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Priyanka In Trouble Part 2

But even though it was unnecessary, Priyanka took off all her things. Except her backpack. She jammed her clothing into the backpack with her sunglasses, though they made it a tight fit in there, with the supplies it already contained. She left her boots on the shore, on top a rock, with her socks tucked in them. They were much too big and cumbersome to carry along. And she didn't mind running around barefoot, even out in a potentially perilous wilderness like this. Sure, it wasn't entirely safe, but what the hell. Native peoples in the jungles of the world did this all the time, regardless of sharp stones or thorns or bugs or snakes. We stars baby ourselves too much. And going barefoot just feels better, in hot, sticky weather. Her feet got too slimy and itchy in her boots, in a climate like this. Barefoot felt cleaner and freer and all around more fun.

As for the rest of her body ... Well, the same things applied. And clambering through the boggy thickets to reach the lake, she'd got covered in filth, along the way. Greenish, foul-stinking mud had got spattered all over her. And then, even yuckier, she had to peel off several shredded sheets of thick nasty cobwebs crisscrossing her face and torso and her thighs. She needed a refreshing wash, was the point.

So this was why, when Priyanka Chopra swam across the dark lake, complete one of the largest trek of her life, she made that swim entirely naked, but for her backpack. It might not seem a wise thing to do. No doubt it was impractical and reckless. Perhaps it seems unrealistic, that an experienced and professional adventuress like Priyanka Chopra would chose to do such a thing, in such a wild and unknown place, no matter how hot and dirty and uncomfortable she'd become, in the course of her tromp through the surrounding swamps. But this is what she did. And what's more, she delighted in it. In fact the brazen recklessness of the decision served as an added goad.A sweetener.

She had some brief trouble about halfway across. Finally, she reached the to end and pulled herself from the water.

After crossing the lake she found a Cave. She decided to take a look at a Cave.
The interior walls of cave were draped with flowery vines. She didn't recognize the flowers—some variety of orchid. They were quite large, and bright purple, with a powerful, odd scent. At first it seemed like cinnamon. Then it seemed more like vanilla. It would have been a pleasant smell if it was slightly less strong. Instead it was overpowering. Like when a kid splashes on too much cologne and it makes you ill. But her nose got used to it fairly quickly, and then she stopped noticing it altogether.

Later she would wonder a lot about that. The speed and the totality with which she had forgotten about those weird flowers, right after she took notice of them. But it wasn't usual for her to pay much attention to flowers, in any case. It was probably less odd that she'd forgotten about them than that they'd caught her interest at all, even if only for a few moments.

But that scent had started really bothering her ... And then it stopped. So sudden, like flicking a switch. That was the scary part. Nobody wants their switches flicked without them realizing.

It was possible the flowers had done something to her. When she breathed in their pollen. She might never know for sure. But possibly the flowers were to blame for everything that followed after this. They might be the reason she had acted so impulsively and rashly. She might have been stoned or tripping a little—drugged by the funny fumes from those weird plants.

Or maybe she was kidding herself and that was bullshit. Maybe she was grasping at straws, so she wouldn't have to take the responsibility on herself. After all, she was already acting impulsively and rashly before she went into that cave and smelled those fucking flowers. She was already naked, by that point. And not just naked, but excited.Stimulated.Aroused.

She'd got herself turned on, doing this, the way she was doing it. Romping about in the nude, all by her lonesome, in the steamy heat of a jungle.A mad lark. What if she'd hurt yourself? Or what if other people(Other treking company people) turned up and found her like this? That was not a very unlikely prospect. It was quite dangerously possible.
And now Priyanka was just fooling around. This wasn't proper exploration. She was just indulging herself out in the sun, for the giddy thrill of the thing.

Priyanka sat down on an rock. It was quite clean.
She slipped her backpack off to use for a pillow, when she lay back flat. The stone wasn't large enough to let her to stretch out completely, not as much as she'd have liked. She put her knees up, propping her heels on the edge of the plinth at its corners on that end, letting her toes dangle loose. That position worked well enough.

Priyanka didn't just tease or diddle-dandle herself, or if she did, she only did that for a few seconds. Maybe a bit longer than that, but not much longer.No more than half a minute. And then she revved herself up, and started going to end of summit. Time to get serious.

Priyanka wasn't just playing around here. That wasn't gonna do the job. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to get off, and get off good. So she fucked her hand, and fucked it hard. She fucked herself hard, with her fingers.

Didn't think this would take very long, getting herself her fix. She felt on edge enough that she expected to peak right away. But somehow it wasn't that easy. Somehow she couldn't quite get herself there. Not like she thought she would.

It was strange. It wasn't like she wasn't making herself feel good, because she was. She most definitely was. She was making herself grit her teeth so hard she thought they might crack. And it wasn't like she needed something more, or something else. It was stranger than that. This was something new. Like her threshold had shifted, and kept shifting. The bar, so to speak, kept raising, before she could get herself over it. She'd feel herself getting close, going higher and higher—but then somehow the top would move further off, ahead of her. And she'd have to keep chasing it.Straining even higher for it.

This was a wonderful new development, for a while. Then it stopped being wonderful. It started to become annoying. It started to get a little scary.

It wasn't normally this hard to finish. It didn't usually take her this long, or this much effort. The sensations she was giving herself—they'd got so intense they were starting to hurt—though it was a good hurt. She was making herself sore. She shouldn't be able to take this—to feel the feelings this intensely without triggering a climax. That was what a climax was—when your system couldn't absorb anymore. The whole world burst. But her world wouldn't burst this time, for some reason. She just kept absorbing more and more—more than she ever had. It was awesome—but it was also agonizing. She was starting to get scared. She could imagine her body catching on fire, literally. Spontaneous combustion. Well, no—not spontaneous. Ignited by frustration.This crazy inability for her system to just finally pay off and let her come.


What was happening to her? What was causing this?

She sat up suddenly, to examine herself. It was kind of silly. Like she could discover the solution just by looking at her pussy. And she didn't stop churning herself, as she was looking. She found she couldn't. Her fingers had a mind of their own. They just kept right on with their task, while she sat there staring at them with a dazed expression, her mouth hanging open. Come hell or high water, as the saying goes—they weren't gonna quit, 'til they got her off. They'd keep churning away in her gash, 'til they worked themselves down to the bone. If that's what it was gonna take.

"Holy shit," she mumbled to herself, "Holy fucking shit."

And then suddenly, Priyanka Chopra realized she wasn't alone anymore. She didn't hear anything or see any signs, not consciously. But somehow her sixth sense told her she was being watched, behind her.

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