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Varsha: It was enough for the day and you should start studying hard for your exams as they are 2 months away.
Me: Ok Varsha but what do I get after that.
Varsha: Lovely holidays for sure.
Me: Ok Varsha but I want some motivation to study.
Varsha: What?
Me: Daily outing for 2 hours with you and long weekends as now Iam not planning to go to college.
Varsha: OK but only for next 1 month.
Me: Ok....Varsha why dont you wear some night suits?
Varsha: I dont have any your dad never shopped for me as he was busy on aircrafts travelling. Nor he was into it.
Me: But I like it.
Varsha: Ok I will think.
Me: Can we go to shop that tomorrow evening?
Varsha: I think you should concentrate on studying
Me: That will motivate me...
Varsha: Ok lets see.
Then we wished good night and went to sl**p. I thought of kissing her but I was afraid. I got up in the morning early to study at 5:00 and 6:30 I heard some music from Moms room. I use to listen that everytime but never bothered to see. I went to her room and knocked. My Mom opened and I was shocked to see her in long tight truncks and T-shirt old types and she was exercising. That was her daily routine. I told her:
Me: you told me you never wore such stuff.
Varsha: tmyis for exercising...quite old and tmyis only I have
Me: you look hot but t-shirt is long..and I smiled.
Varsha: Go inside and study OK
I was not able to forget that scene but I continued studying for whole day at evening 5.00 I went to mom who was watching tv and told her
Me: Mom I am tired can we go out for some shopping and food.
Varsha: Ok but we should be back by 7:30. So that you can eat and sleep early for morning.
We got ready and Mom wore a saree but tmytime bit colorful. I smiled at her and sat in car. I told her we will go today and buy some night dress for her. She opposed in begining but later agreed. We drove to shoppers as it is free for anyone to shop andthere is no one who shows stuffs you have to select. As we entered she was first hasitant to enter lingerie section and was roaming looking for other stuffs. I pushed her a bit and she went. I was waiting on a side like a husband and she was pointing at night wears and I was giving yes or no. Suddenly I looked at a transperant gown and pointed at it. She told no and showed eyes but I begged and she finally went and tried. She came out with smile. It was black bit transperant. I asked her to buy one more and I got courage and went inside and picked a sleeveless low neck short till knees gown.
We took both and reached home by 7:00 I had still 30 mins. I told Mom to wear and show me but she told she will wear at night. An d she went to change. As she was going I asked her:
Me: Whats your size Varsha
Varsha: What?????
Me: Size of your boobs and ass
Varsha: Some one was to measure it and she laughed...
As she went to her room I searched for a measure tape and rushed to her room. I knocked and she told me to wait for 2 mins as she was changing. I kept on knocking as I was not in control. She was f***ed to open the door in her blouse and Petticoat with saree loosely held over her shoulders. She looked at me and shouted.
Varsha: What is it Parth!!!
Me: Varsha I want to measure
Varsha: Go away Parth
Me: No
And I banged the door open. She was stunned but knowing what I wanted. I threw away her saree and OH MY GOD I saw her big boobs hanging out of her blouse and her petticoat was loosely tied and I could see panty from the part open near the strings. It was white in color cotton I guess. Her belly had some fat but it was flat. I was not able to control and I hugged her. She pushed me and told to do for what I had come. I took Tape around her breast as she moved her hands up. Her boobs touched my hand and I got massive erection. After adjusting tape she moved her hands down. She knew to give measures. I measured and it was 36...and she asked me to keep bit down and it came 35... Then I moved to her ass I bend in front of her pussy and I smelled a deligt. I put my hand around her ass with tape and pulled her closure to me giving me better view of her panty and I was just inch away of her pussy. I wanted to kiss it but I was afraid. I measured it and it came to almost 37 wow.... I was tight like rock but smooth like water...I got up and kissed her on cheek..she reacted back and I moved my hand on her belly. She hold it and told...
Varsha: No I told u not to do anything till exams are over.
Me: But I want yuo.
Varsha: You will get me after the exam is over.
Me: Sure?
Varsha: Yes but no intercourse...Rest whatever u want.
Me: I want you to be my Grilfriend...I love you
Varsha: I love you too but you need to study now and not distract...I will wear your night gowns after exams.
Me: Ok I will study hard.
I studied hard for entrie 2 months waiting for day to come.. We use to go out just catch hands and mom use to always be in sarees..days passed we catching hands me cuddling her, patting her ass at times, kissing her cheeks etc but not beyond that. My final exam was over and I was not able to wait for last 5 mins. I gave my papers and I rushed home. I met my friends on way and they told me they were going to disc that night Enigma and if I wanted to join..I told I will try but I dont have gf to come...they asked me to call if I can manage. At 2:00 PM I was at home ringing bell hard..As soon as Varsha opened I pulled her hand and kissed her lips...she shouted and asked me to come inside as someone might see...I kissed her lips only for a second.. As I entered I told her:
Me: You hubby is going to rank top
Varsha: What my HUBBY? Who???
Me: Me, Varsha
Varsha: Shut up you idiot we are friends close or gf and bf thats all.
Me: Ok Babes but I have started thinking of you more then that...
Varsha: Shut up and change
Me: Today is my day and exams are over now I get what I want.
Varsha: You remeber that..lets see
Me: Comon be a sport...
Varsha: Ok lets see first have your lunch
At lunch I told her all my friends are going for Disc and I wanted to go but didnt have a girl...She told if mothers are allowed I can come...and laughed..I thought she was hinting me..I told her
Me: Not a bad idea I will make u my babe for day get ready after lunch and wear stuff we got from Lonavala.
Varsha: OK, where do we go?
Me: Just come with me and do as I say.
Varsha: ok, I hope you are not going to take me to Disc and she laughed.
I got she wanted to come and was giving all hints... As we finished lunch my sex bomb was ready tmytime her jeans and Tshirt were more tight. She came and complained it was tight I told her u look more hot. I purposely asked her to turn to know her panty..she was wearing black as I could see strip and I threw my hanky in front of her so that she can bend to pick it and I saw her ass crack from top..wow she was white. As she gotup I put my hand on her ass Like a MAN and kept it long...she didnt say anything cause she had promised. I pressed her hard and asked her to follow me. She asked me to get car near to building door so that she can run in...I got and she just entered I am sure someone saw atleast our watchman but I didnt care. I drove her to Bandra and got her into a shop for ladies. I ordered Man at desk to show minis...Mom was shocked to hear and as she was about to say I put my finger on her lips and told YOU HAD PROMISED...She was now in my control she smiled and caught my hand and whispered I love you. Man asked which type they were looking and I told anything micro or thigh height...Mom was no one to say and I was feeling like a MAN... He got few and I asked Varsha to select she left on me..I selected a white micro mini which was not tight but free flowing which can flow in air...I asked her to try...she went in and tried and came out without showing me...I asked her what happened
Varsha: It fits me
Me: Are you sure of height
Varsha: Yeah but are u sure you want to buy tmyas it is tooo shoort
Me: Yes..I am more keen now
Varsha: Ok
Then we looked for Tops as I was going through it I saw halter top open from up which fits from shoulders upto just below breasts....I asked her to wear it...she was hasitant and I ordered like her husband to go and try..All were looking at us...I am sure they might be thinking.. As she went in same way she came out and like a obedient gf told it fits but its too tight....She whispered in my ears I need over shirt and a strapless bra to wear it...I got an erection thinking of it... We selected a white shirt transperant as top was black and she got a bra strapless.
Me: Do you need to wear it at all
Varsha: Yes dumbo...and gave naughty smile
Me: I wish you dont
Varsha: It depends where are u taking me
Me: It will be dark
Varsha: I hope I am not your babe for Disc tonight...and I saw smile on her face.
Me: Yes you are and today I am going to make you more 10 years young.
Varsha: How?
Me: Wait and watch...
Then I took her to a corner and asked which panty are you wearing
Varsha: Shutup
Me: No more shut up reply to all I ask baby you have prmised
Varsha: Black
Me: Type
Varsha: Cotton
Me: NO babe you need something special I know your size.
After buying Shirt top and Mini We went out and I asked her:
Me: Why ddnt you show the skirt to me
Varsha: I am not waxed
Me: Ohhh, where are you not waxed
Varsha: Legs dumbo
Me: And down and I patted her ass back
Varsha: Not even there
She was getting into my tune and enjoying all talking as well as holding...
Me: Ok you need to get it off right
Varsha: Yes
Me: Ok we will go to a salon
Varsha: Ok
Me; You like bushy down
Varsha: No Clean bit I didnt get time or was getting bored
Me: I like trim so ge it done
Varsha: But when you are going to see that
Me: Now you shut up and do as I say..
She smiled and she was liking me ordering her.. I drove to beauty parlour and got her in..as she was talking to lady there I told lady she needs to be a babe and I give you 2 hours...She smiled and asked who was she her elder sisterr? As she looked bit young of her age I told her No she is my gf.
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