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My Hungry Mum and I - I

Submitted by a fan

Hi friends I am Chandan Gowda fom Mandya district which is in Karnataka state.

Today I’m narrating my experience with my mom and made her as my lover for ever.

Wait let me tell you all about my family.

We are famly of 4 father Anand Gowda, Mother Sukanya My self Chandan Gowda (I’m the elder son) then my younger brother Ravish Gowda.

My mother got married to my father in her 16year age and she give me birth within one year that is when she was 17years. And after 18years she was in her 35th year. There was age between my father and mother was 15years my dad was elder than her. He was 50 when this incident happened. It was I came to know my mom needs more sex and dad was drunkard and comes to home lately and he was having big stomach which he was not at all interested in sex and my mom was starving for that.

My dad working for a government department. He use to draw a fabulous salary and extra income too. So we were very happy. But for my mom as womanly needs she was not satisfied.

It was in the year 2014 when this happened.

Here the incident comes. Please just do not read feel it.

It was early morning around 7:30am as my dad was getting ready to office and and my younger brother getting ready for school. As my college was suppose to start from august month but till it was first week of june. When I was sleeping in bed and due to early morning for all boys will be having hard in their penis and I was very erect. And I was not awakened or fully slept and anyone can judge that my dick was erected from long distance also. As I was having very good length of 6cms length and 3. 5cms width and young and tender nuts. I was hearing scream of my mom and atlast that voice was becoming nearly and my room door was opened but I was in half sleep and the shouting was stopped and I just looking at the door with half eye opened ther my mom standing and she without blinking watching my erected penis. And there comes another shout my dad calling my mom. He was calling in kannada “ sukanya yel idiya, yen maadthaidiya bega baa, naav horudthaidivi”(sukanya where are you what are you doing we are living). And mom replied “bande ri ondh nimsha”(Coming one minute) she again saw towards my tent and gone away.

After sometime my father and brother had gone I heard the car sound. Then later their I was listening gal gal sound that my mom coming towards my room and I just slept reverse and close the eyes she came near me and called my name, chandu, chandu(short form of my name). I just opened my eyes and their my mom standing and smiled and said good morning I replied good morning amma, she said”yelo late aithu, yedhu snana maadu ninge ista antha idli chutney maadidini”(come on wake up its getting late go and take bath I have prepared your favourite idli and chutney). Me “ Sari amma hogthini”(ok mom I will go) and I left to bathroom. But my mother had not left my room she was standing near to my bed. And I close the door of my bathroom. I completed all my chores and had bath and came out by that time my mother was not their, I think she before few minutes. I just had my body spray, took a gym vest and a Bermuda and came to drawing room. Their my mom was sitting on sofa within that time she has changed her saree she was wearing dark blue colour saree on morning with dark blue blouse and now she is wearing red transparent saree with black blouse. She just saw me and give me very beautiful smile. Hooo friends I have forgot to tell that how my mom looks she is like old Malayalam actress Vani Vishwanath.

Then we went to dining table and I thought she will sit to take breakfast by sitting opposite to me, but to my surprise she sat next to me and she took only one plate and kept in front of me, I said mom for you no plate... ? she replied I will also eat in your plate only, I replied why mom why cant you take another plate, she just saw me little angrily and said why chandu I should not eat in your plate... ? by that time I became soft and said sorry mom and I took a idli from my hand and fed her and she was in tears I wiped and said” yakamma althaidiya, albeda amma please neen athre nan kaili nodokagalla”(why mom you are crying if you cry I cannot see it please don’t cry).

Friends rest of the narration will continues in kannada and translated in English also.

Mom: chandu neen thumba olle huduga kano(chandu you are a good boy)
Me: houdu amma naan nin maga alva adike nangu nin thara olle buddhi bandied(yes mom I am your son that why I also got good nature like you).

Then later we had another cup of coffee and started to watch TV and while watching TV my mom was just looking at me and I saw her and said why mom what are looking.. ? then she said I just looking at you since before 18years you are a small baby which I have given birth and today are full grown up man. I feel proud chandu by seeing you, I replied why mom why are you talking like this, what happened to you today. She just seeing me in my eyes and I asked why mom I’m feeling shy please don’t look like that. She just laugh and said my baby is getting shy and she got up and walking towards kitchen by that time she caressed my head and going I just saw her ass was dancing by seeing that by dick immediately raised and my look changed immediately towards my mom and I saw her, she was in kitchen and and I can see her flesh near her navel it was good shape. Ohhh my god, I just opened my mouth and I was observing her she was cleaning vessels in shink and again I saw her she just wiping her forehead and cleaning the utensils and suddenly she saw me and our eyes met, she just said what chandu I said nothing mom and bent my head and saw in theshowcase glass she was seeing me. I just kept my hand on my face and saw ceiling and turned towards her she was watching me and “what chandu what happened? I nothing mom nothing”.

She came towards me and sat next me she touched my shoulder thunder in my spine and my junior is getting to life its erecting and I’m in confusion state. I saw towards her” she said why dear what happened, I said if childrens becomes 100year also they are really babies for their mothers as I am now she laugh loudlu and said ohhh my sweet baby. And she kissed on my forehead. ”

Again I gone to my room and slept on bed I thoughtshe may come after around 20mns there was gul gul sound I knew she is coming, I pretended as i, in sleep. She is nearing to me from sound I can guess due to I was closing my eyes I caon not see. Then few seconds later. There was some fragrance was coming as she was kept jasmine flower in her head. Again few seconds later she was touching near my Bermuda area and she raised y t-shirt and by that time my dick was full hard and it was like flag pole in exactly 90degreee. By seeing that she was opened her mouth and eyes widened and she saw towards me as I was seeing with less opened eyes she did not saw that I was also watching her by that time she was biting her lower lip and seeing me and she came little front of my dick and she kissed on it and shivers ran in my body. She just saw me and gone out. After few minutes I opened my eyes and gone towards her room she was seeing ceiling and her loose end of saree has opened she was only in blouse in her upper side and she was seeing fan. And some times she closes her eyes and open and again she touches her breast woow by that time I saw the size of her breast. Ohhh god what a pair of boobs she was having. As we Gowdas will take good food and meat and milk on daily basis thats the reason she was at good condition with healthy and sexy body. She again got up and took loose end of her saree kept it on her left shoulder and gone near mirror and turned towards door and I ran to my room and I just slept with erect dick in my Bermuda. There I heard her sounds of her bangles and ankle chains.

And she was coming and my dick is in full length after 10 minutes also she did not acme I wondered were she had gone I thought she might observing me by standing outside so I just acted as I was in sleep. And few minutes later I just opened my eyes and took towel and gone to bathroom yes it was clear my mom was observing from room door corner. After two minutes I came from bathroom and wondered my mom was standing in front of me. She said why you shouting in sleep, I said did I shout mom she said yes you were shouting and calling me mom ohh mom I thought you may be in pain thats the reason I came here(what a lie my mom speaking). Then she came near me and whatever you want ask me chandu I will give u. I replied really mom” she yes I will give you, you are my son”, “promise me mom what ever I will ask do you give me, see just saw me deep in my eyes and said yes chandu I will give what ever you wat”.

I just slept on bed and said I want milk mom, she laugh for more than 15minutes non-stop and I was also companying her with laugh, at last she said wait I will bring, I said I do not want cows milk I want your milk mom, her laughing face become full serious face. She angrily chandu what did you, chandu what did you asked I replied your milk mom then she given a hard slap on my left cheek and left the room. While living room she again saw towards me I just saw her with tear ful eyes. She left from their. After about 1hour she again cane to my I was just lying on bed, I saw her and turned my face.

She sat next me and touched my shoulders and called,

She: chandu,
Again she: chandu
Me: I did not turned and crying,
She: chandu turn towards me, and I turned,
She: why did u asked like that for my milk,
Me: mom you said when I was baby you fed me with your milk, but how would I know that you fed me, thats the I asked you now mom, did I say any wrong thing mom,
She: ohhh my baby I’m sorry I’m really sorry I did not listened to your problem I hit you,
Me: no problem live it mom I’m sorry. And I stood up from bed and I gone to drawing room.
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