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Live and sex with my office colleague

Hi every one this is Sander from Chennai (name changed). Let me share my sex exprience with a girl i loved her a lot in my life. Before that let me introduce myself. I am married and 34 years old with sweet 5 years old daughter and my wife is working. Before marriage I never had any sex experience, but some oral sex with my ex lover and with few girls. I always believe in love with sex, I don’t encourage myself for lust with sex. That’s why I was virgin till my marriage, I am going to narrate my sex experience after my marriage. Every one use to say that i am still looking young after marriage, that’s my plus is my look and body. In am not going to explain about my body. Most of the guys will have 7 to 8 inches clock size and I am one of them and average body and South Indian colour, after marriage we didn’t had sex properly. Since she is not interested have sex and more over I am the guy who always wanted sex with my wife in shower and wants to be sucked and I want to lick her virgina, but my wife is not at all interested in sucking. She just want to be fucked for few mins. If I ask her for second round she will not show any interest and she will not sleep on my body after sex. Day by day I lost interest on her. Here comes the bitch in my life. I joined in MNC company with is located in Chennai Tambaram. There I met this girls name called Messy name changed. When I first met her she was medalling with her Tab. We started to know each other on the 3rd day of our training. She told, about her love failure and how she was cheated by her ex lover and she commit suicide and she was in hospital for one month. Then we started to chat more about our family and personal things. Day by day she was very close to me and she asked about my marriage life. I told about my life. One day in training I was sitting next to another girl for asking some doubts. She called and shouted at me and said, if you are speaking to other girls you should not speak to me. I consoled her and promise I will not speak to other girls. That day I was boozing with my friend in Bar. She called and I asked where I am now, I said I boozing and she shouted and hung up on me. Next day I didn’t speak to her training. She msged me and asked why I didn’t speak to her. I said i didn’t like the way she behaved. She felt sorry and told she is in love with me and said I love you so much and I need you in my arms. I was shocked and told I am married and I have daughter. Messy said, she didn’t care about i am married and she wants to be with me.
I went home and thought for some days and on weekend she asked me to meet her and I asked her to park her scooty in Tambaram and went for a ride in my bike. While going she kissed me on my cheeks and said she love me. I couldn’t say anything and went home,That night I msged and told i am not sure about My decision, but I love her too.she was very happy and said, she is very happy now and wants to meet me. I went near her house and picked and went for ride. While going she hugged me and pressed her boobs and she was kissing me till I dropped her in her home. Every day after our work we use to roam like love birds, she will never leave me to my home. She will stay with me for 3 to 4 hrs and then I will go home. My wife had doubt and she asked me about my changes. I frankly told, yes i love messy and wants to be with her. Few days she didn’t speak and very day we use to fight in front of our daughter. But I told my wife I will not leave her even though if I get married to messy. In between messy and myself hangouts very where in Chennai. She was my love, friend, wife and everything. Every day we will go for a long time, while driving she use to hug me and kiss me. Sometime when she is driving I use to hug and press her boobs and sometime I use to finger her pussy over her dress. She will hug and kiss me in office lift.i really love to smooch her for long time. Slowly I started to take care to my home, since my wife will be in her office. Messy and myself works in night shift. Our shift ends at 11:00 Am, so I take her to my house sometimes. First time when we are alone, we both were sitting in my sofa. She came near and sat on my lap and hugged and smooched for long time, mean while I was press her ass, that day she was wearing long skirt and T shirt. She was breathing heavily and told please suck my boobs for some times, I removed her T shirt and she removed my shirt. She was in red bra and i was about to remove her bar, she stopped and told, dai I want to lick your nipples. I allowed her and told do what ever you want. She got even more horny by this and pulled me deeper in her mouth by my hairs. The smooching got wild and now I got up and removed my tshirt. I picked her up and kissed her again and while kissing tried to remove her top, she raised her hands to help me. As soon as the top went out I threw her in bed and jumped to eat her boobs. She was wearing black padded bra and her boobs were looking even more bigger due to it. I smooched her neck wildly, gave her love bites. She was getting more horny and started moaning in pleasure. I slowly came down and started biting in her cleavage. She bought her hand on my head and pulled me deeper, I explored her cleavage and her boobs with my tongue and teeth wildly, I could feel her erect nipples in the bra. It made me go crazy, her round boobs were there for me to eat. Who could have imagined that a month ago. I then hurriedly removed her bra, and what I saw were two brown nipples fully erect pleading me to take them in mouth. I was staring at their beauty, she yelled “idiot!! Are u gonna eat them or not!! Don’t make me wait” without wasting any second I started eating her right nipple wildly while pinching the other one. She went crazy and rounded her legs around my waist and pulled me deeper. I was eating them very wildly leaving red marks on all her boobs. I then inserted my hand in her pants, to feel the wetness. She said “wait, let me make it comfortable for u”. She removed her pant as well as panty while I stood staring at her beauty. She had milky white thighs with pink pussy lips. The wetness was flowing along her thighs and her pussy has puffed up a li’l. I instantly pushed down my pants and jockey and pulled her on bed. I went kissing down her navel, her boobs, her belly button, and slowly reached my destiny, her love triangle. I sniffed it, it was smelling erotic. I dug my tongue on her lips kissing very passionately, she rose her hips in excitement and started moaning, “Aaahhhhhhh fuck!!! U really know how to pleasure a woman.” These words were making me crazy and I started eating her clit more wildly, rolling my tongue in deeper n deeper. She was rising her hips in rythmic motion, within 3mins she squirted and came in my mouth. Her juices were like nectar. I drank all of it and then kissed her passionately for her to taste it. She then laid me down and said, “now it's my turn”. She gave me a passionate kiss and then started going downwards, 1st neck den chest, then abs, and finally she reached my 7′ hard cock. She said “that’s quite a big thing u got here.” I laughed and said that I exercise with it regularly. She was delighted and started stroking it slowly and took my tip in her mouth. Believe me guys her mouth was hotter than the fucking oven in my house. She was a very good player and knew how to stroke it and how to lick it. She took my dick in her mouth and started giving a fucking beauty of a blowjob. The pressure between my balls started to build up and I came in her mouth within minutes. She drank every drop of my cum. We were lying on bed, I was staring at her beautiful white body and it turned me on immensely, within moments my cock was pounding. I laid on her body and widened her thighs. I placed my cock on her pussy lips and slowly pushed it. She moaned, “Aaahhhh..!!” She was not a virgin but her clit was tight. Looked like she was having this urge to feel a cock in her from a long time. I pushed my dick harder and more than half went in the stroke. It was paining her li’l but who gives a fuck at that moment. I started stroking her slowly. She held me by rolling her arms around my back. I gradually started increasing my speed and intensity, and within moments we were having a hardcore fuck session. She was moaning very loudly and I had to smooch her to slow her voice. We had a steamy fuck, she dug her nails in my back and damn I was enjoying her hot pussy walls around my throbbing cock. The pressure in me started building and i was nearing ny climax. i told her am gonna cum, she said burst it in me i will have pills later. i increased my speed to the fullest and after a hot fuck, i came inside her. i blasted my hot sperm inside her and fell on her. Since it was my 1st time I came within 10-12mins (and I hope it was quite a long time for a first timer). We both were very tired and satisfied. She kissed me on my lips and said, “u can be a callboy idiot!! U r the best partner a girl would want in bed”. Feeling proud if her words I gave a naughty laugh and said, “so next time u want satisfaction u gotta pay me bucks and we both started laughing. After that we rested a while and then started another sessions in every rooms of my house. After that we had lots of dyxking session in my house and her house. Finally we end up our relationship after 3 years. She said. Doesn't want to marry me and her boy friend came back to her. I couldn't believe those words. But I let her go and told her to be happy...... any comments kindly email me [email protected]
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