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Truth Or Dare

I pulled up into Ariel’s driveway and read Henry’s text: “where are you?”

I knew he’d be okay with me bringing a friend. Ariel hopped in the jeep, her dirty blonde hair and green eyes brighter with the new summer sun.

“Who is he again?” She said.

“Henry. Brooklyn kid, beach house, Binghamton, the guy I’ve been sexting.. Ring a bell?”

“Ah,” She said. “And I’m coming because..?”

I laughed, “Because I’m not crazy. No way in hell I’m showing up alone.”

She smiled and put on her sunglasses. Ariel was, what I considered, the darker part of me. I was a straight A Ivy League student, student government, internships, you name it. I was sheltered from a young age and driven to succeed. My image was everything to me, so I was always careful about the way I portrayed myself. Ariel, though, was everything I had missed growing up. She didn’t care about her academic record, or sexual record, for that matter. She’d drink, smoke, go to clubs with guys she had just met– she went all the way, all the time. We balanced each other out. I led her down the right path and she made sure we had bumps, exciting bumps, down that path.

We pulled up to the beach house and Henry greeted us with a smile.

“You brought a friend?”

“Yep, hope its not a bother,” I answered, proud of the beauty I was walking in with.

Henry was dark and tall. He was a year older than we were. His chest and abdomen were perfectly chiseled. He was the first thing I could ever picture when thinking about the perfect summer fling.

“Let me introduce you to the guys.”

Inside, four equally handsome guys waited around the pool smoking hooka and drinking beer. They took note of us immediately. I could tell Ariel understood why I didn’t want to be here alone; I’m not assertive enough to say no to any of them.

After a few drinks, Ariel dared David, the taller of the guys, to jump off the roof into the pool. David agreed, and naturally, a game of truth or dare began.

Ariel lives for these games. She takes them above and beyond. She dared one guy after the next– sucking chocolate syrup off of each other’s abs, cupping each other’s junk– those kinds of dares. As she moved down the circle daring guy after guy, I saw the boys exchange a look.

Oh no. It was coming.

It was Ariel’s turn to be dared. Henry looked around the table and said, “You’ve dared all five of us. We each carried out your dare without a complaint. Now it’s our turn– five dares, from us to you.”

Ariel’s mouth fell into a smirk. It was like they fell into her trap, like each word was fed to them.

She smiled, innocently, and said, “That only seems fair.”

First Dare– take off one piece of clothing. Typical.

Ariel was prepared. She reached under her shirt and undid the tie to her bikini top. Her nipples pressed through the white lace tank top as she slid off the neon fabric. All while keeping eye contact, not saying a word.

The guys let out small sighs, almost in disbelief their plan had worked.

Second Dare– Touch yourself intimately.

Ariel laughed, this was baby stuff. She cupped the bottom of her breasts and traced her nipples with her thumbs. She slid a hand over her jean shorts and began to rub, exaggerating her moaning, pouting her lips.

I sat and laughed quietly. This was typical Ariel, pulling her near-porno stunts. She bent over, letting the denim seep in between her thighs. The guys were going crazy.

Third Dare– Kiss me.

I looked up. “These aren’t my dares, that’s not part of rules,” I stated.

Ariel just shook her head and said, “You always follow the rules, don’t you?”

I had never been with a girl before. I had barely even been with guys. I was petrified.

Ariel came to me slowly, sat on my lap. She looked me in the eyes, cupped my face.

I felt as if time stopped. I felt her breath on my cheek, felt it get closer and closer to my mouth. I was lost in her green eyes. I felt her warm lips touch mine, felt them close slightly then open again. I felt her tongue enter my mouth, slowly moving, with her lips over mine. Suddenly I was following her lead, still entranced. My hand ran through her hair. I nibbled on her bottom lip and tugged a little downward, then went back up to finish the French kiss smoothly.

She pulled away.

I sat still.

“Next,” She said, fully serious once more.

Fourth Dare–

At this point, we knew where this was going. The only word that left Henry’s mouth in regard to this dare was “Continue.”

Ariel was already on it. Her mouth moved to my neck. Her body rotated from sitting on my lap to straddling her knees over my legs, face to face, pressing her jean shorts against mine. As she kissed my neck, I felt my bathing suit top loosen and it dropped around the chair. Our nipples rubbed through our shirts, Ariel moved up and down slowly, leaning her head against my breasts. I took her top off in a swift movement and caressed her beautiful B cups. I grabbed her nipple with my teeth then sucked, alternating breasts, rubbing the other with my forfinger and thumb. She still moved up and down slowly, shorts rubbing, friction growing. When I looked back up, my shirt had been unbuttoned and my chest exposed. Ariel rubbed her tits against mine and moaned. I knew she was exaggerating again, but it turned me on.

I looked up. The guys were staring. I had forgotten where we were, what I was doing. I sat there, half naked, with my half naked best friend grinding on my thighs. I was about to stop– this wasn’t me. This isn’t who I am. Then I looked at my friend, eagerly rubbing against me. She gave me a look. If it’s a show they want, that’s what we’d give them.

I lifted Ariel off of me. For a moment, a look of slight terror crossed her face, as if I didn’t understand what she was trying to convey before. She stood before me, half naked and confused.

I came closer, on my knees, and kissed her midriff. I worked my way down to her abdomen, kissing and licking, down to her little jean shorts.

I unzipped them and rubbed inside, felt a wetness all too familiar to mine. I slid her shorts off, undid her bathing suit bottom. I sat her down on my chair and parted her legs.

I felt a rush run through me. I stared into her slightly trimmed but mostly unshaven pussy, unsure of what to do next. Ariel felt my hesitation and began to rub herself. She grabbed my head with her other hand and moved it closer to her legs, towards her waiting, glistening, moist lips. She guided my head to her clit, and I instinctively opened my mouth. I began with one, wet, flat-tongued lick, tasting pussy for the first time. I found her clit and took it into my mouth, carefully, slowly. I gently ran my tongue across it, knowing how sensitive that little nub is. I heard her moan– real moans, this time– and looked up. She gave me an encouraging look. I put my middle finger in my mouth then put it between her lips. I moved slowly in and out, then put my mouth back to work on her clit.

As I sucked, she pushed my head closer to herself. I alternated between flicks of the tongue and slow sucks. I was surprised by how easily this all came to me. She’d whimper every now and then, humping my face. My middle finger was soaked, her hole widening with each movement. I was no stranger to masturbation, but this was different. I used another two fingers. I lifted my three fingers in the air, one soaked with her juices, and out them into my mouth. then, looking into her eyes, i shoved all three into her pussy, curving up slightly. I put my mouth back at her clit, now only flicking with the tip of my tongue. She gasped and moaned, then her back arched with one large thrust into my mouth and fingers. I felt warmth rush out from inside her, onto my nose, mouth, and hand. She gasped and slowed her breath to a rhythm, shuddering every few seconds.

We started to hear applause. Henry and his friends sat, wide-eyed, mouths open. I felt my cheeks flush with color. I looked down at my naked body, now moist with sweat and my best friend’s cum, and felt embarrassed. I grabbed my bikini and shirt and got dressed as fast as I could.
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