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I was riding my 350 cc Bullet on village road at 60 kmph. Squall of dust followed me. With every firing of power full engine, motorcycle rushed with thrust on rough road. I love driving bullet, a heavy and powerful motorcycle. I was to return to my collage in city next day. I tried to spend my last day as per my liking.

The path was going through acres of vast plush green fields with standing sugarcane crop. These fertile lands were our property. For years we reaped good harvest from it. I was studying in city college; there I could not wield power over people. There I was considered a village boy with lot of money, and city boys and girls did not considered us as civilized one to mingle with. But here in my village I was master and no one dared me disobey my commands. Here we ruled over them.

I drove through the fields and came to dead end near our farmhouse.

I looked for our farm workers. It was lunch hour and they might be taking nap

Some-where in shadow of tree.

I called them but nobody was there. Then I remembered that yesterday they had asked for half-day leave, as they will be going to some fair in nearby village. They had not left key to farmhouse. I swore.

Our old watchman might be somewhere. He might be sleeping in switch room near well. It was very much secluded area. I set on foot to look for him. I had to walk on earthen bunds separating fields and water channels dug for watering. Water was not flowing through channel. Channels were dry.

Well and switch room was surrounded by tall and thick sugarcane crop. Though it was little elevated it was hidden behind crop. Earlier there were diesel pumps and to store diesel and other things we had constructed a shed. Now electric meters and main switches were installed in it.

Switch room was small brick structure with sloping tiled roof. I entered switch room a wooden bed with knitted with coir was there, but mattress was rolled up and nobody was there. We generally left Key to farmhouse in secret niches under meter box. Key was not there too.

Our well was big, Water drawn from well by pump and stored in open cement-plastered tank to distribute and from tank it flowed through pipes and channels to various parts of fields.

Today tank was bone dry. I tried motor starter but electric motor for pump did not started. There was no power.

I realized that labors had gone as there was no power and fields were left to dry.

Now I had to wait to water the fields.

I sat on a bed in switch room waiting for power.

Within minute I was napping. I did not how much time I had slept.

I woke up as I heard some girl was humming a song. With an every step her anklets were ringed small bells attached.

I looked through window a nomadic tribal girl wearing colorful clothes with mirror motif was walking toward well. She was carrying a bundle wrapped in clothes on her head. She looked around and saw tank, and stood near stonewall of well and looked inside well. She might have come to wash clothes. She hung bundle on branch of tree.

She must be regular here. She knew it was secluded place.

Some of these people had their tents on the outskirt of village. And they earned their living working for few days and then they move onward to another village. Women folks of this tribe were known for their beauties.

She stretched her arms to refresh, yawned and started pump. Pump sprang to life with little hum and water gushed from pipe and started splashing in tank.

Again she looked around to check. She untied knot of her backless choli and removed it. She bared her breasts. And then she started removing her clothes one by one and putting in tank. For moment she looked around again and removed her last clothe. She stood nude. Her dark satin like skin shined in afternoon sun. Her breasts and buttocks were shapely. Her dark nipples blended with color of her skin. She was wearing silver waistband and silver anklets and lots of bangles and necklaces of beads and coins. There was tattoo at various parts of her body. She raised her leg exposing her underneath and She climbed tank wall and entered in to water. I could see her head above wall and her hands. She was washing clothes. She stood up and threw wet clothes out of tank to dry patch. She sat under gushing water and closed eyes. She was rinsing her hair.

I came out and walked silently to tank. I opened valves and tank started emptying. She was in water scrubbing her self. She suddenly opened her eyes as she became aware of my presence. She looked helplessly toward heap of wet clothes and She folded her hands to cover her breasts and sat folding her legs. I offered her real bath soap we kept near tank.

She looked in my eyes.

I smiled at her and stretched my hand with soap.

She took it. She was thinking. She smiled at me and started applying soap to her body. White foam covered her and she rubbed to cleanse it. White soap water was gushing out of tank I closed valves going toward farms and opened another to drain tank. She sat under water and washed off soap. Her movements of hands and water splashing on her bear body were a delightful view. In sunlight her wet body shimmered.

I was bewildered. I stood watching her.

She stood. She was wet. Water droplets dripped from her body and from her hair.

Her skin was shining like polished mahogany wood. She had perfect breasts and dark nipples perched on top. She was slim and had taut stomach; she looked like a nymph out of water.

She knew what I want from her. She stretched her hands and pulled me closer.

I climbed tank wall and I was inside tank. She removed my clothes and threw it away.

She embraced me tightly and reached for my. It was hardened.

She said something in a dialect I could not understand. She looked at me and smiled knowingly. She moved her hand over it and squeezed it. I was ready. I touched her breasts and squeezed and held her in my tight clasp.

Tank was small and we could not stretch our leg in side it.

I lifted her and took her out. A small patch of grass was near tank. But we rolled in water channel. Water was flowing around us and I dug in her deep and deeper and thrust in with powerful strokes like my bullet engine with full throttle. She came through. and she wiggled out of my clasp as we both were smeared with slippery mud. Once again I took her from rear and shoved my inside she moaned with pleasure. She stood above me dripping with mud and slush.

We both climbed back in tank and started removing slush from her body. She removed slush from my body and rinsed my with her both hand. She caressed it with care and sat and took it in her mouth. She sucked, bit and dug her teeth gently in it. I moaned. She looked at me and smiled at me as I lay under flow of water exhausted with pleasure. She washed again with soap and white foam had lathered on her curvaceous body. She sat under flow of water and soap disappeared.

She stood and then she walked out toward dry clothes she had hanged on tree branch. She was humming same song. Suddenly she cried, one of her anklet was missing. Her face saddened. She searched in tank, in slush it was not found. She looked in her clothes. But it was in vain. These people are very much fond of their ornaments. I offered her money to buy new one but she declined. She gathered her clothes and walked away in nervously.

I watched her as she disappeared behind thick bushes.

I wore clothes and returned to room.

I went to back sleep on bed in switch room.

After some time I woke up. Suddenly I remembered that I had to stop the pump. I had not closed drain valve of tank and water must have flooded to pit.

I walked to tank. To my amazement it was dry. And all valves were closed. Water channel was too hard with dried slush. I tried switch on pump. Still there was no power. I was dumbstruck.

What was that I had experienced was that a dream? I smiled my self. It must have been one of my fantasies. I must be daydreaming.

I looked at water channel. It was hard with dried mud. Something shined in it. I dug around it with my nails and pulled out a silver anklet similar to that girl wearing.

I lifted it. Some soapsuds were wet inside it.

I looked at it in bewilderment like a crazy man.
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