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Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-5

---“That is not a good idea Lekha. It is dark outside and really a bad weather.”
---“Don’t be stupid.”
“So be it” --- I told to myself, and next we were driving through woods.
Pitch black dark outside. I was unable to see anything except jade black.
Thunders rolled above, the glass panes were bit rolled down. Cold winds blew inside the cabin, Lekha shivered in the chill winds.
She huddled up more towards me. Her plump soft breast now was crushing on my left upper arm. The soft touch of her boobs, it was a heavenly feeling. Her warm breadth on my nape and shoulder was also giving me a good feeling. She had curled up on the seat.
---“You are feeling cold?” I asked. “Shall I stop the car or make a u-turn to go home?”
---“No need, drive. When I am with you I will not feel cold (Kichu korar dorkar neii, tomar sathyee achii too thanda lagbyee na)”
I slowed down my car, turned my face towards Lekha and kissed her on her luscious lips. She held my face between her palms and kissed me deeply. As I was unable to see anything forward so I pressed on the brake and the car stopped.
In the middle of the dark stormy night, two love-lorn birds locked their lips in the heat of passion.
Her breadth grew stronger, boobs heaved up and down.
I wrapped my arms around her narrow waist and pulled on top of me. She straddled on my lap facing me with her thighs open and my legs tucked between. Her boobs covered in shirt and bra just in front of my face.
I was rubbing her back under her shirt and she was busy kissing my lips and neck and all over my face.
---“(Ki go Lekha, ebaree groom lagchyee too), Lekha, now are you feeling warm.”
---“Ummmm…. Lovely, whenever you touch me I feel hot (Jokho ni tumi amai sporsho koro ami to garom hoyee jaii).”
I brought my hand on her boobs and pressed her soft fleshy boobs, making her frenzy in pleasure.
My dick was already hard and as her crotch was pressed on my dick I felt gushing sensation again.
I unbuttoned her shirt and put my lips over the top of her breasts, the uncovered regions. Slowly my lips and tongue making way towards her nipples, covered inside her sheer bra. I pulled her shirt off her body and she pulled my t-shirt over my head. I brought my hands over her smooth silky skin of her back and ran down my fingers over her spine.
---“OOoooooooo……… feeling mad dear. (Pagol hoye jachii Shona).”
I unhooked her bra latch on behind, cups came loose in-front of my face. I nuzzled her cleavage with my nose and slowly her boobs came free from the clasp of her sheer bra. Her hands were all over my head, combing and pulling my hairs.
Lekha pulled my face over her right breast. I madly fall in love with her soft boobs as I crushed my lips over milky flesh. I brought my right hand between our entangled bodies and unbuttoned her shorts. I cupped her crotch over her jeans, she purred ---“Uiiiiii ma, what are you doing.(uuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiii maaa ki korchooo).”
I just did not paid any head to hers and was rubbing her crotch over her shorts. My rubbings made her to brush her crotch on my hand.
---“Lekha, I think we should go to back seat.”
---“Yes, the steering is also hurting my back, the back seat is more spacious for us.”
She climbed down from my lap and went to the back seat over the left seat. While climbing towards back, her perfect sized fleshy boobs dangling, pointy nipples adorned with brown areola. The sight of her in somewhat doggy position with her fleshy buttocks jutted out towards windshield made my dick throb inside my shorts. I held her jeans short by the waist band and as the buttons of her jeans was already open, her shorts slide down her ass. Her fleshy buttocks came in view. In the dim light of the headlight of the car, her fleshy well shaped round buttocks felt like creamy mass. I pressed my lips over her fleshy buttocks and touched her pussy from behind.

She shrieked ---“Hey, what are you doing (yeii ki korchoo)?”
---“I was just checking whether you have kept my request or not.”

I slide my fingers of right hand more towards her crotch and found to my amazement that she had shaved her pubic hairs completely. Her hairless crotch and pussy lips felt just like baby skin on my palms.
I started to lick her smooth skin of her buttock; she went mad with my fingers rubbing on her pussy lips and my thumb pressing her puckered ass-hole. Lekha squirmed between the seats and hurriedly crawled to the back seat. On doing so her shorts completely came off her legs, and now she was there on the back seat completely nude just the dress she had when she was born.
I looked behind over the seat towards her.
Adorned with a naughty smile all over her face, she has covered her breasts with her hands crossed over her chest and legs crossed.
---“Donot look at me like that, what have you done to me with your fingers rubbing. You are very naughty.(Oii rokom vavbe dekhona, tumi ki je koree dilee tomaar angul gulo diye. Ek dom dushtu chele tumi.)”
---“Darling Lekha, I really felt good to find that you have shaved your pubic bush.(Lekha, shona, tumi je tomaar baal gulo ketecho, feel koree darun laaglo.)”
---“How can I disobey my lover’s request.(Ami ki koree omanyo korii tomake)”
I opened the door and walked out of the car. My hard dick was spraining inside my pant and there was mount in-front of my shorts.
Rainy winds were howling badly around us.
I opened the door of the rear seat, saw Lekha sat curled up on the seat. I leaned forward and held her by her shoulder and tried to pull her outside.
On which she nodded her head in negative.
---“No no, I am not going outside.(Na na na . ami bairee jabo na). Dhut, I don’t feel like going out, I feel ashamed. (Dhut, amar bhalo lagyee na, lojja koree).”
---“Ohhhh… see how my baby showing her finckiness. (Nakhra dekho meyer). See, Lekha, I am already having a raging hard-on inside my pant and I am going mad with full of testosterone. (Dekho, Lekha, amar pant already tight hoyee gechyee, amar ta soktoo hoye gechyee.)”
I held her hands firmly and tried to pull her out of the car.
---“No no no, I am not going outside.(Na na na …. Ami bairee jabo na)”
Instead, she pulled me inside and I fell over her, bringing her down on me on top, crushing her soft fleshy body on the cold leather seat under me. My hard prick bumped over her crotch, I positioned my-self cozily between her parted slender thighs. Her left leg rested on the floor of the car, outstretched, creating more room for my hard prick to push on her crotch. She whimpered as I was slowly brushing and dry humping my prick over her crotch.
My hands were roaming freely over her fleshy luscious boobs, tweaking and pulling her pointed nipples between my eager naughty fingers. She put her arms around me and pushed my shorts down over my buttocks. Gradually my shorts came down my buttocks and my hard prick was now free to kiss her pussy. Over my stone hard prick, I could feel her clean shaved, baby skin soft pussy lips. All juiced up for to take a deep plunge into abyss of pleasure.
I was madly mauling her boobs.
As the door of the car was open, so I could feel cold winds all over our hot body. Lekha was sweating profusely.

---“Ummmmm….. your prick have gone very hard. (tomar bara ta koto shokto hoyee gechyee go). Please knead my boobs hard (Amar maii dutoo ke aroo joree pesho Shona). Suck my milk tankers, Dear. (Amar doodh gulo chosho).”
I was now real mad on hearing those slutty words.
---“Bitch, you boobs are so fleshy soft and so milky, I will suck your nipples till they hurt and swell. (Kutti, toor maii gulo khub narom aree khub roshalo. Ami toor doodh gulo khub joree chusboo, jatoo khon na toor bonta gulo byatha koree).”
I sucked and licked her nipples and all around her brown areolas. While sucking one, I was pressing and kneading her other boob.
She went frenzy by my actions over her boobs. My prick was hitting hard on her entrance. The red tip of my hard prick was thumping hard on the gateway to heaven. I could feel her juices flow out of her pussy lips, soaking my prick.
---“My dear, why are you so juicy down below? (Ki go Shona, jool jorachoo keno)”.
---“I am unable to take more of you, please take me, and dig your hard-on inside me. (Ami are parchina, amake naoo tumi, amake daoo tomarr oii shokto jinish ta.)”
I thought, this is the correct time to leave her boobs. Her other parts of her sexy luscious body also deserve my attention. I left her boobs and slowly kissed all way down to her deep navel. I slowly climbed down her body, I found myself out of the car; kneeled down on the cold pitch road.
Thanks all to the dark stormy night and lonely road through forest, no one was around us.
I caressed her boobs gently, as I was engrossed in kissing and licking her deep belly button and soft round belly. Her right leg dangled down from the seat.
---“Ohhhhhh….. What a beautiful feeling, I love your hands and touch all over my big boobs and my nipples.”
Slowly I tracked down my tongue tip over her lower belly, leaving a wet trail of saliva over her smooth skin. My chin was touching her pubis mound, baby soft skin felt extremely sexy on my chin. My nose filled up with musky odour.
---“Mmmmmmm…….. Feeling soooo good. (Ki je araam lagchyee na!!!!).”
---“Mmmmmmm…….. Your pussy is dripping dear; thunder is outside and also inside you my love. (Tomaar guud ta too Shona ek doom roshyee veshye jachyee, bairee je rokom jhor cholchyee, tomaar modhyee oo seii rokom jhor cholchyee).”
I lifted her right leg over my shoulder and placed my right palm under her dangling right fleshy thigh. I pushed her right thigh more outwards to have a well opened access to Lekha’s nether regions. She was now spread-eagled opened wide in-front of my face. I pushed her right leg more, she bent her legs upwards and her fleshy buttocks were in-front of my view.
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