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My True Hot Experience

Hello Guys and Gals, I am krishna, I am too happy to submit my story. Here the story begins. Raj called me that he is going to U.S. for office work. He asked me to drop him to the Airport. Being my best friend I went to him to drop him to Airport. As I rang the door bell, My Dream Girl, Reshma (Raj’s wife) opened the door. Let me describe Reshma. She is a young lady with 38-27-38 figure and has white complexion.

Her white body like snow is really wonderful. Her smile makes me crazy every time I see her. Her bra is not enough to hold the two sexy twins, really they are too large and protruding, every time creating pain in my tool. She always use to wear a saree with low-neck blouse. She always uses to wear her saree below her navel revealing the navel and the sexy cut. She is really marvellous. Anybody who sees her has a feeling to lick and fuck her HEAVILY. I was stunned to look her as she was wearing a nice low cut pink colored silky gown. Her clothes were not enough to hide her body parts. My tool saluted her as I saw her. She saw my erected tool and gave me a sexxxy smile. I called Raj and he was ready to go. Reshma asked me for coffee. I agreed. She turned and went to kitchen. I was looking her HEAVY curves of the back dancing. I was really getting crazy to suck and fuck the sexy babe. After some time she came back with coffee and buscuits. She bent down to serve the coffee revealing her white sexy boobs. I was getting much crazier. She saw me looking at her boobs and she shy. As she was holding the tray she couldn’t even make her gown to hide her. She served me and Raj coffee. I called Raj that he is getting late. We drank coffee in a hurry and started for the airport. Before Raj left the house, she hugged him tightly and wished him happy journey.

We started for the airport, on the way I complimented him of having such a beautiful wife. He started telling me his personal story that he is unable to satisfy her. I was amazed to hear it. He said that he too loves her very much but she still remains sad because of him. I asked him to take medical treatment. He thanked me giving a good suggestion and told me that he would take it after he comes back. I asked him how long will he stay in U.S. he answered 15 days. He asked me to look after Reshma as nobody was there. I got extremely happy and replied affirmatively. On the way he asked me to stop on the flower shop and purchased a very beautiful rose bouquet for Reshma and asked me to give her. Then we started and reached airport. I wished him happy journey and he boarded the plane. The plane took off after some time and I got extremely happy. I went to my home, took bath. All the time I was just thinking of Reshma’s body. I took lunch and had a small nap. It was at 6.00 evening I got up. After taking tea, I saw at the bouquet and really got excited. I phoned Reshma and told her that I would come to meet her to give her bouquet, which Raj purchased for her. She openly invited me for dinner too. I started for Raj’s house. On the way I withdrew some money from ATM. Before I went to her I purchased a vanilla flavored ice-cream 1-litre pack which she liked much.

I reached Raj’s house at about 7.00. Reshma opened the door. She was wearing the light see-through pink colored saree with sleeveless blouse. Her blouse was very thin and showing her tight black bra. About 60% of her boobs were out of the bra, which I could see clearly just below the thin saree. I saw down her navel. I thought she would wear saree as usual below her navel but to my amazement it was much below expected. It was revealing her folds between the legs and the pussy. I had a big hard on right now and wanted to fuck her standing there itself. But I controlled. She turned back and asked me to come in. I locked the door and started behind her. Her blouse was just one and half inch from behind, and unable to hide her tight black bra. Wow she was making me crazy. Because of the low wearing saree the cleavage of her back was clearly visible with a hole on the top. I leaned forward to have a glimpse of her exposed gand. We reached the dining room. She turned back and smiled at me. I complimented her beauty and gave her bouquet. She gave me a very sexy smile. I asked her to keep her favorite ice cream in the refrigerator. She kept and asked me to have a dinner. She had already arranged the table. She made really tasty food. We talked and enjoyed the food. After dinner I sat in the hall waiting for her to come. She came with ice cream in her hand. She came and bent down to give it to me. Her saree pallo fell down on my knees giving me full view of her YAUVAN PUSHP (her boobs). Really she was looking stunning in her sleeveless thin pink colored blouse with tight black bra under it. Most of her boobs were exposed to me as she was wearing a 36 number bra holding her 38-D breast. Even her flat snow like stomach was exposed giving fine sexy look of her navel. I had instant hard on. She noticed my tool in my pants. She was watching me staring at her boobs and she was stunned to see me to look at it continuously without blinking eyelids. I looked in her eyes and hold her paloo and kept it at right place. She felt shy and she couldn’t match her eyes with me. After enjoying ice cream I asked her whether she is happy with Raj. She waited a moment and then answered Yes. I know she was not. I again asked Really.

She didn’t answered. I asked her whether I could help her any way. She said No and thanked me. But, after some time she asked me, could I do her a flavor? I asked and she took my hands in her hand and asked me for some money. The touch of her silky hand excited me much more. I took her hand in my hand and gave her the money, which I brought from ATM. She thanked me for helping her. I told her that it ’s my pleasure to help her. Then I said it’s late and I should go home. Her mood got sad. I asked her what’s wrong? She said I fear of living alone and asked me to stay with her. My Yes brought cheer to her face. I dialed home that I would stay at my friend’s place. I was really delighted to spent night with her. I decided to fuck her that night as she never had been fucked before. I said Reshma you are very sexy. She turned red and started leaving the hall. I stopped her and said that she is not happy with Raj, as he is not satisfying her. She felt ashamed and dropped down her head and started to cry. I consoled her and started to clean her tears with by hand. I consoled her that if she is not satisfied with Raj doesn’t mean that she can’t be happy otherway. She looked at me with a question on her face. I explained her to try her satisfaction with other person. She said, I am married and don’t want to get into trouble in my family life. I said that if she doesn’t then she would be unhappy through out the life. She went to her room. I started the PC and log in to Internet. (As I used to visit Raj frequently I knew the password). I started visiting porno site and started the XXX picture. The porno was of two Indian. The girl and the boy fucked each other.

I too was very much eager to fuck Reshma heavily. After some time Reshma came out in the room and saw me watching the prone. She too got excited. I logged off the site and turned to her. She was still having question in her face. She dared to ask me how she could satisfy her. I said that I could satisfy her if she wanted. She started breathing heavily and having sweat all over her face. She was shy to hear this and said that if Raj comes to know. I said Raj is in US for 15 days and no body would come to know unless we tell it to other. She again asked me if I could satisfy her? I said just experience it and you would just ask me to do sex with her. She gave me sexy smile and all my dreams of fucking and licking Reshma came true that moment. She walked to bedroom giving me sign to follow her. I turned off the PC and went to bathroom to pee. I saw my tool already erected. I reached Reshma’s bedroom and saw a silk bedsheet over it. Reshma was in bathroom, as like me she must have gone there to pee. She came after some time. I could smell the sexy perfume, which she applied. My dream girl was infront of me to get fucked. I again complimented her that she is looking sexy and anybody in the world would like to fuck such a sexy babe. She came and sat on the bed with her head down looking at her toe. I came near her and sat on my knees looking towards her. I asked her to get comfortable with me. She looked in my eyes and we stared in each other’s eyes. We were just watching each other. I moved my hand and rested it on her cheeks. I could see lust in her eyes and an eagerness to get satisfaction. I moved my hands on her eyes, her ears, her nose, and her lips. I put one of my fingers in her mouth. She opened her mouth giving me warmth of her juices.

She moved her tongue over my finger and started sucking it. I felt her as if she is sucking my Lund and giving me fine treatment. I took out my finger from her mouth as it was unable me to hold on. Even her boobs were moving in and out with her breaths. I moved my hands down along her silky hands and she was getting very much aroused. A cry came out her deep throat, Aaaaaah Ooooooooh Aaaaaaaah oh no kya kar rahay ho, main mar jaon gi, krishna tum mujhe pyar karo. And she started begging me to proceed further quickly. But I didn’t pay heed to her requests. I wanted to proceed slowly excite her, arouse her to estacy and there by fuck her. I wanted her to remember first meeting throughout the life, I wanted her to cum for 7 times that night. So I ignored her requests to start quickly. After reaching for her fingers I took her silky hands in my hand and caressed it. I brought her hands to my mouth and kissed her on her palms and shifted little above. I brought my tongue out and started licking her silky hands. She moaned,OOOOHHAAAAA JAN MMM, OOAAAAHHA AhYES JAN Please AAAA .OHHHAAAAOOOO WHAT ARE U DOINGAAAA OOOAAHHHAAAOOOHHHA OOOHHAAAAOOOYES ITS NICE JAN OOHHAAA.
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