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Sushmita's Bollywood Exposure

When Sushmita took break after he Maya chesve... It was actually directors thought that she cannot expose much and she is very shy girl. The kissing scene in the movie shows that she actually close her eyes because of shyness. And in fact it was true... After her first movie several directors try to cast her in their movies. As usual in Bollywood heroines are skin showing materials and she refused it.. later on she has been never approached by any directors.

Sushmita started to regret about her behaviour in fact she started to hate her shyness ... She take an oath to act in any movies which comes her way.

In the other side director Anuraag heard her behaviour and decided to teach her lesson.

Director Anuraag approached Sushmita for casting her in his movie.. he narrated the story to her and told her that she ma have to wear bikini in the song...

Sushmita in the other hand ready to do anything this time said yes without any objection.... Anuraag shocked with her answer but he still have to punish her for what she did to other directors...

He then told her to come to his office tomorrow for a screen test.. she agreed ....

Next day...

May I come in sir.... A sweet n nervous sound came from Anuraag Cain door...

Wow it was Sushmita in a saree looking very homely and beautiful... Her boob bulge was a treat to watch above her saree... And her hip portion was showing her skin would make any man turned on for a full time action in bed...

Anuraag said... Yes Sushmita come ... Take seat...

Sushmita came and sit on the couch which was placed about 3 mts distance from his table.

U looking completely contrast to the character in my movie... She is kind of slut... you know that right.. vamshi asked sarcastically.

Sir .. actually I want to say you someyhing.... Sushmita continued... I don't think the bikini is not suits my body well... I can wear shorts low neck tops ... Anything... But please don't ask me to wear bikini....

Vamshi angrily replied.. it's me who decides what my heroine have to wear..and how dare you to question my choices in my office..

Sushmita terrified to hear that loud voice all of a sudden she start to feel pee by fear..
Vamshi continued... Yesterday I have told you the story you said OK.. and I have told the producer about it agreement and how dare you come in my office if you don't want to act in my movie..

Sushmita started to say something sir.. it... Sir.
Vamshi: shut up..
This time the urine was came near to her exit clit dropped on her panty... She controlled..

Sushmita: sorry sir I will..
Vamshi: are you shy..
Sushmita: no sir..
Vamshi: are you sure..
Sushmita: yes sir..
Vamshi: so you are shy..
Sushmita: yes sir... No sir... Yes sir..

In the mean while vamshi understood that she Havant get any movie since 3 years so there is no way.. n she is ready to anything for that movie... He raised his voice again n said
Vamshi.. : i doubt that tomorrow on shoot day you will deny and walk off the shooting..u think I can't do any thing... I will spoil it career for life time..
Sushmita: no sir I will never do sh things sir.. I will sign you the agreement..
Vamshi: I don't believe.. you should prove urself first..

Sushmita: sure sir.. how ..
Sushmita don't want to loose this movie anyway.. that too by making him angry he can really spoil her career forever.. she knows that he is very powerful man in the industry.

Vamshi: Divya...
A girl came in and reported yes sir...
Vamshi: Sushmita what is it cup size...
Sushmita.. : sorry sir... What cup sit.. no sir.. I had coffee.. no thanks sir..
Divya laughed lightly..
Vamshi: cup means it boobs.. breasts... you dumb woman..
Sushmita face got red in shy and shame because she never asked these question by a man before that that too by this hash tone.. that too Infront of a office girl..
Sushmita: sir... What...
Divya: it seems like 32 sir
Sushmita: hang her head down in shame..
Vamshi: this girl is shy...first let me loose her shyness first..u stand up
Sushmita stood slowly.. her head hanging down..
Vamshi: what are you looking at. He cunt..u can't see it in the middle it boobs are blocking it sight.. you have to bend a little to see it..
Divya laughed loudly this time.. Sushmita keeps her head down her eyes went full with tears and started to fall on her boobs..
Vamshi: exactly ur tears falling in ur boobs... And I have asked the size of ur boobs. you heard it.. speak up.

Sushmita: in a shivering tone.. she is right sir it is 32.
Vamshi: you said you are not shy sir.
Sushmita: no sir I'm not shy..
Vamshi: OK go to main gate.. talk with watchman and say him that ur boob size is 32.
Sushmita suddenly raised her head and tried to say something..
There is no choice she understands. She made her mind to really fight against her shyness. She wiped her eyes with her hands went to watchman hangs her head down and closed her eyes and said watchman my boob size is 32. Watchman all of a sudden dick raised by hearing that..

Vamshi watching this show from his window showed. I have to hear it what you said Sushmita say loudly so that my all colleagues should hear it..

Sushmita: MY BBBOOB SSIZE IS 32..
She was completely humiliated in shame..and she came back to vamshi cabin.. on her way back to cabin all make workers in the office started to stare at her boobs..some said.. I know it's 32 I have measured it while she entered the office in my eyes.. some says no no it must be 34... Some said she must have perky nipples.. some said spread nipples.. some said her nipples are pink some said black.. and some said.. let's wait.any way we are going to see it...
Sushmita felt she is naked even though she is fully covered with saree. And the last sentence she heard made her think... Anyway we are going t see it... .

Vamshi: come and sit down. I have called you for a screen test today right Sushmita.
Sushmita: yes sir..
Vamshi: there is no screen test today...
Sushmita was happy that atleast she will get out of the humiliating suitauation.
Vamshi: today there will be your shyness test. you said ur not shy right if you failed and if I found that you have lied to me.. then you r over...
Sushmita started to think what is shy test... Maybe all actress could have gone through this to loose their shyness and if she pass this she could loose her shyness forever.
She took a deep breath and said OK sir.
Vamshi asked Divya to get some bikini tops from costume room. Divya went out of the cabin laughing and said one of her colleague that what a dumb girl Sushmita is..
Vamshi started to watch some files on his table and Sushmita is standing in front of him hanging her head down. And Divya is back with 20 t 25 bikini tops in her hand.

Sushmita saw Divya and started to look for change room by keeping her head down.. there was no door ..

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