming shorter and that's why I was barely able to smell that delicious 'biryani' when it was being served. That feet stayed over my thighs for quite some time and then moved up forward towards my crotch as I took my first bite of biryani.

Biryani got choked in my throat as I got touched over my clit. I immediately some gulped water to be normal. Whoever he was, was using his feet's thumb to rub over my wet panties, trying to figure out my clit. I was unable to eat another bite as I started getting horny by then with the rubbing of my crotch. My breaths started becoming heavier and I miss my untouched nipples. This was the time I realized my orgasm was building up, I closed my eyes and was about to prepare myself for that shameful event when, all of a sudden, it stopped. I opened my eyes in surprise, looked here and there awkwardly. That leg was gone while I was just about to release my orgasm and I do not understand that whether I was happy from being saved from a shameful orgasm in public or was frustrated of being denied a release. I wanted it back again and rub my crotch over till I orgasm but, it was not there, no matter how wider I spread my legs in invitation. I gulped some more water and try to calm myself normal before eating out my 'biryani'.

As I was about to finish 'biryani', I felt that feet again over my leg but this time I also felt another feet too over my other leg. This time both of them traveled up together over my legs and took their time resting over my thighs like before but, this time instead of reaching to my crotch they traveled sideways, I was surprised at this but, soon figured out what they were up-to. Both of them reached my panties band at waist and started pulling off my panties together from both sides. I quickly shut my legs together as loosing my panties here in full public was the last thing I ever wanted. But, it was of no use and with a tug over my butt I lifted myself up giving them way to pull it off. They quickly brought it down to my feet making it fall in puddle on the ground under table at my own foot. I had no option left but to take out my foots from them.

Soon enough I felt them again under my saree and they traveled all the way up to my legs. This time I felt them over my naked vagina without any foreplay. Thank god I was finished eating till then and as it touched my naked clit with its thumb this time, I was in heaven again. My nipples started growing harder under my blouse, this time I gave them a light squeeze. But, it was not enough to satisfy me, my pussy was dripping with juices and I could feel my orgasm building up again. I closed my eyes and spread my legs even wider to make it easy access for him. He seems to enjoy playing with my clit and making me wild in full public. It continued to torment me a little longer and was becoming difficult for me to hold my orgasm that longer. I again prepared myself for a shameful event and as soon as my pussy shrink for orgasm, it stopped, it stopped again, making me squirm in discomfort. I slowly opened my eyes and was surprised to find a paper slip in my plate which reads "Drop your blouse in toilet and kneel at south-west corner on terrace, BLINDFOLDED".

I looked at it once again in surprise and then looked here and there to find a clue. Rajiv was busy talking to Imran over some office issue and I was too horny to decide with my senses at that time so, without thinking any further, I got up from my seat and asked to Imran's wife, "Excuse me, can you please show me the toilet", "Yes sure", she said "come with me" and the next thing I remember is following her towards toilet. Their toilet was situated at the end of a long gallery in front of stairs. "I will take some time", I said, as I found her waiting for me to finish. As soon as she left, my hands automatically untied my blouse at back, as they have a mind of their own. My nipples stood erect in attention as soon they were aware of untied blouse. I lowered my pallu, took off my blouse and then put back my pallu in position. Next minute, I was standing topless in their toilet, with my blouse in my own hands. I looked myself into toilet mirror, just a transparent pallu covering my breasts, my brown nipples were rock hard, protruding inside, my necklace were drawing attention to my face which now bears horny expressions. My long 'mangalsutra' was dangling between my breasts. I got excited seeing my own image and took a step out of door. It was dark in gallery now and I was a bit afraid but too horny to avoid it. I thought to myself, if I were up to it I have to be fast as Rajiv will be waiting for me. I thought no more and closed the door behind me hanging my blouse at door's handle, crossed the gallery and placed my first foot over stairs. My heart started beating up faster and my breaths becoming heavier.

As I climbed up to stairs, my heart kept on beating faster with heavier breathing, I was surprised why I was behaving like a sixteen year old, high-school girl. As I reached at first floor I found it to be totally dark, I have to took out my mobile to find out for next pair of stairs. Second floor was same, making the scene a bit more horrible and I started feeling faster heartbeats by now. After taking a few more steps in dark, I found that terrace door and pulled it open. A cool breeze of air smacked against me. It was a cloudy sky in night today and winds were flowing at good speed making that atmosphere more romantic. I reached to south west corner and without any more hesitation knelt there right on floor blindfolding my own eyes with my handkerchief. I was getting more and more excited as I started concentrating on sounds I hear.

After what seems like an hour or half (or it may be my imagination), I heard some footsteps behind me. My heart comes over my throat by now, my nipples rock hard and pussy was dripping under saree but I do not dare to open my blindfold as I do not want to spoil it all after two orgasm denials. Soon that sound got vanished, I concentrated more to get an idea of what it was but, of no use. A moment later my heart skipped a beat when I felt someone touched my right nipple and then it was squeezed hard and screwed at the same time.
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