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My Lovely and Sexy Priya

I am Manoj, a mechanical engineer by profession working with reputed company in Delhi. This is my real story it all started in office. Priya was working in my department as computer operator. She is little fatty but fair and sharp features. Only thing which was not liked by boys are her overweight structure. She tried hard to get friendly with boys but everybody make a fun of her. I am also a boy without girlfriend and she knows it so she decided to take a chance with me. She starts become friendly with me and also responded positively as I could not think but a general behavior. One day she said me that she had some work at Connaught place and she is not friendly with locality so can I come with her. I said ok as CP is on the way of my home Noida. We took the bus for CP and we sat on the same seat and she starts talking about her likes and dislikes and she said she likes me very much and suddenly she hold my hand. I was shocked as this was first time when a girl hold my hand my heart beats goes fast and I feel hardness in my pant. I saw her face, she was smiling and said that can we become friends, I said yes and she relaxed. In CP she hold my hand several time and I feel very hot inside me.
One day she said that she has a interview call from Noida so she will come to Noida on Sunday to attend interview, as she don’t know about Noida so insisted me to accompany her as I am lining in Noida for past 3 years. She said me to meet her at Atta chowk at sharp 9 AM. When I reached at Atta chowk at 9. 15 AM she was already there and she is wearing a red suite with blue denim jacket. She was looking beautiful, I was so surprised to see her, before this I hardly see her with a complete eye. We go to attend interview and after interview it was 2 PM and was hungry so she too. I said her to go to my Room and eat something then go to her home. She was also exhausted and hungry so she agree to come with me. I am living in one Room accommodation on rent and my land lord was very friendly with me. When we reached at my room, nobody were there as it was a summer day, very hot and every body was sleeping. We went straight to my room and after entering I shut the door and ON the cooler. Then I goes to kitchen and make pulav. After lunch she was sitting at chair and seeing television. I was sitting next to her and she said she likes me very much and she put her hand on my hand and starts rubbing. I put my hand on chair’s arm and my elbow touching her boobs, she bent forward to position herself and my elbow was pressed hard against her boobs. She looks at me smile, which makes me comfortable and pressed my elbow slowly at her boobs. She said nothing so I encouraged to do more. I stood and went behind her chair and I put my hand on her shoulder. I was seeing her boobs from top and that’s make me very horny. I squeezes her shoulder and she looks at me. Now her face was just below me and I saw her pink lips,looking very thirsty. I moved my hands and hold her head with both my hands on her cheeks and I bent and put my lips on her hot lips. she jerk me and said that it was her first kiss and she don’t know how to kiss. I said just followed me and again put my lips on her lips and starts sucking slowly, she responded and stared sucking my lips. After 5 min. of kissing I decided to go ahead and I slowly parted her lips with my tongue and she moaned ah…….. aaaah, she cried pls don’t do this but I could not stop and I entered my hot tongue inside her mouth and straed rotating it wildly. now she also started enjoying it and she put her tongue inside my mouth our salvia exchange and we went for it about 15 mins. She said that she really enjoy it. I was still behind her chair, put my hand on her shoulder and squeeze them gently, I move my hand to her neck she starts shivering, I moved my hand further down and touched her boobs over her kurta and squeeze them very slowly. Now I wanted to touch those tits with my bare hand so I slide my both hands in her shirt,and o my god! her tits was very soft I starts pressing and messaging them and she moaned ouch!… ahhhh… pls ah…… Now I want to see those boobs naked so I goes down to remove her shirt she said no but seeing me desperate she removes her shirt herself. Now she stood in front me half naked and saw her white boobs in black bra, I touched then over bra and kiss them. Now I goes behind her started licking her back with my tongue as my tongue moved all over her back she cried with joy. I hold her bra hook by my teeth and try to open it but it was so tight as her boobs are very big, I keep trying and suddenly her bra hook got broken and her bra fell on the floor, I was still behind her so I moved my hands from her waist to her boobs and hold her boobs with both my hands and stated pressing. Then I come in front of her saw her beautiful tits her tits was very big like Pamela Anderson, the pink nipple was very inviting and could not resist me put my lips on her nipple and started sucking hardly, her nipple gets hardened and I suck them one by one. She closed her eyes and moaned she was shivering. Now I have no control over my self so I move my hand down and trying to open her salwar. But she stopped me and said she cant do it before marriage. I was in such a awkward position as my dick was fully erected and I was unable to control it. I took her hand and put it on my Rock hard dick, she feel it and started rubbing it and suddenly she withdraw her hand and said she has to go as it was already late. I was very uncomfortable. But somehow I overcome my feeling and see off her at bus stop and after reaching home I masturbate and relieve myself. After this we kisses each other and licking and sucking started whenever we get chance, but she was not ready to have my dick in her pusy as she said that it is for her husband. I really going mad to fuck her and I started loving her,even I promised her for marriage after 2 years. I really loves her as she was my desire.
I left the Noida and shifted in Janakpuri, and she started visiting my room frequently. Now real story started, She came to my room to meet me on Sunday at 10AM, after some time rains starts and it was such a heavy rain, as I love the rain so went at roof to enjoy rain and I also invited her to join me but she said no. She was watching me and I suddenly pull her in rain she enjoying the rain as her clothes are going wet and become transparent I saw her bra and panty clearly, and I feel hardness in my penis,I hold her hand and pull her towards me and huge her tightly. Her body was very warm although it was raining but she was very hot. After few minutes we come back to room and I asked her to change her clothes. I gave her my night gown as it was a gents gown so it was open from front but no other option was there. She goes to bathroom and remove her wet clothes and wear the gown and tied the robe firmly.
After that I goes to bathroom to change where I saw wet panty and bra. I took her panty and in my hand and started feeling her taste I going mad. I remove my clothe and rap a towel around and come back to room. She was lying on my bed and her legs were half naked,I saw her legs first time they was so cleaned and smooth I couldn’t stop myself and I sit near her legs and put my hand on her legs. She smile and I move my hand forward and massage the legs. I moved my hand over her thigh and when I touched her pubic hair she moaned. She standup in front of me and kiss me very hard, she push her tongue in my mouth and I going wild. I pulled her gown robe and her gown slips over her body and landed at floor,O my god she was standing complete naked and she was looking very sexy,her body was very warm and her boobs was very tight with hardened nipples I suck her nipple with my mouth she started crying in joy. I sucked her boobs one by one, she lost her control. I laid her on bed and put my head between her legs and now I can smell her pussy, her pussy was very hot and a lot of pubic hair was there so I combed her hair with my fingers to get a full view of her hot cunt. I play with her pubic hair and she moves her body wildly as she was going out of control. I lick her cunt lips and she started moaning I insert my tongue in her pussy and she jerked her body and she cried aaa… a.. aa.. a. aa. aaaahhha.. but I kept sucking her cunt he hold my head with both of her hand and pressed in I started licking her cunt like a dog.. Now suddenly she ached her body and she came in full flow her juice flowing from her pussy and I licked each drop as it was so tasty. She now become relaxed.
Now she sat at edge of bed and I was standing in front of her,she removed the towel and touch my tool with her hand,her touch made my semisolid dick Rock hard,she took it in her hand and started squeezing it,she pulled the skin of my penis and kiss the head. She lick my dick with her hot tongue and then she took it in her mouth,My dick can feel warm and wetness of her mouth and it goes hardened like a steel rod. She sucked my penis as she is a professional cock sucker. After some more sucking I exploded in her mouth and her mouth was filled with white fluid she drank it completely and licked each drop from my cock she cleaned my cock with her tongue. Now she want my cock inside her pusy,but now I said no as it is for her husband, she begged me to fuck her now and again started sucking my cock. My dick getting hard and she sucked me hard now her we pussy was burning like a “tandoor” she request me to fuck her. My cock was also want her pussy, I put a cushion below her hips so that her pussy come forward as she was a bit fatty. I put my cock at her pussy lips and she moaned aaammm… a. a.. a. a. aassss. s. aaahhh.. h. h.. h. h. h…. I push my dick but could not enter as her pussy was virgin and it was also the first time for me. So I apply some boroplus on my cock and now I place the cock at her pussy lips and jerk it,head goes inside her pussy and she cried in pain ooo….
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