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Happy Ending

I am Srikanth Rao, aged 29, working as a Human resources Manager in a MNC. Three years back when my parents arranged my marriage, I was not interested in marriage and told them to leave me free for at least another two years so that I could settle financially. But my parents squeeze me to just see the girl. I caught a flight from Chennai to Hydrabad. I went to see Vidhya Rao along with my family. When I saw her I was totally dumb founded. She has more resemblances of porn actress. She is 5'7"; her muscular body with extravagant curves is matching to her allied son like face. The dimple over her cheeks while she smiled made me crazy. Unlike the actress she had two well shaped orbs over her chest and she had a butt length soft silky hairs. She was 20 and just out of her collage. I immediately said yes to my parents. In two months we were married. During that period I used to talk to her in phone. All I could know about her is she is a shy character and less spoken.

On the first night of the marriage it self I stripped her. I was aroused to hilt when I saw her nudity. She had a well toned body. Orbs of her boobs were more spherical. She had a good thick muscular thighs yet smooth and silky. Waist and hip curve was maddening. She weeping in pain as I entered her and tore her hymen. She was a pure virgin. Next few days she denied for the fuck. Slowly I molded her in to the world of sex. When her vagina got acclimatized with invading tool, she started to enjoy the sex. We decided not to have babies before another three years, so that we could enjoy the fucking. Vidhya and I moved to our Chennai home after 12 days of our marriage. Vidhya is a good home maker. She had an acute interest in keeping her home fashionable and artistic. We had a Hercules shopping session before she got our home set. Vidhya is a good cook too and she enjoyed cooking. Our first two years were honeymoon. I always liked my shy wife's tight cunt, it didn't seems to loose its properties even after a three years of fucking. But our frequency of fucking became reduced. It could be once in four days and slowly became a week.

The trouble started when I found her not responding as she used to while I fuck her. It had been a few months now. She used to simply lay there with a small hug over my shoulders and allows me to penetrate. Her kisses to me were not the same one I used get from her. When I asked her she simply told that she is fine. But I could feel that she is indifferent.

Once in a Sunday, I was searching for an old collage day group photo of our department. I ransacked everything in our bed room. My wife has gone out for the market. At last I opened the small safe in our cupboard. It was always used by her and I never had an access to that. I found her jewelry and few bundles of currencies. I searched thoroughly and ran over a strip of pills. I casually took it and looked at it and shocked. Those were contraceptive drug. She has no requirement to use that, since I always used a condom. I was confused and I simply walked out after keeping everything in place. I went to our balcony and smoked thinking about it. Why at all my wife should use a contraceptive pills. At first I convinced myself that she could have bought it in earlier times, but the truth struck me like a thunderbolt as the date of manufacture of those pills were recent. I could not think my wife could be an adulteress. She is too shy woman to do that and she is my lovely wife, who loved me a lot.

I kept my cool and decided to have a thorough investigation. I dare not to ask her straightly as that could break our marriage if is she is innocent. When she reached back to home, I retired to the TV while she cooked our lunch. During our lunch I asked her, "Vidhya! Are you not feeling home alone, when I am at my work?" She told smiling, "What to do? I have to be alone. I can't join you in your office" I slowly told her, "Why can't we have the baby soon? It's going to be three years now. You know our parents were already behind us. Why let us not give them their grand son?" she looked at me plainly and told sweetly, "Let us wait for another year" I asked, "Why?" she could not get a good reason, "Just like that. I think our honeymoon is not yet over" she tried to be seductive but she sounded awkward with out a reason. I pushed, "Ah! Honeymoon, you are forgetting that we are doing it once in a week nowadays and doing it just like duty" I don't wanted to blame her alone. She looked at me puzzled and told, "Why you got suddenly jumped in to it" I held my confident composure and told, "Nowadays you are looking bored, baby could be solace to you" she smiled and told, "I want one more year for my husband before I going to my baby" I left the topic without pressing too much.

I started out after the lunch. She asked were I am going and I replied that just for a smoke. I drove my car to the near by deserted play ground. I lit my cigarette and smoked thinking about her behavior with me. She had lost interest in sex with me. So, is there any possibility of her finding a new man? I could not think it even; my body trembled over that thought. She never worn any modern dresses she always preferred sarees and in few occasion salwar kameezs. Her baby like face stopped me thinking her in that way. Even in sex she knew only the missionary position. I decided that something gone wrong with my understanding; Vidhya could never be a slut. I returned back home and we retired to bed she came near me and kissed me open mouthed and we had the sex. That is new for us making love in the afternoon. But what worried me was she looked unnatural, she compelled herself for it. She never wanted a rise a simple line of doubt I my mind. I decided to sleuth on her.

It was a holiday for me on a festival. She took bath early and made the breakfast and asked me to take bath soon and come along with her to the temple. I told her I am tired and wanted to take a little sleep more. She gave the coffee and left to the nearby temple. I know she could not return before couple of hours. I searched the cup board for some tell tale signs. No, nothing was there. At last I landed on our computer, I opened her log in and it was not opening. I tried two passwords. No it never give up. I know how much my wife is craze about her family, so I typed her sister's name and the system opened. I surfed through her folders, nothing and found nothing alarmed. Some favorite songs and her personal folders like her resume when she tried to take up a job. I set the folder options to show hidden folders. In the D/: drive inside a folder another folder opened named recipes. I opened it and found some folders containing recipes downloaded from net. Again I choose for the show files option and found another folder opening and I opened it. I could see few mpeg formats and I played it. I was dumbfounded to see extreme hardcore movies. And there were lot of pictures of naked men with erect cocks and all were monstrous. Pictures of hardcore sex in which women were being fucked by men with their enormous staffs and women sucking cocks were there. One thing was clear that my wife was fascinated by hard and large cocks. I further opened the images and shocked to find a nude picture of herself, she was posing for the camera in such a poses that no housewife would dare. It was clear that it was not taken by auto time setting but it was hand held. My mouth went dry. To whom she has posed in such a way. I wanted ask her immediately but changed my mind to find it myself.

It came to my mind in one occasion I saw her talking stealthily in her cell to someone and as she realized I am moving she ended the call and when I asked she told it was some wrong number and she cut off the call. Those days I had no doubt about her, so I didn't look at her phone for details. I decided to look at her phone and instantly knew that I could find nothing as she could have erased all details.

Later in a day I accompanied one of my friends to a hospital as his wife miscarried the baby. He lived in the outskirts of Chennai. He made me a call and informed about his leave and I asked does he require any help in person, so he called me down there. As I reached there I found one of my tuition day girl friend is working as a doctor there. We had a brief chat and she inquired about my wife, "How is your wife now. Does she get cured of her irregular periods?" I asked, "What you are asking? How come you know her?" she replied, "She doesn't take advise from me but she did from my friend. She is working in an abortion clinic and few months back your wife came there for cleaning the spoilt fetus, she could not recognize me but I do. I have seen her in few occasions after your marriage. Srikanth! Let me be frank. I felt something too fishy about that. So I didn't disclose that I am your friend and never could ask her about you" I have to cover up, "No Avanthi! I knew she got aborted. I was on an official tour and told her to take someone along with her" She frowned, "Sorry Sri! I talked a blunder about your wife. I am sorry. Because many cases coming there are like collage girls got shot accidentally, woman got conceived through their extra marital or pre marital affairs. We give them cover up. " My heart sank in to me. Now everything became clear that my gorgeous wife is screwing around with someone and she got filled by that stranger's cum inside her cunt, which never happened to me. I never spilled naked inside her.

I now wanted that bastard who fucks my wife. I decided to take a divorce from her. But all I need was solid evidences to prove the adultery. I consulted a lawyer who deals in divorce, he advised me that either of them should confess that could be the only evidence or else I should have a solid proof about it.
The first thing I wanted to know was, who is that black sheep with whom my wife fucks all nude in my absence, in my home. I decided to take help from my club friend who is a police officer in Chennai police.
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