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Amazing Sex With Banglore Couple

Dear friends,
This is for the first time that I am penning down my sex experience in any site. I am not a professional writer so bear with me if I get into extra details as whatever I am going to narrate is 100% truth and not even a single word is fiction.

I am writing with consent and encouragement of Mr.Chetan and his lovely wife Mrs.Supriya who gave me my wildest sex encounter ever.
Dedicated to you Chetan & Supriya!!
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It happened just few days back. I am Prakash from Bangalore aged 31.I am working in a reputed MNC in decent position. Sexually I am very much active and had some encounters in the past with my ex-gfs.

I am an active member in this site for many years and few times posted my pics in men’s section too. It happened after I posted my pics recently as “BANGALORE HAMMER” on which I got a formidable response. One of the mails was from Mr.Chetan. Mr.Chetan is a big shot businessman at Bangalore. He shared his views on cuckolding and that he always wanted to be a cuckold but due to inhibitions and secrecy point of view never gave it a shot. He was very much impressed by the view of my tool and wanted me to be a bull for his wife.

After chatting in gmail hangout for a couple of days, we decided to proceed further. Then we exchanged our contact numbers and chatted in whatsapp for another couple of days to get even more familiar with each other. Then we decided to meet at any public place for a cup of coffee where I can meet him with his wife. We decided to meet at Garuda Mall. It was Friday evening. Being the last weekday of the week I left office at 4 pm and reached my room to freshen and got ready for the meet up. I reached the mall exactly on time and stood at the place where we had planned to meet. I was waiting for them anxiously and even more desperate to have a view of the lady whom I was going to make love.

Mr.Chetan had not disclosed much about his wife except that she is in her early 30s.Time was passing by and my eagerness was increasing with every passing second. I was looking around and expecting every other couple coming towards to be them. Minute by minute almost 15 minutes passed and I started to get hopeless. Though it could not be a trap but I thought the couple changed their mind in the last minute may be because of inhibitions.


Just then I saw a couple was coming my way and directly looking at me. My subconscious mind suggested me-Bingo!!! Here they are and my friends, our subconscious mind never lies, scientifically proven. The man was an average built man in late 30s wearing a denim and shirt and the wife was simply a stunner. She was wearing a body hugging short red kurti and a tight white legging. The kurti was short, as I mentioned, and it had cuts on the side near waist which was revealing the panty lines on the side. My god, it was really a treat to my eyes.

We greeted each other. They then revealed that they had reached on time but were observing me from a distance and if I couldn’t match to their expectations they would have left. We cracked few jokes and had a cup of coffee. Throughout the conversation I observed that the lady, Mrs.Supriya, was staring me from the corners of her eye (later, after sex she revealed that she was literally scanning me naked by her eyes and her panty was completely wet anticipating that the stranger sitting next to her is going to fuck her wild and hard very soon!!!).The lady was also participating in the conversation though a bit less than her husband and was more engrossed in staring me.

For me, my penis was at the peak of its hardness after seeing Supriya and I too was in the same state of mind. In those 20 minutes of conversation I figured out all the positions in which I would make love to this sex godess. She was very very fair with height almost 5feet5.She had great breasts and holding them was a sexy bra of which sidelines were clearly visible from outside. While walking I observed her ass mounds and believe me, she has the best ass among all of my ex-girlfriends. The jiggling movements of her ass were enough for any stud to fall for her. From the belly she was a little heavy like any other Indian woman in her early 30s.It was a great meet-up at last and we decided to meet again at their residence next evening which was holiday being Saturday.


I was more than delighted on the anticipation of fucking this beauty with lust and my penis was rock hard like never before and ever eager to measure the hotness of her wet love hole.

I reached home and felt very strong urge to shag and calm myself down but I didn’t want to waste my semen. I wanted to release every single drop of my semen into her moist pussy. So to distract myself I preferred to watch a movie.

For the preparation, As I have some hairs on my ass (few of my ex-gfs liked it), however I decided to remove them (Her hubby had messaged me that she likes clean shaven body). So I applied hair removing cream on my ass, penis, testicles and also around my ass hole and removed every bit of hair present around. Even after that my heartbeat and eagerness was uncontrolled and I decided to have some beer and watched movie to calm myself down.


I was already hard n horny by anticipation of making love to this sex goddess.
I reached their flat at sharp 7pm and put on the call bell. Chetan was on the other side on the door and he greeted me very warmly and nicely. We sat in the living room. It was well decorated with some modern art, the theme of which was beyond was mind state to understand. All I wanted was to make love to my hot sex partner of the day. Chetan too sensed it and didn’t make any delay.

Chetan guided me to their bedroom which was attached to another small room. Here we go, the bedroom was really a big one with a large bed with off-white bed sheet done with light maroon embroidery. The room was very neat with maroon curtains. In front of the bed was a large size plasma TV and beside it was a long sofa. Suddenly my lusty beauty queen supriya came out of the small attached room.

Oh God! What a sight. This can freeze anyone and everyone. She was wearing sleeveless night suit with very this fabric and her boobs was struggling to come out of them. She was a bit shy and I guess a bit nervous too. Chetan sensed that In his presence she is feeling apprehensive about it so he backed out of the room for a while. Now it was the height for me. I went towards her and hugged her very tightly.

i guess she was not comfortable in first few minutes. So, i kissed her cheek with love and start kissing her neck. I was licking the neck also and making then wet by my saliva. While kissing the neck she started feeling the heat and bent opposite. Then i reached up to her ears and kissed it gently. I nibbled them lovingly, mildly bite them and put her ear lobe in my mouth and start chewing it mildly. This act was making her mad and she started bending herself backwards. Then I hold her properly, straight and take my lips near hers.

I kept my lips over her lips gently and friends the feel was ecstatic. It was very soft and moist. May be, before getting in the room she had moisten them with her tongue. Then i started kissing her lower lips gently. I took her lower lip in between my 2 lips and start kissing, I started sucking it. Then after sometime I suck the upper lips. With each and every second passing by, our kiss became even more passionate and I virtually started eating her lips.(it should be mentioned that I was not using my teeth at any moment. only my lips were do the kissing. I always got the complement of being a good kisser).

Then I inserted my tongue in her mouth and explored every corner. With my tongue, I guided her tongue and sucked her tongue like a lollypop. Then even she inserted her tongue in my mouth and sucked it. We exchanged our saliva and I told her to release more of her saliva in my mouth and I gulped it.

while doing all of these acts, I was holding her in such a way that with my left hand I was pressing her right boob such that with thumb and indexx finger I was playing with her erect nipple. My left hand was over her soft ass, caressing her ass cheeks and then with my middle finger I rubbed the whole length of her ass crack upside down and then downside up. Meanwhile we undressed each other with she being only in her off white panty and we were so much engrossed in the act that even we don’t know when we got undressed and from the corner of my eyes I saw that her hubby too entered the room naked and was stroking his penis sitting over sofa.

Then I carried her in my arms and reached the bed while still kissing. We were kissing so passionately that it was making sound mixed with mouth and our moans together in the room. Now I was lying completely naked and she was only in her panty and friends her panty was completely drenched in the pussy juice. There was a big wet spot around her pussy hole which was indicating how much craving she was for this day.

I lied over her and kept on kissing her passionately. While kissing, I kept on pressing her both boobs and keep on playing with her nipples. Then I put her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking it like a hungry child. I sucked it with both my lips and while her nipple was inside my mouth I tickled it by my tongue. I kept on sucking and sucking. While sucking the left boob, I kept on playing with the right one. After sucking it enough, I moved to right boob and did the same with it.

Now I made her lie flat on her belly so that her ass facing the top. I started kissing the back of her neck and licking it passionately. I licked her shoulder and make it wet with my saliva. By licking I moved downwards. I lowered her panty to see the hottest ass on the planet. I kissed and licked her ass like a curious child who got his favorite toy to play with.
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