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The Counseling

There’s thing about me, I have the gift of the gab. Girls love talking to me. My ability to connect to them has benefited me and them. They found someone who could understand them and I always found a warm pussy to poke. This is a story of one of my exploits.

I used to study in an MBA college. A number of beautiful girls but there was one particular one called Anu. Tall and slim, she had long face like a horse. Dusky skin and a cute ass. But it was her tits that made her special. They were huge mounds of flesh that hung of her chest, a meaty 36 dd. The body of a model made her melons seem all the more huge. But there was one problem. She was embarrassed by their size. That’s why she would never wore a proper sized bra, letting those beautiful mams hang low on her belly. There’s something about huge and low hanging boobs. They cannot stop bouncing. So you can imagine the time she had trying to control those awesome pieces of flesh.

Over time we became friends and we got very close. I decided to bring up the topic of her misery. “Why do you look so depressed, Anu?”. She said something troubled her but she didn’t know how to bring it up. “Its your boobies isn’t it”. She looked up at me and nodded. She knew that I understood her better than anybody else so she didn’t seem surprised that I knew. I told her that I understood her predicament. “You are a woman and you should be proud of your melons…err…tits…err BREASTS!” She giggled when she heard me stammer about her breasts but I noticed something. Her nipples stiffened under her blue shirt she was wearing. Hmmm, that pussy would soon be mine

I told her that I knew how to make her feel good that she’s a woman. “Come over to my house after class. After I finish with you, you’ll be wearing the tightest top, erect nipples, showing of your mammaries to the entire world. And yet keep them guys thinking about what was behind that bra”. “How are you gonna do that, Vick?” she replied. “Leave that to me, just be home at 7”. She agreed, 7 at my place.

She was on time, with a worried look on her face. “What are you gonna do to me, Vick?”. “I’m goin to fuck your brains out, dudette”. “But I’ve never done it before?”. Don’t worry, you are in safe hands” said I, easing her concern. She wasn’t a naïve girl but the look on my face convinced her that I was serious and that this was actually going to help.

“We are going to take things nice and slow. You are going to reveal your body to me slowly. This will help you get comfortable with your naked body”. I told her to go into the bathroom. There was a bath tub filled with hot water and soap. She could undress completely and immerse her self in it. The hot water would ease her nerves and help her reveal her self. She did as she was told. The soapy water covered her from the shoulders down, but her cleavage was clearly visible.

When she was ready, I entered completely naked. My cock was semi erect. I had to control my erection; there was a time for that. Taken completely by surprise, she couldn’t keep her eyes off my cock. “Its part of the counseling, honey. How can I make you comfortable without showing that I’m comfortable with myself?”
I stood at full height, swung my cock around a bit and stood next to her face. Even her eyes swung around in their sockets following ever movement of the pulsating cock head. Then I entered the water facing her. She tried to follow the cock going down but couldn’t see beyond the soapy water.

I could only see the top of her cleavage and I knew that I was going to have a good time slapping those titties around.

Now I let me feet do the talking. She let out a yelp when my toes found her nipples and I started to pull on them gently. Nipples are the most sensitive part on a female and needs to be worked on. The pussy can wait. One should wait at least 15 minutes before even touching the pussy. Teasing a female will have her screaming your name so loudly that the neighbors in the next district will know you. Besides the pussy juices must flow. By the time I was finished in the tub, I was sure that the level of water in the tub must have increased a few cms with her pussy juices.

It was time to now convert her in to a woman. To fuck her silly. I told her to get out of the tub and go to the bed room. The gorgeous Amazonian stepped out of the tub, warm water slipping down her long legs. Droplets of water formed on her well trimmed pubic hair. And her slit glistened, not water… but with her cunt juice. She spent quite some time wiping her huge melons and pussy.

“Wipe me down now, honey”. She toweled me down working on my cock and balls. She felt every inch and bump on my cock and balls. She couldn’t believe that it was going to be inside her soon. “This is way too thick!” She needed to test it first so she wrapped her lips over the huge 6 inches! She slurped like vacuum cleaner and rhythmically moved her head back and forth. I reached down and caught hold of those tit bags. I could feel my balls tighten and I shot a load in to the back of her mouth. She choked a bit but once she recovered she swallowed it! Mmmm, she learns fast!

“I’m going to take you doggie style” I told her. There’s nothing better than to see beautiful tit flesh swing freely. “I’m scared, Vick. Never done IT before.” She went in to position, her ass straight near my face. I gave her pussy a few licks and placed my head on the entrance. Her pussy was already flowing like a river. Slowly I entered her but soon came to a stop. Her virginity, with one massive push I broke her. She screamed in pain. She stopped me and sat on the edge of the bed crying. Tears streamed down her face and chest. “Its ok, Anu. This was supposed to happen. You are now a woman and the worst is over. The next level of pain would actually be fun!” I kissed her gently on the lips. I wiped the tears from her eyes and then from her nipples. They stiffened on contact and I knew she was ready.

This time I wanted to make it fun. “Ok no doggie style this time but ‘horsie’ style cause you look like a horse, you should be taken like one. It’s the same as doggie style but you need to wear a bridle to steer you around. Since you don’t have a bridle, I’m going to use your boobies. If I slap your left boob means you have to turn left and similarly with the right boob”. She giggled.

We started. I used her tits as reins as I started poking her hard from behind. I slapped her tits around and she screamed out my name each time I hit them. “Vick, don’t stop! Nooo nooo, my pussy is on fire! Aaaaaah” Her boobs rose with every slap and swung back when the tits reached the limit of their stretch. They turned red and her nipples glistened with sweat. I started swaying from side to side with every thrust. I wanted to feel every small inch of her pussy walls. She begged me to not stop doing that. We both climaxed at the same time, me still hanging on to those massive tits.

We continued through the night in different positions. It was amazing how those juggs moved around even though she stood still. I even tied up her tits. They stood firm and proud on her chest. “This is how you should carry them around”, making my point. It was fun slapping around tied tits. A tit fuck followed later with me cumming all over a beautiful face. She licked my cock clean.

College the following day, and we had a new Anu. She was wearing a new, skin tight top she bought recently. Her boobies were like rockets, high on her chest with a hint of nipples. “Anu, you look amazing” I told her. “Thanks to you, Vicks. I think I’ll get my nipples pierced. Will you come with me?” I had turned into a nice little slut. But she appeared confident and even the gently bounce in her boobies didn’t bother her. I had turned her in to a confident woman!

We still meet up and I still fuck her brains out. She came to me one day. “A friend of mine is having boy friend problems”. It was her close friend Neetu. It was her hips that I was fascinated with. Real curvy and fertile looking. Looks like I was going to get my chance to see those hips and what’s between them, naked and up close! It was the counselor back in action!
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