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My Innocent Village Servant

I live with my parents and we are well settled in Pune, since both my father and mother are working, we needed a maid to take care of the household things, etc. so we decided to hire one maid from our village. Her name was Aarti, she 29 in age, was not much educated, but decent looks, little shy, over all she had sexy curves, nice boobs, and the best thing she was a very good cook. Let me get down to telling you how it all started.
I 23 yrs. of age coming from a very good family, and doing a Degree course in one of the well reputed Institutes in Pune. I normally dont like to take any undue advantage of anyone say through money or if someone is in need, etc., I normally like to help as many people as possible. And because of this I have a decent company of freinds, and also good reputation in front of them.

One day I got up extremely late and decided to take the day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. My Servant Aarti was doing her house work and I asked her if she has finished, she was about to and asked me if she should prepare my tea. I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up. Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, thought of giving some rest to my giant dick, by giving a goodmorning shag.

I finished my work with an ease fantasizing one of my classmate, after cleaning my dick, I put it in my sorts and when I came outside in the hall for my tea, my servant was starring at my sorts, when I looked down, I saw that there was a wet spot on the area of my dick. I acted as if nothing happened. But I was observing her that she was looking over there time and again.
I later came to the hall and was watching the television. Aarti came and sat down on the ground infront of me and started to watch TV.

She use to feel little free talking to me, and she was even little immatured cause she came from a small village, and hence I use to never look at her in a negative or vulgar way. I use to never take advantage of it.

So as a part of curiosity she asked me how come there was wet spot on my sorts. I was surprised by hearing that question. Because I didnt knew what to answer. First I said I dont know. But she asked me twice. Hence I said it happens because of age. She said it never happened to her. I said it may happen later on. She was little confused, she asked me how come you are younger to me and it happened to you, but it did not happen to me. I said I dont know. She said, that she wanted some more explanation for it. I said you may experience it after sometime, I said, say when your husband holds you tight or does something with you. She was still confused. In the mean time my stuff was getting harder and harder, and it was in a semierect form.

She kept on looking at me. She said that she didnt knew much about such things, and her husband didnt do anything much, cause most of the time, he use to be badly drunk. At the same time, I was getting little nervous, cause I didnt knew what to answer, if she questions me anything else.

Then she said that even she wanted to experience the same wet thing, and then she looked at my sorts, at the wet (but now dry spot). She said it looks in a strange shape, whats the reason for it. I said I dont know, it happens sometimes. She said that if I wont clear my doubt, she may ask someone else, now I was getting quiet confused, that what should I do, should I go ahead and make her experience, or change the topic. Cause I was not liking to take advantage of her innocence.

She didnt say anything much, and left the room. She didnt come in the main room for a while, I went looking for her that where is she. I saw her in my parents bedroom, she had taken her ghagra up, and she was looking at her vagina, in front of the mirror. The moment I entered she was surprised and put her ghagra down. She was speechless, she didnt knew what to say. Since were close to each other. She said, since I have seen her bottomless, now I should be fair from my side, and should also remove my sorts. I was quiet confused, what to do. Normally I dont like hurting anyone.

Hence she came close to me, and she was looking in my eyes, and I was doing the same, and in the mean time, she moved her hand on my dick. And by the time I turned my head down, she moved my sorts down, and as they were of elastic they came down easily. I was worried and getting confused. She was staring at my dick. And she asked me what’s this. She said couple of times, she saw this part of her husband, when he made her naked in the initial time after their marriage. I was silent.

And because of that, and also curiosity made her touch my dick, I got a kind of a current and in a flash my dick stood up. It was a very soft touch. She pressed it couple of times, and she took it inside her palm and was fondling it. She was quite curious of all this happening. And part of it, she holded my dick from the top, and moving her hand, she just moved the skin from the knob of my dick. I couldnt control myself, for a while due to excitement I was on my toe. I was getting a wonderful sensation and feeling on my dick. Cause it was for the first time, any person was touching my dick. In the mean time, she kept on doing it, moving her hands up and down. I couldnt control myself, and slowly I shifted my hand to one of her breast. I was pressing it hard, first she got a strange kind of feeling, but still she continued playing with my dick. And now since I couldnt control myself, I moved my hand in side her kameez. I was pressing her boobs quite hard. The feeling that I was getting was great, as if there’s no one else in this world, apart from we two. I was experiencing it for the first time. And at the same time, I kept pressing her boobs harder and harder, I pinching her tits and twisting it up an down, I was enjoying every bit of it, and she starting shaking my dick more and more faster. She was enjoying and at the same time, I was in my own world, and in the mean time I was so excited that ejaculated in her hand.

She was still confused that what came in her hand. But at the same time, she felt something sticky at her vagina. She told me that now, how would she experience this. I told her, dont worry, I am there to make you happy. I removed her kameez, and also her ghagra. And she was a villager she didnt wear any bra or panty. She was complete nude. I made her lie down on our carpet. First I started pressing both her boobs. And say after around 2 mns. of pressing. I started sucking one of them, I was sucking the boobs as much as possible, and then her nipple. I sucked it harder and harder, and asked her if she enjoyed it, she just moaned and I continued with my work. I was sucking both the boobs one by one, and even pressing them and pinching the tits harder and harder. And her moans kept on increasing. Then I moved my hands on her stomach and waist, and her complete body was hot. She was enjoying every moment.

I was moving my hands on her stomach, and then to her thighs, I moved very slowly and softly, and she liked that a lot. And she gave trembled a little. When I moved my hand slowly and softly close to her vagina, she trembled more and more, and she started moaning loudly, she was moving her head from left or right, and viceversa and also moaning at the same time, she started moaning in a very low suppressed voice.hhhuuhhhh…uuuuffffff..ooooohhhhhhh…aaaahhhhh.. Then I slowly inserted one of my finger in her chut, and she moaned all the more.oooohhhhh…hhhuuhhhh.. Her chut was wet, I slowly moved my finger in and out, she was enjoying a lot, her eyes were closed. I shifted myself a little, I again started sucking her boobs, and at the same time I was inserting my finger inside her chut, and she started shouting.oooohhhhh…uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa… uuuuuhhhhh…. oooffff……aaaaahhhh. This was encouraging more and more, I was doing it little more faster, I was trying to eat her boobs as much as possible, and in the mean time also moving my finger into her chut, she was moaning. I started biting her boobs and her nipples, and she shouted, but she said that she also enjoyed, now I was moving my finger inside her chut more faster, and also sucking her boobs, and she moaning desparetly, making desparate noises like oooofffffffff…uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa oooohhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhh.. sssshhhhhhhh uuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhh……. I further increased the pressure of my palms upon Aarti’s pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. Aarti was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning. After some times Aarti told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts and also her chut. I did so. She then told me that something happening in her body and some feeling is coming. She just raised her back, her bottoms and moaned more……uuuummmmmmmmmmm…… aaaahhhhhhh…….. sssshhhhhhhh…….. uuuuuhhhhh…. oooffff……aaaaahhhh. And finally she came. I could see liquid come from her, she kept ejaculating for a long long time, cause I was still fingering her although she had ejaculated, but still there was some fluid which kept coming. Infact after a while almost my entire palm was filled with her sticky sperms.

We both lay there naked, I was moving my hands on her breasts occassionally. And after around 6-7 mns. she opened her eyes, and said that she really enjoyed that. I said that’s nice. I said we can enjoy some more, but provided she takes a good bath, cause since she is a servant she was smelling full of sweat. She agreed, I helped her in taking a nice bath. I was fondling her breast, and also moving my fingers during giving her a bath. We both were enjoying a lot.
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