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My Mother Is a Bitch

Let me first introduce ourselves. I am an 18 yr old Bengali girl from a traditional Hindu family. I live with my mother and my father and my sister. My father was working in a small biscuit factory as an accounts Clark. My mother is also a Bengali lady around 38. She really has a sexy figure. A bit chubby, her best feature is her 36D boobs and her butts. You can feel her round ass through her saree. Sometimes when she wears transparent saree and nightie or gown at night she looks awesome. She is very jolly likes talking and smiling. Due to boredom sometimes she flirts with men though my dad never knew it. But as far as I knew she was devoted to my dad very much. My younger sister Pinky is just 18. She also looks very beautiful like me.

One day my mom got one phone call from my dad’s office. One employee from the office informed my mom that my father was arrested by the local police for some bribery charges. We rushed to the police station but were unable to release him spending the whole day in that police station. The factory manager Dilip sing was a very influential man and my dad was arrested as per his request. One constable in the police station told us it is not possible for them to release him now without proper investigation and they will appeal to the court to keep him in their custody for another 15 days. My mom started shouting after listening that my dad have to spend at least 15 days in this jail. Then the constable told my mom to request Dilip Singh for my dad’s release. If he permits then they can discharge my dad easily. We returned to our home being very tired and frustrated. Next morning my mom called Mr Dilip over phone and asked for my dad’s release. My mom requested him many times but he was not ready to withdraw his report. The next day morning my mom called him again and started begging him. This time Mr. Sigh became slightly soft may be because of my mom’s shouted and requested my mom to meet him in his residence office in the lunch time. My mom went to meet him in the afternoon and came back after three hours. Her hairs were untied; her lip color was dragged to her chin as if she was shout hard or washed her face with some cloth without caring about her lip color. When I asked her about the meeting, she told that Mr. Sing was busy in a meeting and told her to come tomorrow. For the next 4 days my mom went to meet him but failed because either he was busy in a meeting or was not present in his office in the lunchtime. But everyday when she returned I always found something unusual. Like one day I found her blouse was wet at places and a suspected bite mark in her neck. But I did not care much about this because I was very upset regarding my dad’s release. Fifth day when my mom went to meet him I found her very excited. That day I had a terrible headache. When after 3 hours she did not return home then I called him in her mobile.

Me : Mom where are you??
Mom: mmm…..Babu I will be late….(I could hear her breathing heavily,her voice chocking)….mmmm….hows your… mmmm….headache??
Me:I am fine…where are you??
Mom: Singh ji….is …mmmm/……showing some documents to me…….it can help your dad’s release…(I heard someone commanding from behind)….mmm…your mom is busy in the meeting with some company lawyers……..uff slowly baba……..what I was saying to you? …. yes…I will be slightly late today.

Before a can speak anything someone snapped the phone but I managed to hear a sharp moan of my loved mother. I kept wondering what become of her. After five hours she returned home. I opened the door and saw her standing with three heavily build men. She managed a smile and pointing to one guy out of them she said “ he is Mr. Dilip Singh.” She also said that other guys are his friends and they would have dinner with us and stay tonight. I nodded and watched her barely walk. Mr. Singh asked her to get bath while they sat down for T.V. I went near the bathroom and was very surprised to hear that she was singing a hit hindi flim song while taking her shower. At dinner table she served wearing a transparent nightie. I had never seen it and guessed Mr. Singh had bought it. She was flushed red in front of me while Mr. Singh chatted casually with me. He called mom by her name as if she was his wife and asked her to sit beside him. I could clearly see him putting his hand on my mom’s thigh. They casually chatted about the food while my mom looked down (I could see guilt and fear in her face). I was impatient to know her fate after the dinner. The thought of mom being strongly in our house in front of me was making me go wet. After the dinner he whispered something to my mom, to which she was not ready and begged him for that. I couldn’t hear but I guessed he threatened her.

Reluctantly she got up and asked me and my sister to come with her in her bedroom. When we entered in her bedroom I found that Mr. Singh and all his friends are waiting for us sitting on my mom’s bed. As soon as we entered one guy went near our bedroom door and locked it from the inside. They looked at us as though we were some trapped prey. They seemed to be in no hurry. They need not fear anything as now no one else will hear anything inside our house and everyone knows that we sleep around 10.30 and we cannot even expect a phone call. I looked at my mother expecting her to perform some miracle to save us. She asked Mr. Singh in a shivering voice what they wanted. One of them stepped forward and slapped her. He told her in a menacing voice, “Don’t talk unless we ask you”. He continued ‘we will take all that we want and more so don’t bother’. One of them, a man as dark as one could be with bulging eyes, asked Mr. Singh in a casual, matter of fact manner said, ‘ where do we start’.

My sister let out a shout. She started sobbing. She was afraid. She didn’t understand anything. She just started shouting. One of the tall persons came near, he just pulled my hair and slapped me, it was a stinging slap, I stared at him afraid even to shout. He said in a low voice, ‘ask that bitch to stop shouting or you will get more’. That was enough; the voice and the slap made my sister stop as suddenly as she started. Her hands went up to her mouth as if to stop any sound escaping from her. We were never slapped before. We will start with my slut’ pointing to my mother Mr. Singh said. The guy again said “Singh Ji why don’t you go and start the show”. But Mr.Sing said “you go first. I have been fucking that bitch for the last 4 days”. The language was terrifying. It sent a chill up my spine. I understood what he meant. I don’t know whether my sister understood it or not. My mother looked shocked beyond any thing ever seen. Sweat was forming on her brows though the air conditioning was working. I could see her trying to control her shivering. Of late I came to understand what sexual arousal was. We were all in our nighties. Suddenly I realized I am no longer terrified.

I was looking at the scene somewhat curiously. What will they do now? Are they just threatening us or will they really... A host of questions cropped up in my mind. The black man who asked Mr. Singh to start first, with his bulging eyes laughed crookedly and went near my mother. Her proud shoulders sagging. Her beautiful face now looked ugly. She raised her head helplessly to see what is going to happen. He commanded her to stand. She tried to stand up but her knees were weak and she almost fell back. He caught her shoulders and made her stand. Then he barked out “undress”. She didn’t understand him. She looked at him quizzically. He again said in a rough voice “remove your dress”. She was dazed. She didn’t move nor made any attempt to undress. One of the men silently came near me and pulled me up holding my hair. I screamed “No” and stood up not able to bear the pain. His hand suddenly lifted my nighty and tried to grope between my thighs. I screamed out and tried to wriggle free. Another was going near my sister.

My mother shouted at the top of her lungs. “No, No, I will undress”. Frantically she tried to remove her nighty over her head. She had no bra, no panty, just a petticoat which came to just above her knees. Her 34 sized breasts were heaving wildly probably out of fright. Her large pink nipples were clearly visible from inside the petticoat. She had a bit thick thighs while her behind was full. She stood there in her petticoat. But he wanted her to remove even that. She really had no choice. She pulled the petticoat with trembling hands over her head. There she stood naked before all of us. Even I couldn’t stop appreciating her body. It had very little fat on it. Well carved, full and ripe. Her eyes were looking down out of shame. There was some hair around her pelvic region. She just stood there like a statue. Whether she really believed these guys will leave me out or was it that she lost her power to think rationally or is it that she was desperate and trying to gain time hoping something will happen in the meanwhile.

At that moment I know that they will fuck all three of us. My knees went weak with this realization. I collapsed back on the bed. I was trembling with the realization of what was to come. I was worried about my sister. She probably didn’t realize what was to come or even understand what happened when they fuck her. Meanwhile the man barked another command to my mother, “Undress me”, this time there was no mistaking. My mother was now beyond shock. She mechanically undid his pant, unzipping him and then removed his shirt. He was stark naked. Black, stout, muscular and his organ was very thick. It was erect and there were a few drops of pre cum on its head. It was crooked. He told her to caress it. Her little palms went over it and caressed it delicately afraid he would get angry.

It grew in size with her caressing, becoming thicker and longer.
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