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Teacher Student

HEY, My name is Ashraf from Chavakkad, Trichur District. And I would like to share my experience with all the fans. My story is depicts the sexual intimacy between a middle aged married woman and her student.

So, those who feel offended may please stop right here. Well it happened to me when I was in class 12 at a High School in Chavakkad. My mom used to send me to this Math teacher who was supposed to be a genius.

But, as for me, I used to hate the subject as well as the teacher. I never used to do her homework or listen to her in the class. But even though I hated the subject I used to fetch good marks in it.

I hated doing the same sums again and again.I would rather do it just once with complete attention. She (my teacher) used to make me work hard so that I could perform better. But at that age, I wouldn't realize that.

However.... On one hot summer day, my mom asked me to go to her tuition as she was free at home.She had a daughter who was of my own age. And she used to teach us together. She was about 40+ with dark complexion but a very sexy body.

That day I had no intentions what so ever of going to her tuition, but as my mom had virtually kicked me out of the house,i had no other choice. I got on my bike and started towards hell. The heat was getting intense each second.

When I looked up, it felt like all the suns rays were being focused at me.I was sweating completely and the shirt had stuck to my back. After conquering all odds, I finally reached her house in a state of total mess.

I knocked on the door expecting her daughter to open the door, and then I would have to sit on a bench, take out my books and wait for teacher. But faith had something else installed for me. I knocked at the door again, but no one opened it even though

I could hear some one moving inside. After much waiting the door opened. But it was her not her daughter. And she looked a bigger mess than I did. Her hairs were loose at many ends. She was completely wet with sweat,

her sari was all-loose and her soaked blouse was stuck to her breasts as a superficial layer. For the first time I realized that she was not only a good teacher but also a sexy woman. And as my friends would say 'Charakku'.

I could clearly see her deep cleavage and that dark but beautiful navel. As a drop of sweat trickled down her blouse towards her waist, I felt a sudden thunderous hardon in my pant. Though I successfully hid it, I was feeling uncomfortable.

As I entered the room I was blinded for a moment due to change of environment. But as my eyes adjusted themselves, I realized that the room was dark and very hot, with faint light from a semi-open window.

I could understand that there was no one else at home (the other rooms were dark as the lights had been put off). Suddenly my eyes fell on something, which projected from underneath the bed.It, was a long Brinjal (Vazhuthananga). In a second, I could know what she was doing.

Even then I acted ignorant, and sat on the bench adjacent to the bed. She sat on the bed as I took out my books.She was quietly pushing the Brinjal under the bed with her feet and I acted as if I didn't see anything.

After doing it she pulled her legs back and when I lifted my head up, I saw her sitting in an awkward pose. I could see her naked thighs.All this was making me more hard and I couldn't stop looking at her deep cleavage and her legs.

She noticed me a couple of times, but didn't even react. To break the silence I remarkingly said,"It's really hot, ain't it". And in response she gave me a devilish smile and nodded "yes". Then after a moment or so she got up and told that she was feeling uncomfortable

and that she was going to change her dress. Suddenly the devil inside me awakened and told me to get up and follow her. I gently told her that I wanted a glass of water, as I was thirsty due to the heat. She asked me to come inside.

I obediently followed to the water filter and she went inside the adjacent room. There was a common door and I could see between the gap of the curtains. After getting the glass of water as I turned back I saw her changing her panties.

She had already changed her sari and blouse and I was scolding myself for missing that. Even though she was doing it openly I could see nothing as the sari was hanging down. Then she came out of the room and followed me closely to the study room.

She was practically pushing me from behind with her big boobs. Again after entering the hot room I sat on the bench while she sat straight and opposite to me. She was sitting with one of her legs kept straight on the bench beside me.

The other leg was folded towards her and I could see her panties if I leaned down little. She took the book in her hand and rested it on her knee as she dictated a question. I was becoming mad with hardness and was in no position to do the sum.

But even then I kept my head down and tried. As she saw that I couldn't do it she leaned down to explain the solution. But the only thing I was able to concentrate on was the pendant of her necklace, which was hanging between those two mounds of flesh.

Her erect nipples were making a projection on her blouse.As I leaned down to my notebook I could smell the fragrance coming out of her wet cunt. I could see that wet spot on her panty. I thought that she had not realized anything.

But she had been noticing everything from the beginning. She moved even close to me and placed her straight leg between my legs. She slowly moved it from the edge of the bench towards my cock.Her leg could feel my hard cock.

I could no longer speak as I felt that my heart had stopped beating and had come up to my throat.She started moving her fingers and her toe was searching for my zipper. All this time her head was hidden behind the book.

I slowly gathered all my courage and touched her shin and moved towards her knee. She showed no signs of resentment. Infact she moved closer pushing my cock even harder. By now I knew that she wouldn't stop me if I moved further.

So moved towards her thighs and started caressing them with my palms. As I moved inside, she left the book and fell back to rest her head. Her boobs were pushing upwards more than ever.

And by now her toe had tore away through my zipper and I helped her leg to touch my tight cock. I started removing her panty and rubbed her pussy while she kept on moaning.I placed my hands on her boobs and started kissing her navel.

She had become very hot and both of us were sweating hard. She got up and took off her sari and then her petticoat. But what I wanted to see was her boobs. She slowly hugged me and took my penis out of my pant.

She started sucking and masturbating it and I could no longer control myself. I was about to cum in her mouth. But I think she realized it and stopped.I cupped her breasts and unbuttoned her blouse hastily.

She wasn't wearing a bra and I hungrily started sucking her nipples. I was experiencing the biggest bomb of my life as I held a middle-aged woman completely naked in my hands.She pulled me over herself on the bed and took of my shirt.

Then she helped me place my cock in that hairy paradise. As I moved to & fro I realized that I was about to cum and I told her that. She took out my penis and masturbated it and I cummed all over her stomach and breasts.

She again started working on my cock and it was hard in no time. This time she got on top of me and started moving. I felt a lot of pain, but the enjoyment was bigger than the pain.She exploded into orgasm and soon I cummed inside her.

Both of us were exhausted by now and laid naked hugging each other for atleast an hours. After that I got up a cleaned myself in her bathroom. While going home I could still feel her smell coming from me.

After that day I always used to visit her on Saturday's as her daughter used to be out and she used to be alone at home. Even when her daughter was at home we used to kiss and masturbate each other as her daughter was now made to study inside.

Today I am an Engineering student, but I still remember her body and when I go to my home in holidays, I visit her atleast once.
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