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Bhabhi At the Wedding

While coming back from Goa, all I could think of was how much Pooja and Sahana enjoyed fucking the other men, while I got fucked once again by own husband. And I was wondering why didn’t Sanjay push me into the arms of Rohit and Manoj when he saw the opportunity? I began to get doubts on Sanjay’s commitment to seeing me fuck other men.

Does Sanjay talk about me fucking other men only for us to get excited in bed, but he doesn’t really want to see me in action? I am not sure anymore!

One good thing about the Goa trip was that it changed my attitude towards my dressing forever. I saw how Pooja and Sahana could get the attention from men because of their sexy attire, and I really longed for the same kind of attention from other men. Revealing dresses also put other women to jealousy and it is indeed a great feeling. After I came back from Goa, once again I started to wear sexy clothes to the office, but now on a daily basis, and everyone in the office started to notice the difference. I was getting the kicks out of showing off my body, and I felt lot more confident wearing tight and sexy clothes. This naturally improved our sex life. Sanjay would talk more and more about various fantasies – all of them involved me fucking someone at my office, or a distant friend, and sometimes even a cousin of his.

During our love-making sessions, Sanjay kept asking me who I wanted to fuck. I was not sure how he would take the response if I told him who I really wanted to fuck, so I always asked him to suggest. He narrowed down on an old friend of mine, Lokesh. Some time ago, I told Sanjay that Lokesh used have a crush on me when we were in college. From then on, whenever Lokesh visited us, Sanjay showed more interest in how I dressed up. During many nights in the recent past, my husband kept egging me to seduce Lokesh and fuck him. The problem with this suggestion was that I didn’t fancy Lokesh. I was not attracted to him in college, and I was not attracted to him now. But I couldn’t tell Sanjay who I wanted, so I played along with Sanjay’s fantasies which included me fucking Lokesh.

The same week that we came back from Goa, a happy news came along. I was going to meet my best friends from college very soon. I was so looking forward to attending the wedding of the brother of Bharka, one of my best friends from college. It has been ages since I met Bharka. My other best friend Tanvi is also attending. It is going to be a nice get together of my old friends from college. Both Bharka and Tanvi are married now – and none of us have met each other’s husbands so far.

I was quite surprised to see Sanjay showing extreme enthusiasm regarding this upcoming wedding - so unusual of him, because he never gave importance to my college friends prior to this. He suggested to me that I should wear a very revealing and skimpy choli with extremely low lehenga. But I was not sure. ‘I don’t want to be the only one dressed like a randi at the wedding’, I told him. Sanjay suggested a way out to make me more comfortable.

As per the plan, I suggested to Bharka and Tanvi over whatsapp that they should all wear really sexy ghaghras for the wedding. Bharka, being the naughty and daring one, immediately agreed while Tanvi took some time to agree - she had to talk to her husband first. Now it was up to Sanjay to design and dress his beautiful and sexy wife for the wedding. Sanjay convinced me to completely follow his rules and guidelines. I had to promise to him that I would not make any excuse or protest from wearing anything he asked her.

And since none of the family or relatives would be there at the wedding even I felt that I could go out really bold. I was getting excited with the thought of decking up sexily for the wedding. When we were in the college there was some kind of competition between the three of us, but Bharka was the boldest of them all, wearing sexy t-shirts and skirts. Even Tanvi wore bolder dresses than me. This time around I wanted to outdo both of them. Therefore, I gladly went along with whatever Sanjay suggested. My husband even accompanied me to the tailor and took up complete control of the design of my ghaghra. He made the choices in everything including the jewelry and shoes.

I really like my man to be in control, and for a change Sanjay was turning out to be the one. I loved him for that.

wo days before the wedding, I went to a henna specialist to get mehndi applied on me. Sanjay once again ensured that it was done according to his taste - the designs were applied not only over my hands, arms, and feet, which is the usual stuff, it also covered my entire leg, and then over whole of my back, and most importantly Sanjay insisted and got his way – I had mehndi applied even around my deep navel.

Sanjay didn’t stop there. He insisted that even the upper parts of my buttocks should be covered with mehndi. Such a pervert he is! I felt like a slut standing almost naked in front of the lady mehndi specialist who kept touching my body at various places.

On the wedding day, I went to the beauty parlor in the morning to get my legs and hands waxed completely. Later, Sanjay bathed me in the bath tub, which he specially prepared with aromatic soaps. During the bath, Sanjay applied shaving cream over my pussy and slowly shaved off all my pubic hair and also removed the hair near the asshole. He repeated this nearly three times to make sure there was not even a bristle near my crotch area. I was now ultra-smooth as if I was a new born baby. Sanjay kept giving me generous rounds of champagne to make me feel comfortable during the process.

After drying off from the bath, I put on the special six inch high-heels that he bought for this wedding.

Sanjay took out a bottle of nice smelling moisturizer. While still completely naked, we both applied luxurious amount of moisturizer all over my body to make my skin smooth and silky. He poured the lotion luxuriantly on my breasts and on my ass and applied it to make them glowing and smooth. His touch on my nipples combined with alcohol from champagne had its desired effect. I was feeling horny. My nipples stood up and became swollen. Sanjay spent considerable amount of time on my sexy abdomen which showed off a slight curvy tummy with enough flesh to ‘make a man go wild with the thoughts of holding onto it during sexual intercourse’ – that is how Sanjay described it. My entire body was now glistening under several layers of moisturizer.

I was standing like an apsara, with really curvy body, thin waist, pendulous boobs and tight ass. The gap between my slim thighs was wide enough to clearly display my puffed up pussy lips.

Sanjay really admired and was in love with my pussy lips. He says, they are like hamburger patties which he wants to chew on for hours. Also, I realized that my lips have become bigger over the last four years because of my husband’s incessant chewing, slurping and sucking.

When I looked into the mirror, I saw an extremely sexy, and wanton. I started walking on the six-inch heels, all nude, with my buttocks swaying from side to side and boobs bouncing lightly. My nipples were turgid and taut with the anticipation and excitement. And for a minute I felt that I could even walk out onto the street like that. What a nice feeling! It gave me goosebumps.

Sitting nude near the dressing table, I started applying the makeup. Sanjay chose the deep red color for lipstick and insisted on heavy eye shadow.

Once I did my hair rolling into a bun so that my neck and shoulders are bare, Sanjay asked me to stand up. He offered me a dildo strap-on. I was seeing it for the first time.

Me: Honey, I am not sure I can wear this to a wedding reception.

But Sanjay forced me to wear it coaxing me and cajoling me. Sanjay applied oil to the dildo; and then I wore the strap on and pushed the dildo deep into my pussy.

I felt full and extremely excited. When I started to walk, the dildo in my cunt was sending signals across my whole body causing my hair to stand up in ecstasy.
Next, I wore the lehenga and choli, without any bra– this was once again a rule imposed by Sanjay. He loved to see me parade my body without any underwear.

What kind of husband forces his wife to go out in public without any underwear!

As soon as I was ready to go, Sanjay got a call from his office. Sanjay had to leave immediately to the office because of an emergency because of a production issue. I got quite disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to go to the wedding now. Sanjay consoled me saying that he will call Lokesh, my old school friend, who will accompany me to the wedding.

What a scheming husband! He forced me to go to the wedding in that come-fuck-me dress with the guy he wanted me to fuck!

anjay left all of a sudden to his office leaving me at the mercy of my college mate, Lokesh, who had a huge crush on me during the college days. In the recent past, Sanjay has been egging me on to fuck Lokesh during our love-making sessions, and today, he made me go with him to attend a wedding!

What was my husband thinking? That I would fuck Lokesh at the wedding?

Lokesh arrived very soon. He was quite excited to see me sexily dressed up and immediately sported a hard on. How obvious can he be! During the drive in his car, he gave many compliments - he called me ‘sexy, voluptuous, and gorgeous’ at various instances. Being high on champagne it gave me unprecedented confidence and I took those ribald compliments quite sportively. Though I was wearing one of the boldest dresses possible, I did not show any signs of squeamishness, shyness or embarrassment. When we arrived at the destination, Lokesh saw me strutting towards the marriage hall ahead of him with confidence.

Is it the effect of champagne, or my changed attitude towards exhibitionism, or have I become a slut? Probably, a combination of all the three!

Walking on six-inch stilettos made me arch my body like a model, my bosom jutting outwards and upwards, while my ass was protruding backwards.
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