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Encounter with a Mallu Bhabhi

I am writing a story after a long time. Hope readers will like it. Long-time back we were living in Kozhikode in north Kerala and my wife's place was about 75kms from there on the way to Palakkad. I was just about 28 and I was travelling to see my second child who had arrived a few days back.

My wife had gone to her parents for delivery three months ago and I was kind of struggling with my job and my sex and food needs. It was five in the evening on a Saturday and I took the bus from Kozhikode bus station to Palakkad which is normally a three hour journey. I need to sit in the bus only for one and a half hours. I got a seat in the two seats side. (Kerala buses have two seats on one side and three on the other. ) Suddenly a couple who looked like rag pickers with tattered and dirtiest clothes and a look of not having bathed for the last four days entered and were searching for a place to sit. The seat next to me was vacant and I was fervently praying that either of them should not sit there and make my life miserable for the next two hours. But then luck was not on my side that day- so I thought -. After a minute or two the female of the couple took the empty seat beside me and instantly the stench from her hit my nostrils like a hammer. I was really afraid that I may catch some kind of skin infection or respiratory infection if I had to endure the company.

But then all the seats were taken. Two rows ahead one plump looking Nair female - may be 35 or so - was seated and she was a bomb with a 38 32 40 kind of figure and fair skin showing enough mid riff and boob side show. The vertical rod was just adjacent to that seat and my mind was racing with evaluation of the opportunity it will afford if I can get to stand holding it and not have to move as the bus gets filled. I managed to give up my seat for the husband of that dirty couple and stood moving forward holding the vertical rod. The bus started and within minutes I was patting myself on the back for having taken the decision to stand.

What an opportunity it was !!!

Soon there were people around me and I inched closer and closer to the seat and lo I hit a soft thigh with my knee. She just looked up evaluated me and moved that much closer to the vertical rod on which I was leaning with my right leg fully rubbing her thigh. Her arm was touching my high point of my thighs and she placed it in such a way that her warm armpit was resting on my thigh heating me up and with the jerks of the bus the bulge in her blouse below the arm was slowly contacting my thighs. I turned a little so that I could dick her arm and slowly but surely put my hardening dick on her upper arm while I simultaneously pressed my knee into her thigh. She got the message well and looked up for a much longer time than before and our eyes met and held for a second. I could see that she was game but wanted to be sure that I was acceptable for play.
she started fiddling with her handbag signalling me that she wants to take it forward further and I smiled at her which she observed and returned my smile easing the tension in the air. The guy who was sitting next to her saw all this and was trying to inch closer to her and rub her right thigh and she moved further away from him but closer to me.

After a while she told him “therakkille; onnu maari irukku “- meaning don’t crowd me Mr. just move away a little “and he sheepishly moved away. The bus was now out of the city and moving at 55 kms an hour on the road owing to little traffic. As the bus passed the Feroke bridge it jerked and I bent my leg which was pressed against her side. With this movement her pally slipped down enough to give me a bird's eye view of her massive ivory skin cleavage. Again she looked up and caught me ogling at her cleavage but made no efforts to draw up her pallu and close my view. encouraged by this I managed to bend down as if to adjust my shoes and whispered in her ear “thank you “. she gave an understanding smile and I dropped my right hand down so I could feel her flesh with my hands. In the process she lifter her left leg and placed it in the aisle crossing over my bag which I had kept in the place below the seat edge and the vertical rod. she pulled the bag in with her legs to make space for her comfortable sitting but providing me a better opportunity to run my knee on her thigh. I started rubbing her thigh with my knee back and forth while trying to feel her boobside with my right hand. I had to look up and pretend as though I didn’t see her movements so that other passengers don’t realise our play. Suddenly I felt a pair of fingers locking with my fingers tugging at my hand. she cleverly managed to insert her right hand across her chest attempting to take the pallu end under her left arm ( apparently to fool any onlookers) but actually touching my fingers to communicate more with me. This process made her pallu tight over her cleavage denying me the fantastic and erotic view from the top. But then as if to compensate she ran her fingers between my thighs and felt up my hard dick two or three times. I was in heavens and forgot all about my wife, my new born child and the rest of my world.

The bus reached a place called Ramanattukkara and the driver wanted to go for a pee and stopped the bus for sometime. As my luck would have it she did not budge an inch from her position and was enjoying her touch of my thighs and crotch.

After a few minutes the bus started again and another fifteen minutes passed before reaching a place called Kondotti. The guy sitting next to her got up to get down and she asked me to move in to the second seat retaining her aisle seat for herself as she didn’t want to squeezed between two males but wanted to enjoy her closeness to me alone. As I moved in she slid further in her seat and I managed to brush my ass on her protruding boobs and for a split second rested my ass n her boobs before taking the seat. Now my left thigh was fully in touch with her right thigh and I folded my hands across my chest so that I can gain access to her right side boob and midriff. I started caressing her flesh below the edge of her blouse and folds below the edge. she was wet with sweat and felt cool due to the wetness on the hot flesh. slowly I moved my hand up to feel the underside of her right boob (under the cover of her pallu) and she slightly bent forward to accommodate my desire. and turned more towards my side allowing me access to her cleavage and flesh on the top of her boob. I just pinched her softly to acknowledge her gesture and ran my fingers over her by-now-hardening nip projecting thro her bra and blouse. she let out a soft moan audible only to me.

I retrieved my bag from underneath her left leg by leaning over her thighs and pressing my left arm, placed the bag on my lap so that it could provide the necessary cover, if she wanted to feel my dick with her hands. Soon she moved her hand under the bag and held my dick over my trouser and all the while maintaining a disinterested look in her face and looking outside the window, so that other passengers don’t understand the activity taking place below.

I had taken a ticket to my wife's village and the bus was just about fifteen minutes away from reaching the place. But then my dick mange more and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of getting friendly with her. I decided immediately that I will take a fresh ticket to Palakkad, another one and a half hour away and test my luck further. Ffifteen minutes more and the place where I should get down was reached. but I didn’t get down. Instead the guy who was sitting in the window seat got down along with many other passengers and all the standing passengers alighted. the bus had only seated passengers and afew seats vacant. I pushed in and signalled her to come to the second seat. she signalled me back to say wait. she kept her hand bag in the middle seat, got up, arranged her sari and pallu neatly as if just straightening her dress in a normal way and in the process showing more of her navel and the shape of her ass and the sari drape over her thighs to me.

She just took two steps to the front most row and touched one guy who was sitting in the isle seat there. He turned back to look at her and she said in mallu “there is a seat by my side come; you can rest and sleep on my shoulders properly “. He got up and thats when I realised that the guy was pale and sickly looking and literally wobbling in his legs. I was confused. who is this guy ? her hubby, her brother, her father or any relative. If so why were they not sitting together earlier? But then I said to myself f “what the heck let him be anybody. Surely someone known to her “But then by that time my dick was hard and I literally was caressing it under the bag in my lap. A sense of disappointment arose. have I made a mistake in not getting down there. ? is she going to KLPD me? is the good time over? suddenly the thought of my wife waiting to see me came up. I said to myself as if telling my wife “ah, wait darling I am on a hunt and on a cross roads not knowing where my quarry will go. “

I calmed myself to sa y “If she dumps me I will get down at the next stop and head back home. If not let me see what I end up with. “

But then the pleasurable surprise happened. She took the middle seat and made that guy sit in the aisle seat. She managed to press into me the maximum and made more space for the guy. I dint say anything. her flesh was burning into my thigh. I was just taking it as it happened not making any move. She made that guy comfortable and asked him to place his head on her lap and kind of half lying down on his side.

Once the guy was comfortable seated and rested his head on her, she turned to me and gave me a deep smile and said in soft tones “he is unwell. he has had a virus and upset stomach. thats why I have asked him to sleep. I hope you r not inconvenienced “

I said politely “no not at all its ok.
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