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Train Journey On A Rainy Day Turned Erotic

It was a rainy day. In 2005. I was travelling from Mysore to Bangalore in Tirupati Passar Express. If you wonder, why I chose train, when I could easily took a comfortable bus ride, well, it just happened that I was infront of Mysore station at that time, it was around 4 and just for fun, beacuse it was quite some I travelled in train I chose train.

It was a saturday evening and the month was October. There was a slight chill in the air. I did not get IIIrd or II AC, I had to content with a sleeper class waiting ticket. Reservation was not confirmed. I told myself good, 4 hours journey and I had to pay so little (I dont remember exactly what was the fare then.)

The train reaches station at aorund 3-3.0. It was coming from Chamarajanagar and as expected it was full. I could not get a sit for myself. In between bathrooms and door area (the train was astonishingly clean and I still remember there was no bad smell) some people were sitting. Average people, I cant expect suited booted well dressed types sitting on the floor of Sleeper class. I sat on the side of a big steel trunk of someone else. No one said anything to me. 3-4 persons were already sitting on the trunk. I did not notice there was a girl of 20-25 (I assume the age) was also sitting there.

I had a big lunch only an hour ago...around 2.30. The train was moving smoothly, nice clean breeze was hitting me, with full stomach I dont know while aligning to the wall I fall asleep. After some time or lot of time I dont know, I opened my eyes, the train was standing in a station (probably Mandya or Maddur), faces who are sitting around me has changed, I could see some new faces, couple of old men, middle age guys, ladies etc. And that girl I noticed was sitting just next to me, in fact behind me.

I was sitting on the left side of the trunk with my face towards the left door, the girl was sitting next to me, on my right and to her right whether it was some other peson or some bags/handbags I dont remember. The girl was almost on my body. I could feel her touch, he thigh on my thigh, with train on the move I could feel her breasts touching my back.

The sun was almost set by then. It was about eveining, outdoor getting dark. I could feel the girl so strongly on me but I was just sitting quiet with my two hands on my lap making it sure I don't do any mischief or do not even by accident touch her but inside I was getting horny. She may have also realised what I was going through. She was sitting tight, I realised she raised her left hand and placed it behind us. With that she was actually slightly touching my right back and upper arm area with her left breast. And with moving train on the speed we kept placing her breast over my shoulder. I was feeling so good, she was so soft, it was heveanly. We both were burning in our own heat.

I could not resist any more and first time I made a move and pressed her with my arm. It seemed she liked it. I then just brushed her right breast with my arm. She was sitting so close and tight with me. I was thinking of taking her to bathroom and press her but did not have much courage.

A station passed by. I thought of getting up from my trunk seat. I moved up and the girl looked up to me. I did not say a word, took two steps towards the compartment. And then looked back at her. I think she relaised what I was trying to say to her. We could not visit the bathrooms next to us beacuse there were people around us. So I tried to go to some other place. And to my utter surprise and delight the girl actually followed me. I crossed two compartments over and then landed in II AC. It was all quiet as usual unlike thriving sleeper class.

And the fact that, with some distance she did was following me. I checked the first two bathrooms, first one I didnt like much, second one was nice. The train was overall very clean, dont know how. May be one or two stations ago they have cleaned it an sprayed some freshner. I did not say a single word. Just standed there near the bathroom door like a stone while looking at the floor. The girl came and opened the door and entered. I knew if I am late by even by two seconds she will bolt the door, because girls are girls in India and this is no USA that the she will drag and pull me inside.

So, as soon as the girl entered, before she could bolt the door I pushed the door and entered. And then first time I got looked at her. She was no doubt looking good. Her eybrowsI still remember were deep and long, her eyes were deep and big and complexion was almost white and very sweet. She did not seem to be from a affluent family. I still remember she was wearing a blue churidar with a dupatta.

I looked at her, she was a little bit shivering I dont know why. I took her hand and put it on a door handle so that she can stand right. There was a small glass window there opposite to the door, I made that open. I looked at her eyes, went close to her. My lips are very close to her. I did not kiss her, may be I kind of was seeking a consent from her. We spent few awkward seconds like that, then she probaly moved her lips an inch towards me. And I cant controlled any more. I kissed her on the lips.

She was so soft, she was so awesome, she was so amazing. I don't know how to describe that kiss. It was a million dollar moment. She embraced me. I kissed her lips, bite her ear lobes, brushed her neck with my lips. I kissed every inch. I lowered my hand, raised her suite and felt her belly. It was as smooth as her lips. I made her hands up, she didn't realise why untill I started pulling up her suite, she was hesitant, not sure what to do but let me do it. I pulled the suite and hang it from the mirroe. She was wearing a pink bra. I dont understand why under a green slawar someone would wear a pink bra.

Her belly was soft as silk. There is a mild fragrance of what I dont know was making me mad. I licked and kissed her belly, abdomen, inner upper arm, shoulder. My hands inched down her back until they were unhooking the bra. I hesitated for only an instant before slipping them out of her shoulder very slowly, lower to her arms. I felt her tense but when she let out a moan I was relaxed.

With that, my hand began to feel her oh-so-beautifully-round brests which unvelied in front of my eyes gradually in the moving train under a bright yellowish lightbulb. My hands began to roam freely, touching and cupping them softly. .I reached out to her already hardened nipples. I playfully pniched the right one and the left. She was shy and did not express her much but this time I heard a loud moan from her...aahhh...ohhhh...

my fingers stroke slow circles around each breast, bumping over her nipples and then continuing to circle. I kissed them and circled them again with my tounge.

Her pink painted nails drew patterns back and forth across each creamy mound, following down and around until they each circled back down between them again, before continuing their trip slowly toward her nipples again.

and kneading the soft cheeks. When he didn’t feel any panties, his penis began to harden. Probably lying on top of the ring in her purse, he thought with a smile. He pressed his now pulsing erection into the young woman. She moaned quietly and returned the pressure. Now he knew he wouldn’t be lonely tonight.
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