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My dear aunty

This is my own story. It happened when I went to a friends house. as I lost his address and I only been once to his home so I was not sure which was his home. so hesitantingly I pressed the bell of one of the apartments I guessed it was his. the door was opened by a very gorgeous lady, whom i’ve seen while parking bike. At parking when I saw her and gave a smile, she also replied with a smile but I thought it was casual. but now when I saw her I was pleasently surprised. It was my friends house and she was his mom(who was not there in my last visit). She told me to be seated as Arjun(friend) was not at home so I thought of leaving but she told me that I should have jouice atleast. After some casual talks she asked if I had a girlfriend, I was a little nurvous as no elder women had earlier asked me this question. she said ok leave it, which type of jouice u would like to have, when I began to answer, I noticed that her saree was not covering her boobs, and she was wearing very low cut blouse. My tool instantly erected. she saw the bulge and came near to me and told me to come inside her beadroom in very sexy tone. I was hypnotized by her vicinity. I followed her and as we reached her bedroom there she instantly thrown all her clothes and asked me to do the same. I obeyed her and now the story in detail. I described myself as “HE”
He was standing against her bedroom door looking down at the top of her head. She had her hungry little mouth plastered against him. And she was doing incredible things with her tongue. It was sliding up and down against the underside of his cock. Her mouth was creating pressure around him he’d never felt before. His head fell back against the door and he closed his eyes. Giving into the guilty pleasure, he let out a little moan. The pressure increased as she slid her mouth down the length of him and met his pubic hair. He felt her shift a little and then she had a hand on his balls. She took one gently into her hand. Rolled it softly between her fingers. Her other hand grasped the base of his manhood. Suddenly, he was released from the hot wetness of her mouth with a little ‘pop’. Then, her mouth was taking his right sac into it. Incredible, he thought. I can’t believe she has her mouth there. His knees were weak. His breath coming heavily.

Her hand started making the motions her mouth had on his cock. He was well lubricated from her saliva. Up and down, then around, twisting. And her tongue on his right ball. She was making him crazy. She sucked softly and then abandoned the one for the other. She took the left one into her mouth and created the same, soft pressure. Her hand quickened its pace. Up, up and over the tip of his cock. Her thumb grazed the hole at the top. He sucked in air sharply. She grinned around him.

Her nose buried in between his balls, she inhaled. That musky scent of his was getting to her. She could feel her panties getting wet between her legs. In a matter of seconds, she had freed him and had her mouth around his cock, again. This time, a louder moan escaped him. Fastening her lips around his width, she slid up and down on him. Increasing the pressure as she slid down and lessening it when she came up. She held onto the base and rubbed tiny circles with her thumb into the center of it. How’d she learn all this, he asked himself. He opened his mouth to say it but it was lost to him as he felt her fingers sliding towards the skin between his balls and anus. Two of her fingers put pressure there as she continued to suck on him. Now, he seriously couldn’t breathe.

Her wet fingertips slid back and forth over that smooth skin. He felt his hips twitch. He thrust forwards, further into her mouth. He felt her breath come out of her nose as she made more room for him. She was accepting him into her throat and was making soft, purring noises. He thrust into her velvety warm depths again and heard a satisfied grunt come from her. He could feel his orgasm building. His balls tightened and his cock grew larger. He looked down and could see pure ecstasy on her face. A little bit of saliva was at the right corner of her mouth. She was hot, wet, and tight inside that mouth of hers. He felt her fingers moving farther, closer to that opening she had talked about getting into. He knew she wanted to try that. Looks like it’s going to be now, he thought vaguely. Her fingers found him and circled around. She was testing the waters, to see how he would react to this.

A groan escaped him as she circled it again with her fingers. Wanting to go further, she placed one finger at the opening and lightly pushed in. The tip of her finger disappeared inside his back door. This time he opened his mouth to voice his pleasure. She kept sucking on him, up and down, dragging her tongue along the underside of his cock. She could feel him getting harder in her mouth. He’s going to come right in my mouth and I’m going to swallow every drop of it, she thought lustfully. She pushed her finger inside him a little more and had him bucking against her mouth. His member went stiff inside her mouth and then started shooting. A yell came with his climax. He was pumping himself into her mouth and she was swallowing fast. He was shooting his thick, white mass into her, hitting the back of her throat. She couldn’t keep it all in, a little dribbled out of the side of her mouth.

She could feel him relax against the door as she stopped sucking. Holding him still in her mouth she gently removed her finger. He gasped and looked down at her. She stared straight into his eyes as she tried to smile around her mouthful.

“Oh, God, that was incredible,” he said softly, twining his hands in her hair. She pulled away from him, cupping his member in her hand as it slid out of her mouth. Still looking into his eyes, she licked the last drop of cum from the side of her mouth. His eyes grew big and his mouth opened into a silent “o”. Then he watched her lick her lips and swallow. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

“Incredible, unbelievable, amazing….” he stuttered. She laughed softly.

“I’m just getting started,” she stated as she stood up. He looked at her incredulously. Standing in front of him, she pulled his jeans and underwear down and helped him step out of them. Unhooking her bra, she stepped back. It fell to the floor as well as her panties. She sat down on the hardwood floor, next to her bed. Reaching under her bed, she searched for something. He watched as she pulled from its dark recesses a purple toy resembling a 6 inch cock. Her eyes met and stayed with his as he watched her silently. She leaned back onto the floor and spread her legs in front of him.

“You can sit if you’d like to,” she murmured. His eyes strayed to where her legs opened. He could see the soft pink folds of her pussy. Teasing him, tantalizing him. There was no way he could get it up again, he thought. She grasped the toy in her left hand and spread those petal soft lips with her right hand. He could clearly see her clit, thrust out between those lips and shining with wetness. It was dark pink and begging to be touched. She did just that. One finger from her right hand brushed over it. She closed her eyes as she touched it again. She slid two fingers down to her core and gently inserted them inside her. He could feel some sensation in his prick as he watched her play with herself. She brought her fingers out and rubbed them over the tip of her purple toy.

She laid down, with her back against the floor and put the tip of the toy cock to her entrance. He stared, wide eyed, as she pushed the tip of it into her. He was definitely getting some feeling back. It was starting to rise again. He knelt down on the floor between her legs and kept watching. She slowly pushed the length of it inside her while touching her clit with the middle finger of her right hand. He watched her pussy pump out more of her juice. He wanted to touch it, taste it.

As if reading his mind, she said, “No, I just want you to watch me.”

He could only nod his head silently. He settled himself more comfortably on the floor between her legs. She pulled the toy out almost all the way. He noticed that she left the head inside her. She rubbed over her clit again and again. She was beginning to make noises, groans and sighs. She slowly pushed to toy back inside her and continued in that fashion as she rubbed her aching clit. He watched the opening the toy was inserted into, saw her wetness flooding the toy. He was starting to throb. Looking down between his own legs, he saw that he was rock hard. Reaching down, he grasped himself and started to stroke while watching her push the toy back into her hole.

She kept the pace slow, but as he watched, he noticed that with each thrust, she got the toy deeper into her. At the beginning, she could only take in about 4 inches of it and now, he noticed, 5 inches were deeply embedded in her. She brushed her middle finger over her clit. Rubbed circles over it. Pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. He was amazed. In the next thrust, the 6 inches of purple were all inside her. All he could see left of the toy was the black knob at the top. Moans were escaping her. She wouldn’t quicken her pace but he did on himself. He could feel another orgasm building inside him. He opened his mouth to tell her he was close but she beat him to words.

“I’m going to come while you watch me,” she whispered raggedly. He realized that she hadn’t moved the toy out of her, was only trying to get it deeper inside her. What are you doing, he silently asked. He watched as she rotated it around in a small circle and saw another 1/2 inch disappear inside. She hardly had a hold of it now, and was raising her hips off the floor as she rocked softly against it. He let go of himself and reached out to help her, but she cried out, “No!”

It took him a moment to figure it out, but he did.
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