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Love from Step Mother

Over the next one month, everyone was busy with the wedding and the associated activities. Once Shanthi left with her husband for Bangalore, the household returned to normalcy.

Ranganath was happy that everything went off well and he had fulfilled a major responsibility of marrying off his daughter. He was also happy that she married into a good family. He went back to his pending professional work with a vengeance.

Smitha was happy that things went off well. Their relatives appreciated her role as Ranganath's wife and praised her. She was also happy that she had literally pulled Shanthi away from the sinful relationship and got her properly married before things went out of hand. She knew that she had done the family a good turn and took pride in that.

Sekhar had mixed feelings. He was happy that his sister is now happily married. He was sad that he missed their glorious sex. She was passionate, willing and full of love for him. He enjoyed taking her willing body in different ways. She now belonged to her husband and Sekhar was sure that Vijay fucked her good. The thought made him hot and jealous.

Smitha was now the uncontested queen of the household and controlled it. With his sister gone, Sekhar now depended on his 'aunty' for everything. She took care of all his needs at home and he became totally dependent on her. Soon it was his exams time and he worked real hard and studied late into the nights helped by cups of hot tea made by Smitha aunty.

Then it was vacation time.

It was also summer time and the days were hot. Necessarily, he had to spend more and more day time at home while his father was away at work. He read books, watched TV but still got bored. He would often go to kitchen and help Smitha with small chores.

But he never had any sexual thoughts about her.

Smitha was in turmoil. She never forgot that night when she saw Shanthi and Sekhar in that most intimate position. She recalled frequently his big and magnificent his cock, how greedily Shathi's mouth sucked it and how eagerly he licked his sister's small pussy. Those very thoughts and images made her extremely hot and vulnerable.

Now his constant presence and proximity at home were driving her crazy. She didn't know what to do. Fortunately, things sometime happen without planning too!

One day, Sekhar was helping his aunt in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and talking to her. Suddenly he winced with pain as he cut his finger. It was only a small cut but it bled profusely. Smitha immediately grabbed his hand and put the injured finger in her mouth and sucked the blood away.

She pulled out his hand and examined the cut. It was small but the blood welled up again. She immediately applied some turmeric powder on the cut and looked around for a clean cloth. When she didn't find any, she just pulled her pallu (upper part of the sari that covers the blouse) and tore off a small length to tie it up.

It was then that things started happening. As her pallu moved away from her blouse, looking down, Sekhar saw the big half moons of her full breasts and the cleavage. He was thunderstruck. He had never seen anything so captivating! The top hook of her blouse was off and almost half her perfect globes were visible. He could even discern the outer edges of her aureole.

When Smitha finished bandaging and looked up, she caught him looking down her blouse. He quickly turned his head away and her own breathe quickened. She let go of his hand and asked him, "Is it better now?"

"Yes, aunty, it was just a small cut, don't worry," he answered.

"Sit down Sekhar and I will make you a cup of tea."

"You unnecessarily tore off your pallu," he said looking at her blouse and the bountiful breasts once again. Smitha felt hot flushes down her body as he looked with scarcely hidden lust.

"It is okay. It is an old sari," she said, as her voice shook a little.

"I owe you a new sari, aunty," he laughed.

"You can buy me one," she replied smiling.

That night he didn't think of his sister at all. Instead, he thought of Smitha's hot mouth as it sucked his finger. He thought of her big, bountiful breasts and the cleavage. He wondered how nice it would be to touch them, fondle them and squeeze them. For the first time, he masturbated fantasizing about his stepmother's boobs.

Next evening his father got a call from a close cousin whose daughter was getting married in three days time. He apologized for the short notice as the alliance was fixed only that day and the groom was a NRI (Non Resident Indian) who was in India on a short leave.

"I can't come because there is a very important case coming up in court the day after. I will send my wife and son positively," he told his cousin.

Thus Smitha and Sekhar found themselves on an overnight journey by a Volvo AC bus the next night. They had two seats together, she took the window seat and he to her right, the aisle seat. The bus started at ten pm. The AC was comfortable and a nice romantic movie was shown on the LCD TV.

They silently watched the movie for a while; each lost in their own thoughts and dozed a little. Soon it was cold and they covered themselves with the thin blankets provided, after reclining the seats. Smitha couldn't adjust her seat handle and Sekhar reached across and helped her, his arm brushing against her right breast in the process.

When the lights were all switched off, it was dark enough to sleep. Sekhar's left hand found her right hand resting on the hand rest and held it lightly. After a minute, he let his fingers caress her soft hand and slim fingers. They were warm and the touch was smooth. Her breath quickened.

She loved his touch. To let him know that she approved, she locked her fingers with his and pressed very lightly. Sekhar was thrilled. He was given a green signal by his aunt! How far should he go? Nothing ventured, nothing gained...he remembered the old adage.

He turned slightly to his left. Removing his left hand from hers for a second, he lifted and pushed back the hand rest. His left hand quickly regained her right hand. He maneuvered his right hand under the blanket and then reached slowly under her blanket aiming for her right breast.

He was not far off the mark. His advancing hand touched her blouse on her right side of the breast. As his eager fingers touched her, Smitha's pulse raced. She had never experienced this kind of thrill all her life and here was this young man seeking her boobs so eagerly. She would let him play with them, she thought. She kept quiet.

After a few seconds of hesitation, he moved his fingers lightly along the breast and pressed them against its softness. It felt heavenly. Smitha turned ever so slightly to her right and presented him more of her boob.

When his palm boldly cupped it, she exhaled. He squeezed his step mom's breast for the first time. It was much bigger, bouncier and shapely than his sister's; a perfect globe and it was a little more than a handful. As he pressed it, Smitha covered his hand with hers. She caressed and pulled at the soft hairs on the back of his hand.

There was no pretense and both were actively involved now. Sekhar fumbled under the blanket to open her blouse. She moved his hand away and whispered, "Wait."

After a full minute, her hand sought his and guided it to her bosom. Not only her blouse was open now, her bra was also unhooked too and her bare breast touched his hand. Turning fully to his left and pushing his left hand too under the blanket, he started fondling both breasts.

He found her engorged nipples and tweaked them, rolling them between thumb and forefinger and marveled in their response. His strong, eager hands kneaded her full boobs sending her into raptures. He couldn't get enough of them and he just wouldn't let them go. They were very precious gifts for the hungry man.

After several minutes of fondling, she gently pushed his hands away from her bruising breasts and whispered, "Stop for now please! They are sour and hurting. Let us sleep."

He felt like a kid from whom his favorite toys have been snatched away. But he was heartened that she only said stop for 'now'. He wanted to be a good boy with his aunt because he wanted more from her.

As he relaxed in his own seat and closed his eyes, Smitha quickly readjusted her bra and blouse under the cover of the blanket. She sensed his disappointment. But she also knew that, in the confined space of the bus and with people around them, they should be very careful. She however, wanted to keep the control with her.

Slowly she pushed her right hand under his blanket and rested it on his left thigh. Sekhar felt her soft hand instantly. As it lay there, he waited for her next move. She gently pressed his thigh with her palm. That was the signal for him. His left hand caught her right hand and guided it, a trifle hesitantly, to the big bulge in his trousers.

Smitha cupped his bulge in her soft hand and squeezed it gently. It was a touch that was both tender and inciting. With his right hand he reached for the zipper and pulled it down, opening up to her. Smitha's hand went in and held the bulged cotton briefs in her hand. Sekhar felt, at that moment, that his stepmother wanted him as much as he wanted her and relaxed.

Smitha ran her hand along the length of his rock hard penis. The other night, she could only see it from a distance and in dim light. Now his glorious manhood lay in her hand! She marveled at its girth, length and hardness. It appeared double the size of her husband's tool. Oh!! To have this big one in her cunt and fucking her to glory, she thought!!

Her hand gripped it at the root and traveled along the entire length. Then she started stroking it under the cover of his blanket; slow and steady strokes. Turning slightly to her right, she now put her left hand too under the blanket. While her right hand stroked his cock, her left caressed and squeezed the tip.
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