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Neighbor with Benefits - A Wife Sharing Story

Sometimes good things are planned and other times they happen out of the blue. This was one of the surprise ones. A mind blowing experience that neither my wife or I were expecting!!!

My name is Sumit and my wife’s name is Megha. We have been married for 3 years and moved into this new apartment just recently. For the time being there are not many tenants, but slowly and slowly there are people moving in. We were lucky to have some peace and quiet for a while. One morning we were just waking up on a beautiful day.

“Mmm,” my wife said as she reached over and stroked my morning erection, “yes baby.” Turning on her side with her back to me she got into the spooning position, the position we usually make for our love making in the morning.

Just as I snuggled up behind her, and was about to slide my cock into her when the door bell rang. “Who the hell is that at this time in a morning?” my wife said, “oh just ignore na, they’ll go away.”

I was all for that, smiled, kissed her and eased forwards a little until the tip of my cock was nudging the entrance to her waiting pussy and the damn bell rang again. “I’d better go see who it is,” I said, taking my hand and placing it between her legs. “Keep it warm for me, “I said, “I won’t be long.”

Cursing under my breath, I got out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts and went to find out who it was.

When I opened the door, it was someone I didn’t know, a young mid 20s guy. “Oh, I’m sorry to disturb you,” he said, “I’m Karan, I’ve moved in next door yesterday.” “Welcome Karan, I’m Sumit,” I replied shaking his hand. “What can I do for you?” “I’m sorry to bother you so early but I think the fuse has gone on my hot water kettle and wondered if you had a small screwdriver I could borrow. I can’t function without my morning coffee.”

“Yes, I think so,” I said, “come on in, I’ll find it for you.”

As he stepped into our hallway, I heard my wife’s voice behind me. “Who is it Sumit?” she asked. I turned round to reply and saw that she was already standing in the bedroom doorway and I knew that our new neighbor had seen her too as his eyes widened.

Having just got out of bed, my wife was still wearing just her night-dress and it didn’t do much to hide her feminine charms, being rather short and see thru. I expected her to reach round behind the door for her dressing gown but she didn’t and stepped out into the hallway.

Now our new neighbor could see much more of my wife’s sexy body. The nightdress was really short, finishing just inches below the junction of her thighs making her pubic mound clearly visible and I could see Karan’s eyes were locked on it.

“Karan, this is Megha, my wife.” I said, “Karan’s our new neighbor,” I explained.

“Nice to meet you Karan,” my wife said as she walked down the hallway and stood beside me.” My wife is only five feet four to what I guessed was Karan’s six feet so I knew from his position, towering above her, that he had a good view down the front of her nightdress and was getting a good eyeful of my wife’s breasts. From where I was standing at the side of her, I could see her nipples were already hard and pressing against the inside of the nightdress.

“I was just asking your husband if he had a small screwdriver,” Karan said as his eyes continued to wander over my wife’s sexy body. “Yes I think we have, come in, I’ll get it for you” my wife said, as she turned and walked down the hallway, towards the kitchen, motioning Karan to follow her. As I turned back from closing the door I could see that my wife’s nightdress was barely hiding her ass and once again, Karan’s eyes were locked on the view. After closing the door I followed them into the kitchen and was just in time to see my wife reaching up for the box where we keep the small tools. Her stretching upwards had caused her nightdress to ride up and the lower part of her ass cheeks and her neglected pussy lips are clearly on show to Karan.

After my wife had put the box down on the counter top, Karan must have spotted what he was looking for, and reached round her and took a screwdriver out of the box. “That’s about the size I need,” Karan said, as he pressed against my wife for what was in my opinion a little too long but it was obvious that my wife was enjoying it though as she groaned softly. “Would you like some coffee,” my wife asked, almost breathlessly. “Oh yes, that would be great” Karan replied, “a coffee is just what I need right now.” With that my wife squeezed from between him and the kitchen cabinet and walked out of the kitchen but not before I noticed her glance down at Karan’s bulge in pants.

“Would you do the honors Sumit?” she asked as she led Karan into the lounge.

“Yes no problem,” I said, “you go and make yourself comfortable. I won’t be long.”

As I made the coffee I kept glancing into the lounge and saw that she was sitting on the couch, with Karan right beside her and also saw that her night-dress had ridden up, exposing not just her thighs but also her pussy lips. After pouring three cups of coffee I was about to take them into the lounge but stopped dead in my tracks. I could see that Karan had his hand on my wife’s pussy and she was groaning softly. When he saw me standing in the doorway, he tried removed his hand between her legs and a look of panic filled his face but my wife grabbed his wrist, stopping him. “You don’t mind do you Sumit baby?” she asked, “this is what you wanted isn’t it.” I saw the look of panic on Karan’s face replaced by one of confusion but my view was suddenly blocked as my wife leant over and kissed him on the lips.

For a moment Karan seemed hesitant, but when my wife’s kiss became more passionate he groaned himself and I saw his hand begin to move between her legs again. “No sweetheart, you carry on,” I replied, “I’ll just sit here and watch if you don’t mind.”

Again Karan looked surprised but as he understood where this was going, he looked across at me and smiled. “Well if you don’t mind Sumit, I certainly don’t,” he said obviously not believing his luck. I smiled over at my wife again and sat down in a chair opposite them ready for a show I had never seen other than porn movies.

Karan just sat there as my wife unbuttoned his jeans and tugged his zip down then raised his hips, allowing her to push them down until the dropped down around his ankles, uncovering pair of tight fitting boxers under them. Now I could see what had made her groan when he’d pressed against her. The bulge in his boxers left me in no doubt that he was bigger than me, much bigger, the outline of his cock under the tight material left me in no doubt of that.

“Oh yes,” my wife purred as she ran a finger up and down the bulge, “I think this is just what I need this morning.” Karan was now leaning back on the couch as my wife pulled the front of his boxers down and gasped as his huge cock sprang into view. “Oh yes, yes,” she groaned, literally drooling over Karan’s cock as she ran a finger up his now naked shaft. I could feel my own cock stiffening as my wife reached out and wrapped her fingers around Karan’s cock and squeezed it, causing a bead of pre-cum to form on the tip. I knew what was coming next as she stuck out her tongue and lowered her head into Karan’s lap and I heard him gasp even louder as she licked the bead off it then slid her lips over his knob. Her eyes were fixed on mine as she raised her head slightly and ran her tongue over the tip of his cock again then down the underside of his shaft to his massive balls.

My wife likes to be comfortable when she’s having sex, so when she suddenly stood up I knew just where she was going as she led Karan out into the hallway towards our bedroom. I was about to get up and follow them when my wife held her hand up. “No Sumit,” she said, “stay here for a bit,” she said, “you know you enjoyed hearing me with Sameer.” Sameer was Megha’s ex boyfriend from a couple of years back and once he called her up and had phone sex with her. I was there in the bedroom listening to my wife’s dirty mouth, while they both had phone sex, and my wife fingered herself to orgasm while I enjoyed hearing her cries as she masturbated.

My wife had deliberately left the bedroom door open so I could hear everything that was going on and soon had my cock out as the sounds of sexual activity filtered through to the lounge. I could tell from her gasps, groans and cries that she was really enjoying whatever Karan was doing to her but when she her cries got really loud, bordering on screams, I got worried and got up to make sure she was alright.

As I stood there, I could see that my fears were unfounded as my wife was laying back on the edge of the bed, her night-dress no longer on and Karan was kneeling in between her spread legs massaging her inner thigh. From my position in the doorway, I could see her pussy was on full view to Karan, and her lips are wide open giving him a perfect view up into her glowing love tunnel. I’d seen my wife in this position many times but it was still a huge turn-on for me and I began to stroke my cock even faster.

Standing there in the doorway, I watched as Karan continued to rub his hands over my wife’s thighs, occasionally running a finger through her pussy lips but each time he did that, my wife winced and I realized that her pussy must still be dry, but I knew what to do and stepped into the room and took the Vaseline out of the drawer. As I handed it to Karan, he turned and smiled at me. “Thanks Sumit,”he said, “I think this should do the trick.”

With that he scooped some of the vaseline onto his fingers and massaged my wife’s pussy lips with it. I could see my wife was more comfortable now and sat on the edge of the bed beside her, taking her hand in mine.
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