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Rehena - The Kept Woman

My name is Vivek Shastri I own a good advertising company as the business grew I had to appoint new and more number of people to look after my office now I needed a nice secretary who can look after my day to day calls take down notes from me check our company website every day update my meeting so on so I was in search of a nice looking female for that post I made advertisements for the post got lot of enquiries after interviewing many girls I felt no on e suited to me requirement then one day I met my old friend Saleem he was into advertisement business also but due to some bad clients he ended up losing lot of money and his company was in closure stage I was sorry for him and asked him what his plans were he told he wants to take up a job in some company I was afraid to offer him a job as he was very close friend of mine

Me: saleem tell me how do you plan for the future

Saleem : Vivek I want to take up a job I have already talked with Sunil he has offered me job in his company as executive to handle marketing I am planning to take up that job man

Me: Saleem how much will he pay you man

Saleem : I have asked for more but he says he can give me only 40,000 per month with that money I will not be able to even pay my monthly installments of my housing loan and even for that matter I will fall short of my car loan installments and I don't know how to run my family man

Me : Saleem I have an idea man you know Bhabhi, Rehana Bhabhi she is educated and she also can take up some work

Saleem : I know she is educated but she has never worked before with anyone and we have two kids too she has to take care of them what to do who will give her a job as she has no experience of any work

I had not met his wife after his wedding it was almost 18 years back I had seen her in his wedding I had seen her as a shy looking young girl of 19 when he married her she was very fair looked so cute in her wedding dress is his wedding reception she was tall and slim and looked very sexy in that dress I could make out even when she was slim she had nice looking and nice shaped tits I was imagining her how she may look after so many years and with two kids

But from m y friend s I had come to know she was now looking sexier then she was at the time of his wedding but any how I was thinking of helping an old friend with whom we had shared so many nice times

Me : Saleem yaar see I am looking out for a person who can take care of my front office if you want please I can offer Rehana Bhabhi the job I can even pay her about 35,000 per month if she can handle the job well can even think of increasing her salary

Saleem : Vivek it is very nice of you to say this let me ask rehana what she thinks I think she will be very eager to take up the job as I will take lot of burden of my shoulders

Me : Saleem I have not met her for long time too why don't u send her to my office tomorrow morning by 11 am

Saleem : sure Vivek it is very nice of you to help me when I need your help so much

Next day morning I was in my office I heard a knock on my door I told please come in.
When I saw her enter the door I was shell shocked to see Rehana I did not know how to call her inside she was looking so hot and so good I had never seen some one as hot as her before, she was wearing a Red Chiffon sari and the sari was bit transparent and she has just worn the sari on her navel she has put on lot of weight but the weight she had put on was in the right places and in right propositions her sari was worn tight on her body her figure was so sexy and with the sari on I was able to make out how she may look without one I could imagine how big her tits have become in last 18 years her ass was so huge and so perfect shaped and her navel was deep her tummy had only a very small flesh which looked so full and so fleshy her face was so bright her skin was looking like it was glowing in the sun and she had worn a red cotton blouse the blouse was little thin and I could make out her shape of her tits which were so round and full they were much fuller then my wife tits and she was wearing a bra which I could make out was black and it was some imported stuff as it has covering only half of her big tits the nipples were quite big I thought she looked a perfect M I L F she was combination of Manisha Koirala And Tabu

I was just looking at her and was awe struck I never had someone working for me so sexy then I composed my self and told her

I think you are Rehana Bhabhi

Rehana : yes Sir I am Reahana Saleem's wife

Me; Please come in have your seat

As she walked I can make out her big ass swayed and her big tits jiggled in her blouse she came to the chair in front of me and sat there she looked so sexy I could not take my eyes of her

Rehana : sir Saleem told me to meet you as you have a job to offer, Sir let me tell you even though I am a graduate and computer educated but I have no work experience all these day I was only taking care of my kids

Me : do mean to say you never took care of Saleem

Rehana : Sir you know our position now I need the job for to take care of my home it was nice of you to offer me the job I will make sure that you will not have any complaints from my side and I will learn very fast the job

Me : Rehana to tell you frankly I need a girl who can take care of my front office I know you can learn quickly and only thing I am afraid is

Rehana : tell me sir please don't feel anything tell me what are you afraid of

Me; Rehana please don't mistake me you are so good looking that my office boy may spend lot of time in front of your desk rather than working

Rehana : thanks for your compliments sir but sir can you tell me how much of salary you will offer me Saleem told me that you are ready to pay 40,000

I was thinking if I can get such a sexy mother of two to work for me I thought I will get a chance to fuck her one or the other day and I was thinking I must not let her go

Me : Rehana I understand your family problem I will offer you Rs 50,000 per month but you have to take care of lot of work here

Rehana : My god thank you, thank you so much sir I will be ever great full to you for the job but what kind of work I had to do

I thought let me not rush into things so fast as she is my friend's wife so I told her

"Rehana nothing much but you have dress like this every day to office and you must look fresh in office take care of all my calls my meeting some time you have to work even after office hours "

Rehana : it is ok with me sir tell me when must I join in

Me : why wait Rehana you can join me tomorrow

She joined my office very next day she learnt to do the job very fast she was very intelligent then I thought she was very good at work and dressing too

Rehana. God damn Rehana is hot! Tall, well built yet firm body, she is about 5.5''tall for Indian standards and she was very f air and has the smoothest skin has such a lovely shape of tits I think she wears 36 D size bra as the cups of her tits look more bigger then her back and she has the biggest ass and it so well shaped, she crosses my mind many times a day. She works for me, a mother of two kids she was 32. Bright, witty, she catches the focus of many horny males around here. She brushes aside most of the subtle advances. I have had to talk to the office bore, the guy who believes his cock is wanted by all the ladies. One infraction that surfaces, he is history. I apply my companies conduct code explicitly! No deviation, no infractions are tolerated. One slightest infraction, you are history.

From the day she joined the office I was trying to get a chance to fuck her she was very intelligent to push my approach without hurting my feelings I tried everything in the book I tried giving her hints about my feeling to fuck her once in my life time and I even gave her costly gifts , I used to talk about sexy jokes she used to respond in humorous manner never taking my advances seriously I was now so desperate to fuck her I did not know what to do one day evening I had a call from saleem he told me lets meet for a cup of coffee friend I don't want to come to your office as my wife will be there

I met saleem after the office hours in a coffee day

Saleem : Vivek I am happy that you gave Rehana the job and a good salary also it helped my family a lot

I was worried that Rehana must have told him my advances to him about trying to make her ready to fuck me

Saleem : Vivek if you don't mind should I tell you something, I know you gave my wife a job helped me a lot when I was in need of your help and now you want something in return

Me : I am not able to get what you are trying to tell me Saleem

Saleem : Vivek don't be a fool we are so old friends I know you well Rehana also told me that you are wooing her a lot and trying to flirt with her and I know you so well you are what kind of guy

Me : Saleem please don't mistake me man what to do your wife is so sexy I can never take care of my feeling but if you don't mind I will stop all this giving her gifts and so on please

Saleem : Vivek I know man what you feel about my wife I know any man will feel if they have such a sexy women next to them but what to do she is not the type of women you think she is very religious and feels doing all this kind of things is sinful

Me : Saleem man thank you for understanding me man but what to do whenever I see your wife my dick gets hard I cannot wait man please don't mind it man I may do anything to fuck her once in my life if you tell me to forget she has to leave my job when she is in front of me I cannot work so if you don't mind you may ask her not to come to the office from tomorrow please

Saleem ; please Vivek don't do that to us if she leaves the job now we will come on street we are just getting our family back to track with her salary and mine in these days of despair please don't do that

Me : then what to do Saleem I cannot stay without having her once in my life time, she is so sexy so hot she is my dream women whenever I see her I will only think of fucking her once so it is better she leaves the job as she is not ready and you say she is very religious and the way she dresses make me go crazy for her

Saleem : then Vivek should I ask her to not dress like that from tomorrow and wear a burqa to your office

Me : Saleem even if she wears a burqa she still look a hot mall man what to do please get me out of trouble now man

Saleem thought for some time and told

Saleem : man are you so desperate to fuck my wife

Me : saleem I can go to any extent to fuck her man please tell me what to do

Saleem : you know Vivek even she is religious but she is a tiger in bed, she loves sex a lot she wants sex with me every day even after 18 years of our wedding and she is kinky too in bed but with other man she will never have sex I think I have to plan something so that you have your fantasy of fucking my wife comes true and she does not have to leave the job

Me; Please yaar now you are a true friend man please tell me what to do I can give you anything for fucking your wife

Saleem : there is only one way man I will make sure that I will not fuck her for almost 20 days and her cunt gets Horney if I don't fuck her for long her cunt needs dick every day so I make her hot and then I will tell you that you force yourself on her when she is not been fucked for long with little force you can fuck her

Me; What Saleem do you want me to rape her, no please it is not possible with me

Saleem : I am not telling you to rape her man just put some force on her she will herself surrender to you

Me: My god man you are so lucky to fuck her every day I am so happy to have a friend like you man please tell me when do you want me to force myself on her

Saleem : after 15-20 day I will stop fucking her from today and make her more horney for your dick I know once she tastes your dick she will never say no to you man I have heard about your sex works with other women and guys to tell you frankly I too want her to enjoy a bigger dick

It's Friday.
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