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Strangers On A Bus

‘Hey’ was all he said when he sat down next to me on that night bus. I had been sitting there, pissed off and horny as hell, taking a long ride home after I had been stood up yet again by my boyfriend Rohan. At the last minute he’d cancelled to go to a dinner party with his wife. It was the third no show in a week and I was getting fed up. To top it off we hadn’t fucked for ages as our dates kept on being cut short by work and family commitments. I had been looking forward to that empty hotel room all day and my pussy was gagging for attention. Even so, I hardly gave the guy next to me a second glance or I would have noticed the keen look in his eye as he eyed the short skirt and the tight low cut top I had carefully selected for my date to drive Rohan mad and remind him what he had been missing.

If I’d been thinking straight I also would have found it odd that this guy had chosen to sit next to me when the rest of the top deck was completely empty, but I was too caught up in my angry thoughts. I did notice, however, when he casually put his hand on my thigh, stroking my bare flesh with his thumb. I looked round sharply to see a gleam in his eye and a grin on his face as he leant towards me. He was relatively attractive, in his late twenties I would say, with a muscular body, close cut hair, brown eyes and tanned skin, but there was a certain sleaziness about him that I found both scary and oddly alluring.

I held his gaze, thinking fast as his hand inched slowly further and further up my leg. ‘I’m Riaz’ he offered and after a short pause I made up my mind. ‘Sweta’ I replied, allowing a slight smile to flit across my face. ‘Sweta? You’re gorgeous’ ‘Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself’ ‘Sexy as hell, seriously’. It was clichéd and unoriginal but I didn’t care, I’d decided. I’d woken up this morning thinking I was going to get cock and that bastard Rohan wasn’t going to stop me having what I needed. He was still having sex with his wife after all, why wasn’t I allowed to have fun elsewhere? Besides it was ages since I’d shagged a stranger and I found these encounters really exciting. By this time Riaz’s hand had disappeared under my skirt and he let out an exclamation of delight.

‘No panties and shaved! Wow, you’re my kind of girl, I’m glad I met you!’ I grinned cheekily, inwardly glad that the preparations I had made for my evening with Rohan had not been futile after all, and shifted in my seat, spreading my legs and allowing Riaz full access. His fingers slid down and he started rubbing my clit, slowly at first and then with more and more vigour. I could feel myself moistening under his touch. Suddenly he pushed downwards and slid a finger into my warm cunt. I gasped and let my head roll back as I closed my eyes in pleasure. Riaz was thrusting his finger in and out and twisting it around, upgrading to two digits and adding to my delight. I bit my lip hoping that any passengers downstairs couldn’t hear the occasional moan that escaped me. I felt breath on my neck and opened my eyes to see Riaz’s head almost immediately next to mine. He was smiling but there was a look of concentration on his face as he focused on what he was doing to me. ‘You’re wet’ he said. ‘Mmm’ I replied. ‘Your pussy’s hungry’.

I made another non-committal noise. ‘It’s hungry for me’ I laughed at this ‘Is it?’ ‘Yeah it wants me and my thundercock’ ‘Your thundercock?’ I enquired with amusement ‘This thundercock?’ and with that I placed a hand on his crotch. Two things surprised me. One was how hard his cock already was and two was its size. I couldn’t really tell exactly through the stiff denim of his jeans but I had a feeling that it was going to be one of the biggest ones I had ever taken on. ‘So what do you say, do you want to come back to mine, or we could go to yours?’ he asked reacting to the look of shock and joy on my face. I stroked the bulge in his trousers as I thought. I looked out of the window. We were nearly at my stop but I didn’t really want to invite this stranger back to my flat and I didn’t want to go back to his; it would have been too much of commitment. I just wanted a nice fuck to satisfy my craving and then be on my way. I remembered a parking lot nearby. It was away from main roads and windows that prying eyes could peer through and was always empty. I had seen couples there on previous nights, revelling in the thrills of outdoor fucking. It was the perfect place. I turned back to him, teasing him by pretending to be unsure whether I wanted this.

‘Well it is big’ I said slowly, fixing my eyes on his cock as if weighing up the pros. ‘Oh yeah it is’ he said proudly, ‘You’re in for a good time’ I stood up as the bus neared our stop ‘Follow me’ I said. ‘Good decision babe’ he whooped ‘this is your lucky night’. ‘Oh no’ I replied, looking down at him, ‘it’s yours’, and with that I took his hand and led him downstairs. As we waited for the bus to pull in he leaned against me and his hand lingered on my ass, caressing it as he turned his head towards my neck and started to kiss it. Over him I could see the eyes of everyone on the bus turned towards us in curiosity and disapproval. I grinned mischievously and leapt of the bus, pulling Riaz with me and into my arms. His lips found mine and crushed them, and his tongue opened my mouth and pushed its way inside. Hot, wet and powerful it wrestled with my own and I got lost in this embrace my body heaving with desire as I was taken over by an animal passion. I pressed against him, feeling his cock hard against me which aroused me even more. Neither of us held back, we both knew what the other wanted now and we weren’t going to tiptoe around it.

Aware that we were still on a main road I pulled myself away with difficulty, breathless from our kiss and I turned and almost ran down the street dragging Riaz behind me, so desperate was I now for another embrace, for the bite of his cock as he drove it into my soaking and throbbing cunt. He followed behind and I hoped and knew that he was watching my bum in the skirt that, after our exertions thus far, probably barely covered my pussy let alone my ass cheeks. Finally I came to the alley that led towards the car park which was our destination and now away from bright lights and curious people I pulled him towards me, my hands on his back and behind his head as I pushed him into me, wanting him inside me, forcing myself against him, my mouth devouring his as I ground my hips, enjoying the feel of that huge, hard lump that dug into my stomach. His fingers moved down my body, massaging my tits before continuing their journey southwards into my sopping pussy. My lips broke away from his as I whimpered in pleasure and he held me tightly against the wall as he furiously finger fucked my willing cunt. I was his, and he had brought me to my first orgasm of the night as my body spasmed in pleasure and I relaxed against him, panting as my pussy juices sprayed all over his hand. He allowed me a few seconds to recover and then flipped me round so I was facing the grimy alley wall. His hands cupped my breasts and he ground his groin against me as he kissed my neck and growled ‘is this it then?

You gonna fuck me in a filthy alley you dirty, dirty girl? I like you more and more.’ But there were still people walking past the entrance to our hideaway and I could hear their laughter and conversation. I couldn’t do it here. ‘No’ I gasped, and yet again I forced away from him and on until we came out into the car park. There were a few vehicles but otherwise the place was deserted. I turned to Riaz ‘It’s better here you see’ I gestured to the cars ‘more surfaces’. He laughed in delight and caught me against him, kissing me powerfully and urgently. His hand found mine and he led it towards his dick. You’ve had your fun, now it’s time for me to have mine. He pushed my head downwards and I knelt in the middle of the car park and undid his jeans. His cock immediately flopped out – I wasn’t the only one who had been going commando – and again its size took my breath away. It had to be at least ten inches and I felt a little sorry that I wasn’t going to be able to get the whole thing down my throat. He had been so good to me after all. Still I was going to give it my best shot.

My hands gently caressed the shaft of his penis as I licked the pre-cum of the tip. I allowed my tongue to slide up, down and around his dick several times, enjoying the little moans of anticipation these cause in him before I fed his gigantic member into my wide open mouth. I immediately began pumping up and down on his cock, massaging his balls and stroking the several inches left with my hands. I could tell from the sounds he was making that he was loving this and this in turn turned me on and I felt myself beginning to moisten again. Riaz’s hands found the back of my head and he was forcing my head further and further as his cock slid deeper into my throat than any had before. I was gagging and choking on his dick as my hands and tongue worked furiously, stroking away. His breathing was becoming shallower and I knew it was only a matter of time before he came. I pulled off him; I wasn’t finished with that penis yet! My pussy was desperate to feel it but he forced me back onto his dick. ‘Don’t worry babe’ he said ‘I’ll have plenty left for your sweet little cunt’ and with that he let go of me as I felt his hot cum squirt down my throat with incredible force.

Unsurprisingly, something that huge produced a ridiculous amount of cum and, what with his cock still in my mouth, it dribbled over and down my chin. I kept on stroking his dick though, squeezing every drop of that gorgeous juice into my open, willing mouth. When he was done I used my fingers to mop up any leftovers on my chin and cleavage and then swallowed the lot in one delicious mouthful.
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