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Sex with a babe in U.K.

Hi this is Rahul a 21yrold smart guy from Delhi. I am currently doing engineering from Delhi itself. I am great fan and have been reading the stories since childhood. I also thought of sharing my story with everyone. The incident which I am going narrate to you is 5 yrs back.
This happened when I was in school I was in 11th std, I went on an exchange trip to England for 21 days (exchange trip is a trip in which two schools of different countries select Some students from there school and each is assigned a partner from other school. Boys Are assigned boys and girls as girls. Then first one group goes to other country and there Each student stay with there partners at there home, goes to school with them, etc. Then the other group comes this way both comes to know about each others culture so It is also called cultural exchange trip.)
So my partner was Rob a nice guy and his family was also very caring. Her sister Lucy was Only 14yrs old but looked like a girl of 18. she was too sexy that from first day I started Liking her. I even masturbated 2-3 nights thinking of her. She was young but she had a perfect figure though her boobs were bit small but she looked like Britney spears. One day when we were doing breakfast she came to table wearing a bathing gown with her wet hairs, which were loose. She was looking a real babe that time and my cock got erected by looking at her, I couldn’t remove my eyes from her, which she also noticed.
At night me and my partner used to see TV in her room becos there were only 2 TV in there house one in his parents room and other in Lucy’s room. So one night when we were watching TV my partner went to sleep in his room as he was tired and me and Lucy were left alone in her room, her room and my room were on first floor and there parent’s and my partners room were on ground floor. So while watching TV I was thinking of her and again and again looking at her. Suddenly a hot scene came in the TV and I was totally erected and couldn’t control myself and quickly went to my room and masturbated. The next day again my partner went away and both of us were alone. She started talking to me started asking questions about India and its culture. She even asked me if I had any girlfriend or not, she told about her boyfriend who was 2yrs older to him. After talking for sometime she asked me that Which language do we speak in India, I replied Hindi. She asked me that what do we call sex in Hindi, after listening this I got bit shy and after thinking for some time I couldn’t recall the Hindi of sex so I said that we call it sex only( now I know we call it sambhog).Then she asked what do we call fuck in Hindi I said ‘chod’. It took her some time to pronounce it clearly. Then she asked me about my virginity, I replied that I was a virgin till then. I asked about her and she told me that how her boyfriend forced her to do sex first time it was like a rape but after that she started enjoying that.
By this time I was very close to her and her hand was on my legs. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. So I also started touching her silky soft legs which were very smooth. When she was telling me her experiences my lund had become erect and she was watching it. Then she asked me have you ever taken a smooch I replied no. Then she told me that smooch is very enjoying and then she came closer to me and said would you like to have one and asked me to open my mouth then she inserted her tongue in my mouth and started exploring my mouth it was a real fun. We kissed for a while and I started feeling her small boobs and the other parts of body over clothes. She started moaning which I really liked to hear from her. Anyway I was feeling her all over her clothes, finally, I gathered some courage and put my hand inside her t-shirt and bra, wow, what a feeling, she has one of the real soft skin and softttttttt boobs. I was in heaven.

I did felt her and pressed her stuff for a while I pulled her t-shirt out she was wearing a silky white bra inside which made her look sexier I felt her boobs from her bra that was an ultimate touching experience then I took out her shorts. She was looking absolutely stunning in her undergarments. Then she started taking out my shirt and trousers, while I was pressing her boobs and her pussy. It was really very enjoying experience. Now both of us were in our undergarments, I unhooked her bra and her little boobs were free, they were really very cute and were in proper shape I started sucking them, I really enjoyed that then I took of her panty and entered my finger in her choot, the area near choot was very clean with no hairs around it was very smooth, she started moaning and then I removed my undies from which my lund was fighting to come out. it was kind of hard for me to get removed my clothes in front of someone as this was my first time that I was going to be fully naked in front of someone, but being so excited looking at her flawless body and she was encouraging me too, I did remove my clothes without lot of trouble.

As soon as she saw my dick she took it in her mouth and started sucking it hard she was really very experienced she was sucking it very nicely like as if she was sucking a lollypop I was enjoying it like anything, I kept on touching her various body parts her skin was very soft and smooth like a real babe. Then after some time I cummed in her mouth and then lay down on bed with her. Holding her tightly it was very fun touching her nude body with mine, I could feel her organs touching mine I was sucking her small boobs, I never imagined that boobs sucking could be as enjoyable as it was. I kissed her all over the body from head to toe in less then 5min my lund was ready again as she was constantly touching it then she stood up from bed and took out a condom from her almirah as I was new to it so she only fixed it to my lund. I was still laid down and she was sitting on me then she started sitting on me as my lund started entering her choot,. Oh man, it was so tight, it was like my dick was being crushed. Now I started to pull it out, 1 inches, 2, 3, 4, 5. It started to get smoother in feeling towards the tip, as if it was getting a little slippery. I then pushed it back in, then pulled it out. She was moaning the whole time. “Oh that feels so fuckin’ good!” I said, now I was starting to push her harder. I started going nice and steady in and out of her cunt. I couldn’t believe I was INSIDE a girl. oh, it was so tight, and smooth, and good-feeling in there. I kept going in and out, and her moans of pain turned into moans of pleasure, as I slid in and out and in and out. I started hammering her cunt with my dick, in and out, now so much harder, and harder, I started slamming my dick into her cunt, I started going in and out faster I was pretty much inside her moving the last few inches in and out faster and faster.

She started moaning in pleasure. it was bit hard but we still managed as she was experienced then she started moving up and down, she started riding me, she was sitting on top of my dick and started rocking back and forth and up and down, wow what a scene, her melons were jumping right in front of my eyes and I had both my hands free to feel them, I did pressed them squeezed them and did everything to the beautiful boobs in front of my eyes I was holding her from her boobs she was moaning and I was also enjoying a lot as it was my first ever experience. She loved it and so did I, We both were breathing in like crazy. She kept on moving up and down on my lund and after some time both of us got exhausted. We started fondling and feeling again to each other, it took little longer this time for me to get back to life again, being the third time it took 10 minutes or so, by this time I was really tired, my dick came back to life again after ten minutes, she made me go between her legs and spread her legs as wide as possible, she then put her feet on my shoulders and her thunder thies were close to my chest, I really like the thunder thies, I was feeling her thies all over, She guided my missile to the pocket (pussy) and put the head of my dick on the opening of her pussy. I pushed, it did not take very much of pressure for it to go in, she was already wet and slippery. I started rocking back and forth, I was in heaven as I never felt before anything even close to this.
I started pumping and she was really enjoying the act. This time the session went for long time as it took me time to evacuate. In the last I kissed her and Then I went to my room and slept as if had got heaven that day. We repeated this 2 more times till I was there in different poses and angles and I could not forget my visit. After coming back since five years I have never experienced it again but would really like to.
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